Introducing: Everlane…and my new favorite t-shirt

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Meet Everlane!

Guys, meet my new favorite t-shirt from Everlane.  Ever heard of this company?  If not, I’m soooo glad to introduce them to you today.
I’ve read bloggers swearing by Everlane’s t-shirts for a while and I’ve been wondering what all the fuss is about.  Then I got *very* curious when my friend posted on Instagram a picture of Everlane’s Weekender bag.  By “curious” I mean I may have drooled on my phone looking at that picture.
Anyway, I asked Everlane if I could try some of their products and they graciously let me!  I ordered a t-shirt and one of their totes, so here’s the scoop…
After finally trying their t-shirts, I get what all the fuss is about now.  This navy t-shirt.  How do I even explain it?  Do you guys know how HARD it is to find a great basic t-shirt?  Well apparently Everlane does, so they sought to remedy the problem.
I didn’t know that Everlane’s philosophy was to provide quality items with luxury designs at fair prices, so that explains a LOT.  This material is soft and smooth, and it’s not see-through at all.  (Note, the white one is still a little see-through, from what I hear.)  It doesn’t cling to you, so it lets you have that great loose fitting look which is what I want and haven’t been able to find at a fair price.  Oh, and the price–just $15.  It’s almost double the $8 Target tees, but honestly I like these way, way, way better.  The Target tees cling awkwardly on me no matter how oversized I get them and they develop holes pretty quickly.  And the material of the Target tees is not smooth like the Everlane ones are.
I’m not going to say this is the perfect tee for me because I’ll need a few more wears to make sure that’s true.  But I will say that I own tees from Target, Cotton On, Forever 21, Old Navy, and Gap, and Everlane is by far my favorite!
I reallyyyyyy want to try Everlane’s white and black tees next, especially thanks to Fran’s review of the white one.  Definitely ordering more of these.
I’m usually a size Small in tops, sometimes a Medium, sometimes an XS, and I ordered Everlane’s tee in Medium for a looser fit.  
The tote also made me drool a little from the picture, but if I’m honest I’m not head over heels in love with it in person.  Don’t get me wrong, I like it, but I don’t loooooove it.  Not yet, at least.
It seems well made, and the design is great.  It’s got some great details inside and outside of the bag, like leather trim lining the inside pocket–nice touch.  The part I don’t like is the straps.  They’re not comfortable.  They’re kind of scratchy against my skin if I’m wearing a sleeveless top, and something about the flatness and width just isn’t comfortable to carry around.  Maybe it’s just me though, because other people don’t seem to have a problem with that.
I’ll give it a shot and carry it around a little more to see if I get used to it, but for now I think it’s better in looks than in usage.  🙁


Some Perks
One perk–free shipping when you order 2+ items.  Who doesn’t love free shipping?!
Second perk–Everlane offers a cool rewards program (which Fran was awesome enough to bring to my attention), so if your friends sign up for Everlane and make a $20 purchase, you get $20 credit!  (That’s a free amazing t-shirt.)
This is true for me as well, so if you sign up for Everlane and make a $20 purchase, I receive $20 credit.  If you’re interested you can sign up here, and many thanks in advance for supporting this blog by signing up through the links provided!  🙂
**Upon asking if I could try some of Everlane’s items they were generous and sent me a gift card to order some items.  However, I was not paid for or asked to post any of this.  I just wanted to let you know about this awesome company that I’ve become a fan of!
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