Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Try Ons #1

Skinny Jeans + Cardigan + Blazers

I hit the store yesterday (with Ella–whose feet you might see in some pics, haha!), and have a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale try ons sesh for ya!  First let me say, I have no shopping stamina!  I never have.  I always crash out at 2-3 hours, and shopping with a baby added some complexity this time.  But I made it for 2.5 hours and was able to try some good stuff.  I also couldn’t find manyyyyy items in store, so I placed a big order and will review more once it arrives.  IF it ever arrives–darn Nordstrom’s site overload!

Here’s some of the good stuff, and some of the stuff that didn’t work out!

SIZING: I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or 6/8 in clothes and 8.5 to 9 in shoes. 


Green Cardigan + Striped tee + Skinnies + Peep Toe Booties Brown Cardigan + Skinnies + Striped tee

Ribbed Cardigan – size XS // $31.90
These are a major fan favorite and only $31.90! These run really large, as XS fits me and has room to spare and enough room in the arms for a long sleeved top underneath.  They sell out VERY quickly, and I’m pretty sure the orangey/brown one won’t last long. I wear the beige/oatmeal one from last year quite a bit, and this year I bought the green one!  LOOOOOOVE!  Get them HERE in six colors!


Rust Cardigan + Skinny Jeans + Peep Toe Booties + Earrings

Circle Shawl Cardigan – size XS // $45.90
I didn’t like last year’s version of this because it didn’t work well with my larger hips.  But this year’s?  THIS WORKS!  It’s kind of weird in texture…it’s soft but a *tad* itchy at the same time.  If you’re wearing it with a long sleeved shirt that shouldn’t be a problem.  And perhaps after washing, the itchiness might go away?  Fingers crossed because THIS COLOR IS AMAZING!  And it’s gonna be SUCH a hot color for the fall!  Don’t hesitate on this one because this color (Brown Spice) is gonna go fast as well!  Get it in 5 colors HERE.


Wit & Wisdom Dark Wash Ankle Review.jpg

Wit & Wisdom Ankle Jeans – size 6 // $44.90
These are soooo soft and stretchy, and the elastic panel in the waistband is amazing.  Yeah, you heard me right.  If you haven’t been around PMT long, Wit & Wisdom are my favorite brand, and ESPECIALLY their “Ab-solution” line because they have elastic panels in the waistband!  The W&W jeggings are my go-to’s (THESE–size down, I wear size 4!), but they aren’t Absolution, meaning no elastic waistband.  I was hoping these would replace the jeggings since these have the elastic panel.  But, the ankle isn’t as skinny as I want it to be. ? Above in the first two pictures with the BP cardigans are my non-Absolution jeggings, and the pic with the orange cardigan is with the Absolution ankle jeans.  See the difference in the ankle?  I’m gonna see if I can get that altered, but if not, SIIIIIGH.  You should still try these because they are still awesomeeee and might work for you!  See them HERE.

UPDATE 7/19: The longer I wear these, the better they get and the more they conform to my body.  And the ankle is getting more fitted as the rest of the jeans mold to my legs.  These are really, really soft, and stretchy too.  I THINK IT’S A WINNER, FOLKS!


Gray Blazer + Skinnies + Striped Tee + Nude Flats

Knit Blazer – size XS // $39.90
This is a different blazer than the one from last year.  (See below for last year’s, which is available again this year.)  I had a hard time with this one for fit.  Above I’m wearing XS which looks decent, but I think the arms might be too tight to wear a long sleeve underneath.  It looked too baggy in size S.  If the waist nipped in I think S would be fine, but since this is straighter it looked too baggy.  If you plan to never wear this with long sleeves then it’s worth a shot because it’s very cute otherwise!


Peep Toe Booties

Block Heel Peep Toe Bootie – size 9 // $99.90
I tried this on a whim, and it is surprisingly comfy for how tall the heel is!  First of all, the upper is soooooo soft and feels great on your foot.  No matter what, I’d still add extra cushion in them, but they were fairly easy to walk in despite the tall heel.  Kinda weird, but awesome!  Above is the Greystone Suede, which I like.  BUT I didn’t see the camel/taupe one in store or else I would definitely have gotten that!  You better believe I ordered it last night!  The only problem is…I can’t decide between the two colors.  ? Leaning toward camel, but I’ll know better once I play with them and my clothes!  They come in black also.  See all 3 colors HERE.


