How to Wear Chambray for Fall – 7 Style Tips

A chambray top is one of those items that I didn’t really understand and totally underestimated.  But, since starting this blog I’ve realized why many people consider it a closet staple.  It works with nearly any color or pattern, can be used in a multitude of ways, and transcends multiple seasons.  Like your favorite blue jeans but for your upper body.  
There are way too many ways this gem can be styled, so today I’m sticking with styling tips just for fall, and I’ve got 7 of them for you!  (And maybe in the spring we’ll do a spring edition!)

I have two chambray shirts…well technically one is denim and one is chambray, but for simplicity’s sake I’m calling them all chambray.  The first outfit is with the denim top while the rest are with the chambray top, and both are from Target.

1.  Paired with neutral jeans.  Chambray with black denim is simple and classic, but it can also work with dark blue.  Denim on denim is acceptable these days!  Add a pop of pattern in the shoes, or pair it with ankle boots.
2. Tie it over a skirt of any color or pattern.  Often people write to me wondering what to pair with skirts or pants with crazy colors or patterns besides black or white.  My first recommendation is always a chambray top.  This also works great for springy dresses, but pair with boots for the fall.
3.  Layered under a cardigan.  This works with any color jeans and any color cardigan, but if you’re sticking with neutrals add a pop of color with your scarf.

4.  Layered under a sweater.  A chambray top makes a great layering piece for those colder days!

5.  Paired with colored jeans.  Like I mentioned earlier, a chambray top is like your favorite blue jeans but for your top half.  Just like you’d wear a top of almost any pattern or color with blue jeans, pair a chambray top with bottoms of any color!  
6.  Open over a t-shirt or dress.  It kind of acts like a denim jacket in that sense, but you can layer more things over it if you want.  You could keep it open and add a cardigan, whereas it’s hard to layer more over a denim jacket.
7.  Layered under a dress.  A great way to get more use out of some of your dresses beside switching it up with different colored cardigans.  But you could also add a cardigan over this outfit for more warmth and for more interest!
There you have it!  Seven styling tips for chambray in the fall!  Which ways have you worn chambray?  What’s your favorite way to wear chambray?

Below are a bunch of great chambray/denim top options.  They’re broken into two groups: 1) medium wash and 2) lighter wash.  Two of them are on the more expensive side from J.Crew Factory, but they make such great chambray tops that I had to include them!  The rest are from more affordable places like Kohl’s, Forever 21, and Old Navy.

Links to Shop:
one  |  two  |  three
four  |  five
Links to Shop:
one  |  two  |  three
four  |  five
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