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LOFT Try On for Casual and Workwear

Hey everyone!  LOFT is having a 40% off sale plus 70% off sale items.  I went into the store to try on some stuff as research for workwear clothes and found some fantastic items that I wanted to share!

The sale ends after today, so don’t delay!

SIZING: For reference, I’m 5’6″ with a short torso and usually size S/M or 6.  

Blue Floral Print Blouse for Work

Blue and White Floral Top – size S
Starting with this top that I LOVE and is WAY cuter in person than it is on LOFT’s site.  This neckline is good for both pendant necklaces and statement necklaces.  It’s great with jeans and a cardigan or utility jacket, tucked into a skirt, or with pants for work (as shown here).

Comes in regular, petite, and plus HERE!

Navy pants LOFT

Navy Pants – Marissa size 2, but I’m between size 2 and 4
Those pants up there aren’t jeans–they’re navy pants that are great for work!  Fairly thick material and very stretchy. I’m not sure if they stretch out with wear though.  The legs were really comfortable, but I couldn’t get sizing of the waist right–see below.

I feel like these run SO huge.  I did lose quite a bit of weight with FASTer Way to Fat Loss, but being a size 2 feels absurd.  Right after trying these, I tried a pair of size 6 jeans and those fit.  Even months ago before I really saw any results with FWTFL, I tried size 4 in LOFT pants and they were still roomy.  Also,   So seriously, these run huge.

The size 4s were roomy around my legs, but fit my waist.  The size 2s are a liiiiitle tight around my waist but fit great in the legs.  I wasn’t able to try the Julie fit in store, though I think that would have just been big around my hips and not necessarily fix the waist problem.

These are a really great pair of pants though!  I’m going to wear these around to see if the waistband expands a little bit.


Pink Floral Sleeveless Top

Pink Floral Top – size XS
Ohmigosh, this top is adorable!  It’s a really light pink top with a tiny floral print.  Great for both spring and summer.  Wear it with a cardigan and jeans, tucked into a pleated skirt for a dressed up look, with pants and a blazer or tucked into a pencil skirt for work.  It’s SO cute!

It was too large in the chest for me, so I sized down to XS.  But keep in mind I have a pretty small chest.  Comes in regular and petite HERE.


Navy Geo Print Top

Blue Geo Printed Top – size XS
This seems to be the exact top as the one above but in a blue geometric print.  This one is adorable too, and especially great if you don’t like floral prints.  It’ll work in all the same outfit combos I named with the pink one above.  Also available in regular and petite HERE!


Polka Dot Top

Polka Dot Top – size S but need XS
How cute is this top?  Another great one for spring and summer and for casual style and workwear.  Another one that I feel runs large in the bust.  You can see how much room there is in the pics above.

It’s somewhat sheer and I think would require a camisole.  I’m wearing a black bra above which is not helpful with a white shirt, but it helps us see how sheer it is.  I’m sure a nude bra would be better, but you can still see my jeans from underneath.

If you don’t mind wearing a camisole, I’d recommend this top.  It is SO cute and very versatile!  See it HERE.


Mustard Yellow Pants

Yellow Pants – size 4, but I’m between sizes
These are VERY soft and stretchy.  Comfy!  However, not super duper thick.  I felt these ran big also.  I’m wearing size 4 here but had extra room around my thighs and hips.  I also felt like this pair would stretch out with wear, in which case I prefer to size down.  I couldn’t find size 2 in the store to try though.


Floral Peplum Top with Buttons

Floral Button Down Peplum Blouse – size S
Goodness, this top is SO stinking cute!  All those details–the buttons, peplum, print–are adorable!  From what I recall, the buttons are functional, so it’s great for breastfeeding mamas.  This pairs great with olive pants, white pants, or jeans as shown here.

Note: I think it runs on the shorter side.  I have a short torso and it’s perfect for me.

As absolutely adorable as I think this is, I didn’t end up getting it.  For whatever reason, I just didn’t feel like I needed it.  It’s not quite dressy enough for evening and better for casual style.  But my casual style tends to be much more casual than this these days.  I think it’s great for very cute put together casual daytime looks as well as outfits for some teachers.  Very, very cute!