Red Wedges Red Wedges Review

Sofft Wedges – size 8.5 // $64.90
I’d never heard of this brand, but these reminded me of a pair of UGG wedges that I’ve told you about in the past that are suuuuuper comfy.  UGG wedges tend to be very expensive, so this is a great alternative!  These are very lightweight and have a bit of padding at the toe bed.  The whole shoe is flexible and bends when you walk with it.  I got it in maroon, but when I came home I saw online that there’s a tan version, which is perrrrfect!  The wedge is very low and easy to walk in.  You could absolutely wear these now and don’t have to wait until fall!  See all 4 colors HERE.


Knotched Block heel mules review

Block Heel Taupe Mule – size 9 // $49.90
My friend who shopped with me (and helped manage Ella) wanted to try these, so I threw them on too.  They were cute, and *okay* in the comfort department.  Unfortunately, after wearing those awesome peep toe booties I reviewed above, these didn’t really compare.  They are half the price though!  The major point of hesitation was that my friend and I both worried that the part around the toe would rub painfully.  Ultimately I passed on these, but they’re worth trying because they’re cute!  Especially in black.  They come in 4 colors HERE.


Red pleated top + skinnies + peep top booties + pendantRed Pleated Top + Skinnies + Business Casual Pants + Pendant

Pleated Top – size S // $39.90
Ohmigosh, this top is sooo so so pretty.  It’s one of those things that doesn’t look as great online as it does in person.  This red version is brighter in person than online.  It has some lining which is not as loose and flowy as the top and affects sizing.  It comes in 4 prints and solid black and solid white.  I ordered the white one since I couldn’t find it in my store.  You can easily pair it with jeans for a put together casual look or with slacks for work!  See all the prints HERE.


Floral Tank Top + Skinnies + Peep Toe Booties + Earrings

Printed Top – size SP // $42.90
I grabbed this in hopes of it being similar to the one above, but it was not.  The material was a little stiff and it didn’t drape as well as I wanted it to.  It kind of puffed out from the side profile too.  I also didn’t realized I accidentally grabbed the petite version, but I guess it still fit!  IMO your money is better spent on the previous top I reviewed.


Business Casual Pants + Pleated TopBlack Business Pants + Red pleated top + Pendant + Nude Pumps

Vince Camuto Ponte Pants – size 4 // $48.90
These are very soft and flowy and comfy!  They are a bit long for me, and they don’t look great at that length.  However, they were cute once I took the length up (second pic)!  I wished the waistband was stretchier, and also the rise was too high for me which resulted in weird folding at the crotch area.  FWIW my friend thought these made my rear look good!  😛  They come in grey too HERE.  I’ve ordered some Halogen pants that are similar to compare and will review those when they arrive.


Madewell Jeans Review

Front Button High Waist Jeans – size 29, need 28 // $89.90
FIRST, let me say–Katie and other PMTers have been raving and raving about Madewell jeans.  I resisted because, so expensive, and if they really are that good, then…DANGEROUS!  But then I saw them ON SALE?  EEEK, had to try, and I see what they’re talking about!  They’re thick, soft, and buttery.  They just feel amazing!

I usually don’t like high waisted jeans because instead of sucking in everything, they usually make all my tummy bulge out for some reason.  But these totally worked! And these buttons are soooo cute!

I’m wearing size 29 here which are too big, but 28 wasn’t available in store.  Katie says they stretch out so you should size down.  If you’ve been wanting to try Madewell jeans, get these on sale HERE!


AG Jeans Review

AG Distressed Jeans – size 29 // $149.90
These are always a favorite from this sale, and for good reason.  They feel really great but soft at the same time.  The distressing is so cute!  And these make your butt look GOOD!  Just saying.  ?  My friend and I tried 3 pairs of AG jeans, and these were the best at making your rear look good.  The others weren’t great.

Two things didn’t work for me, unfortunately.  The first is the hem.  I can’t wear these with booties because they don’t show enough of my ankle, and you can’t roll up a hem like this.  Second was the rise of the back.  It was just a *tad* too low for me and I kept having to pull them up.  That’s a big no-no in jeans for me!  Sad, but I saved myself $150 ?.  If those things probably aren’t problems for you, then try these jeans HERE!


