Favorites of 2013: Lace Tank Remix

Next up in the 2013 recap of my favorite purchases is this lace tank from Target!  I bought this in black as well because I love it so much.  While it is a solid colored top, much like a plain tank or tee, the lace detail makes it much more interesting, making it such a versatile piece in your closet.  I used the black version to illustrate how to effortlessly look put together just by having the right pieces in the post Shabby to Chic.

I think I pretty much always say this when I wear lace, but I never thought I could pull off lace since I didn’t feel “girly” enough for it.  But I’ve realized there’s a way to work around that.  I don’t have to pair lace with pastels like mint and pink or pair it with flouncy skirts.  My favorite way to wear lace (and apparently the only way I wear lace, according to that remix above) is with pieces that help toughen it up, like leather or military/cargo inspired pieces.

Since I’m in St. Louis looking out at snowy rooftops right now, I’m well aware that it is not the appropriate season for a sleeveless lace top, but I was able to find some anyway.  It’s a great piece for summer, spring, a mild fall, and…a San Diego winter.  🙂

(On that note, you guys must think I’m absolutely nuts for posting some of the outfits I do when you have temps that are -13!  It feels strange and almost wrong to post this remix while looking out at snow, but I know I’d have no hesitations if I were in San Diego right now!)  

Links to Shop:
1.  Topshop  |  2.  Forever 21  |  3.  Bloomingdale’s (on sale)
4.  JCPenney  |  5.  BCBG (Amazon, on sale)  |  6.  Ella Moss via Amazon (sale)

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