Five Ways to Style a Dress

(Dress: Old Navy)
One thing I had to pay attention to when learning to build a remixable rardrobe was to understand how to style a garment in different ways, whether it be three different casual looks or three different life scenarios.
Personally, I think I’ve paid more attention to the type of remixing like three different casual looks and less of the kind where you take a garment into different life scenarios.  Honestly, it feels a little weird to me.  All it takes is changing up the shoes, and maybe the accessories and/or the layering garment (cardigan, blazer, etc.), and all of a sudden you can go from a casual hanging out look to being fit for a party?  That just seems too easy.  Like cheating.  But that’s what it is–soooo easy–so I should do it more often!  Dah!

Yesterday I showed you how I wore this dress to a wedding and then to the “classy casual,” post-reception backyard after party.  Today I’m expanding it to three more looks.  Oh, yellow dress, how I love thee!

Before we get into it, let’s not forget what we talked about regarding finding a remixable dress from Part 2 of the BARW series.  Once you find a dress like that, these are simple ways (read: ways to cheat) to style the dress differently.

1.  Casual

I showed this yesterday.  A cropped jacket and sandals are my casual-wear staples.  A cropped denim jacket works just as well.
2.  Dressy

Also from yesterday’s post.  Like I said, I wore this to a friend’s wedding.  I paired white wedges with a shiny, pearly necklace to give it a more delicate touch.  I was honestly a little stressed that my dress would be too casual, but I totally got compliments on it!  (Summer Southern California weddings don’t tend to be that formal, anyway.)

3.  Professional

Add a blazer and a simple belt so as not to be too distracting, throw on some pumps, and all of a sudden you’re ready to work.  Seriously, so easy, it’s cheating.  You should know by now that I LOVE blazers, so blazers and dresses?  Umm, YES!  
4.  Classic

A neutral cardigan, a belt, and simple jewelry come together to create a look that’s classic and can actually be worn nearly anywhere.  

5.  Funky

I don’t know if “funky” is quite the right word for this look, but I think compared to the Classic look, it’s kind of a funky color combination.  Red and yellow–I don’t think I’ve ever paired those together before because they scream, “McDonald’s!!” to me, but with the grey and white mixed in I actually really like this combo!  I haven’t worn it yet, but remind me to do it, okay?  🙂

That’s it!  Of course you can do more variations with colored shoes, colored cardigans, and scarves, etc.  And we didn’t even touch tights and boots and how to dress this for different seasons!  I just wanted to show you the basics in all their simplicity.  Easy peasy.  Cheating, I tell you.  It’s so easy that through out the time I was writing this post I kept asking myself, “Why am I even bothering to write this?”  Because I LOVE THIS DRESS.  And love knows no bounds.  Ha.
But really, style doesn’t have to be complicated.  Just because something was easy to put together does not mean it isn’t stylish.  So, I’m encouraging you to cheat.  Go now and cheat, and make me proud.  
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