Favorites of 2013: Maroon Pants Remix

I wrote this on my very full flight to St. Louis.  Despite the crazy storm and tons and tons of canceled flights, my travel went smoothly without a hitch.  Got

Last week, in light of 2014, I showed you my
favorite purchases from the past year.  Since I’m traveling in St. Louis
this week and was sick in pajamas all last week I have no outfit pics for
ya.  Soooo, I thought I’d show you
remixes of how I’ve worn my favorite purchases from 2013!

First up, my beloved maroon/burgundy skinny
jeans.  I wanted a pair this color for a
long time, and finally Ariel on Go Chic or Go Home saw it on my Wishlist
board and tipped me off to a pair from Target. 
They looked bright magenta online, but she assured me it was the color I
was looking for.  Best part?  Sale for $9! 
Thank God for the Go Chic or Go Home community, right?
I love maroon skinny jeans because I think they
are a great entry into colored jeans territory. 
They’re subtler and darker, unlike a bright red or bright yellow, which
definitely scream, “I’M WEARING COLORED JEANS!!!”  I think maroon is classy too, so you can dress them down or look a little more professional when you need to.  
It appears I mostly paired them with black,
white, and other neutrals, but I did get a little more creative with the mustard
cardigan.  That’s one of my favorite

Do you have a pair of maroon or burgundy
pants?  Besides neutrals, what other colors could this be paired with?  I didn’t create an official link
up, but feel free to link to your posts in the comments, whether they’re blog
posts or on GCOGH. 

Links to Shop:
1. BLANKNYC via Amazon  |  2.  ASOS  |  3.  6pm
4.  6pm  |  5.  Billabong  |  6.  Levi’s

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