Inspiration: Wear a Bright Color (PMT Style Challenge #2)

Can I say how PROUD I am of everyone who broke out a dress last week for the first PMT Style Challenge?  I was so encouraged by you guys and I’m excited that some of you are already doing this week’s challenge, which is to wear a bright color.

Whether you’re in full winter mode or in summer (hello, southern hemisphere folks!) it’s time to wear a bright color!  I personally find it harder to get myself to wear bright colors in the winter.  Not that it can’t be done.  It TOTALLY can be–and should be!–but unless I make a conscious effort to do it, it probably won’t happen.  Last year I wrote a post about wearing a bright blazer in the winter talking about just that. 
I’ve rounded up some inspiration for how you can incorporate a color into an outfit.  I’ll be honest, when I created this round up I thought the prompt was a pop of color, not a bright color…so some of these (#2 and #3) are not very bright at all.  Haha, oops!  Just use the same idea with a different color.   Ain’t nobody got time to recreate a collage! 
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Top Row: Accessories
If you’re phobic about bright colors, the easiest way to do it is to just make it one pop of color, and do it in an accessory.  Above I show a color in the form of a belt, a scarf, tights (mostly covered by a dress–suuuuuuuper cheating and safe ;)—and shoes.  In all of the pictures, the rest of the outfit is made of neutrals.  
To try it yourself: Take any outfit of all neutrals and choose just ONE accessory to be a bright color!
Bottom Row: Garments
These are examples of incorporating a bright color with a garment.  Pants, a blazer, a sweater, a cardigan, a skirt–anything is fair game!  Again, keeping the rest of your outfit neutral will make it easy to incorporate a bright color.  
Not Shown: Colors In Multiple Places!
If you want to get a little more color in, one way is to wear one bright piece and wear another accessory in the same color.  In THIS OUTFIT I wore a cobalt blazer and matching shoes.  In THIS OUTFIT I wore a green cardigan with a matching belt.
THIS OUTFIT incorporates a couple of different colors, a yellow cardigan and mint flats, plus pinks in the top.  The easiest way to do that is to wear an item with a colorful print and pull out colors from the print to use in other parts of the outfit.

I used to wear a ton of color, but lately I’ve been on a neutral kick.  I felt like a different part of my brain turned on for this week’s challenge!  Haha.  Probably a good thing.  🙂

For the list of upcoming style challenges and other info on it, see HERE.  Post anytime this week, and use #PMTstylechallenge on Instagram whenever you post, and/or link up here on Thursday!  

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