How to Roll Up Layered Sleeves

I’ve gotten a surprising amount of comments and emails asking about how to fold layered sleeves without all the bunching, so here you go!  Sorry the image is so huge.  I wanted you to be able to see the details.  🙂

The key for me seems to be to fold part of the outer sleeve.  Folding it up means more of the material lies flat, which means less material has to be bunched up.  Also, I think folding some of the shirt’s sleeve over the outer layer also means that you don’t have to push/bunch the outer sleeve up quite as high to get your desired overall length, which also means less bunching.

Anyway, that’s what I do to avoid the bunching, though sometimes I think a bunched and messy sleeve looks cool too!

P.S. Top is from The Walk-In Closet (only size L left).  More sizes available at ModCloth but $5 more.  Cardigan is from H&M.

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