Navy Sweater with Floral Peplum Hem

Sweater w/ Floral Peplum Hem – size S
I’ve really come to like sweaters with built in peplum as you get the layered look without the fuss of layering.  The sweater is very thick and feels like great quality!  Also, the back is very cute with an “open” kinda look where you can see more of the floral print.  See it HERE.

Size S feels a tad long on me, but I couldn’t find it in petite to try.  Sizing down to XS regular actually looked better, but the shoulders felt a bit too tight for me.  Unfortunately I had to pass on this.  If I didn’t have a short torso, I think S would be totally fine.

Comes in regular and plus sizes HERE.


Black Floral Print Blouse

Black Floral Top – size S
I love black floral and navy floral tops as they are great for the transition from winter to spring.  They’re easy to wear with darker colors for the gloomier wintry days, but you can also wear them with jeans and a utility jacket or a cardigan and flats in a color from the print (like pink, green or yellow for this top).  Looks cute with yellow flats here, but you could also pair it with blush pink flats or pumps!

This top is a different material than the typical tops I get at LOFT.  I don’t know how to explain it.  It feels a bit thicker and not quite as “slippery” or flowy.  It’s got some subtle woven texture and doesn’t drape quite the same as the other tops.  If you’re tucking it all the way into a skirt or wearing it out like above I think it’s fine.  But it might poof out a little more than you want with a half tuck.

Comes in regular, petite, and plus HERE.


Black Floral Print Swing Dress

Black Floral Print Dress – size S
This is one of those suuuuuper soft, comfy, stretchy dresses that I love to call “pajama dresses” since they are so comfy they might as well be pajamas!  Most of you are familiar with the pajama dresses from Old Navy.  This feels like better quality than those–as it should be since it costs a bit more!

Just like the top above, this is so good for the transition from winter to spring.  It’d also be great for the transition from summer to fall.  Pair it with maroon, dark green, or black during gloomier seasons, along with black tights and brown or black booties.  For spring, pair it with pink, green, yellow, or beige.  Really versatile!

I’m 5’6″ and it comes several inches above my knees.  I ended up purchasing it, but I’m still deciding if I’m going to keep it based on length.  Gotta move around in it and see how short it really is!

Comes in regular and petite HERE.


Yellow Floral Top

Yellow Printed Top – size XS, need size S
You all know I’m a sucker for yellow, so I was excited about this top.  Unfortunately it didn’t work out for me.  The color and print are adorable, but with my broader shoulders, I usually don’t love when sleeves/straps curve and narrow towards my neck.  It also did not help that I needed a size up but it wasn’t available in store.

If this neckline works for you, get this top!  I think it’s sooo pretty!  This yellow works well with blue jeans, white jeans, olive, and even maroon.  For work, it’ll brighten up a black pants + black blazer combo and work with grey, olive, or navy pants/skirts.  Great way to add some spring life to basics!

Comes in regular and petite HERE.


White Pointelle Sweater With Ruffles

Sweater – size S, need size M
This sweater is really cute, but I need to order a size up for a looser fit.  It’s not terribly thick, which is great for spring as well as for layering.  It’s got rows of ruffles as well as a pointelle pattern which provide visual interest.  Above I’m not wearing a camisole underneath and am wearing a black bra, yet you can barely see that.

Totally recommend grabbing this for spring!  Also comes in a veryyyyy cute lilac.  Regular and petite available HERE!

The sale ends after today, so if any of these pique your interest, don’t wait!


Also, my yellow flats are HERE.  I’ve talked about them quite a bit, but in case you’re new here, they’re $26.99 and I LOVE them!  Price-wise they are comparable to Old Navy and Target flats, but I personally find them much more comfortable.  Target and Old Navy flats can feel like stiff cardboard sometimes, but these don’t.  For the price point they’re pretty comfortable.  They come in several colors, and I have them in yellow, red, and taupe.  Love them all!

SIZING: I’m 5’6″ and usually 8.5 to 9 in shoes.  I wear these in size 9 and would say they run a TAD on the wider side.  Those with narrow feet have said they were too wide for them.  See all the colors HERE.

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