Grey and Green (and Baby Shower Peek)

Last weekend on Instagram I asked for help with what to wear to our baby shower.  This maxi dress won by a mile!  It’s one of 3 non-maternity dresses I picked up a couple of weeks ago when I was fed up with maternity clothes.  This is one I hope doesn’t stretch out because I’d LOVE to wear it post-baby.  It’s stinking comfortable, a great shade of grey, and it can be mixed and match till the cows come home.  (But let’s be real…I’m probably just going to wear it with a denim jacket and a different colored belt all day everyday!)
One note of caution…it shrinks a little.  Call me a weirdo, but I was hoping it would shrink given its fabric.  But if you’re not hoping it’ll shrink, then beware.  When I first tried it on, the shoulders were a little too long for me and were bunching up at the bust and the hem dragged on the ground a couple of inches.  I washed it and worked some magic aka threw it in the dryer hoping to shrink it, and it came out fitting perfectly!  (Normally I’d air dry, so I don’t know if it’d shrink after air drying…)  

Shop for the Look:
Dress: Target (exact I think, similar, similar)
Belt: Target (exact, similarsimilar–mint)
Jacket: Target (similar, similar)
Bag: Target (exact–on sale!)
Necklace: World Market
*Bump status: 33 weeks

I *think* #1 below is the exact one I’m wearing, but the grey looks different online than in person, so not sure.  It’s the right brand though.  #3 is a cool high-low hem.  #6 has a nice twisted scoop neck detailing that you can’t see well from the pic below.  
Links to Shop:
1.  Target  |  2.  Target  |  3.  Target
4.  Topshop  |  5.  Target  |  6.  Kohl’s

Above is a snapshot of our baby shower!  Gasp and give me the evil eye for saying this, but I’m not generally a fan of baby shower or bridal shower games, so we requested pretty much none.  Plus, it was co-ed with a billion children running around.  A handful of the guys sighed in relief thanking Benson for having no mandatory baby shower games, but HEY, I wanted them as little as he did!  We just wanted a big huge party to celebrate this little life, so we hung out with friends over great food and–exactly how Benson and I roll.  
If I can snag the pics my photog friend snapped of all the decor I’ll post better and more detailed pics.  My friends who hosted it are party planning machines and it all looked amazing!  
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