Review: Striped Tee

Striped Tee – size S // $11.90
Ohhh, you know I love a good striped tee, right?  This one has a bit of edge with a somewhat funky neckline.  I tried to show you above but you can see it reallyyyyy up close on the product site HERE.  This tee comes in tons of colors and is a huge favorite every year during this sale!  It drapes really well, has a loose fit, and tucks nicely, but be warned that it is fairly thin.  See all the colors HERE.


Zella Cropped Legging Review

Crop Leggings – size M // $33.90
This is the cropped version of my favorite high-waisted leggings.  Besides the length, one notable difference is that these are *not* as matte as the full-length pair.  Another notable difference is that they are not *as* opaque.  They are intentionally thinner, as the salesperson kept telling me they’re made thinner to be better for hotter weather.  They are also smoother and feel more like athletic wear as opposed to the full length version that can totally be worn for casual outfits in addition to athleisure and actually working out.  That’s totally fine with me though because I wouldn’t really wear cropped leggings in casual outfits anyway, just athleisure.  This is a good option for petites if the full-length ones are too long, BTW!  Get them HERE!


Zella Joggers Review

Joggers – size M, maybe need size S // $49.90
I so wanted to love these.  They feel AMAZING.  And they’re so darn cute!  But my hips and joggers most often don’t get along, and that was the case for these.  ?  Also, they were horrible for me around the crotch area, so I had to pass.  If your hips don’t fight with joggers TRY THESE!



I wanted to show you a few items on sale this year that I’ve worn/reviewed in the past already.  Thought you might benefit from seeing them on someone!

zella leggings + striped tee + grey sweatshirt

High Waist Leggings – size M // $35.90
These are my favorite leggings, and at this price YOU’VE GOTTA DO IT.  They are thick, opaque, and have compression so they are really flattering as they suck everything in.  The waistband is both high and wide, which I thought I’d totally hate, but turns out I love it.  It sucks everything in!  These are made for working out, but since they are matte, you can wear them as everyday leggings also.  And you don’t have to worry about anything being see-through!  See them in 3 colors HERE.


Flare Jeans + Maroon Top + Cognac Bag

Bootcut Jeans – size 8 // $44.90
I *think* the ones this year are the exact ones I have.  I LOVE these.  I’ve said so many times that these feel like yoga pants and so many of you have told me you were like, “yea right,” and challenged it, but came out agreeing!  They are soft and stretchyyyyyyy as heck.  Even the waistband has elastic!  Hopefully these are the same ones I own since I’m singing their praises right now, haha!  If not, um…free returns?  ?

I fit size 6 but wear them in size 8 instead because I like how 8s fit around my bigger thighs better.  They look a little looser and more streamline, and longer.  Maybe it’s because the material has to stretch more around me in size 6, which brings up the length?  Anyway, size 8 for me!  But if you don’t have bigger thighs then you might be able to do your regular size, which many PMTers said worked for them.  See my outfits with them HERE.  Get them HERE!


Plaid Top + Black Jeans + Black Heels

Black Skinny Ankle Jeans – size 6 // $44.90
These have that elastic waistband, and I looove the fit of the legs!  These are great for early pregnancy and postpartum, as well as the Bootcut pair above, and anyyy of the Ab-solution line from Wit & Wisdom!  But they’re also great when not postpartum and when you just wanna eat some extra ice cream.  ? Get them HERE.


Maroon Blazer ReviewGrey Blazer Review

Knit Blazer – size XS // $39.90
Here’s the blazer on me!  This is a huge PMTer favorite.  I really love the grey one and I’m glad that’s back this year!  Comes in navy, grey, black, and a prettyyyyyy pink HERE!


White Sweater + Skinny Jeans + Pendant Olive Sweater + Jeans + Boots

Exposed Seam Sweater – size S // $29.90this year’s versionHERE
This is one of the most underrated items in the sale!  My sweaters above are from last year, and is slightly different with the seam down the middle.  I have the two sweaters above from this brand along with two cardigans, and everything is soooooo, so, soooo soft.  I couldn’t find this year’s version in store.  I ordered it, but this item tends to sell out FAST because stock is pretty low.  Scoop it up !  DO NOT WAIT!


Tan Pencil Skirt + White Top + Denim Jacket + Pink Pumps

Pencil Skirt – size 6 // $44.90
This pencil skirt is SO good!  I got it either last year or the year prior during the Anniversary Sale, and I get asked about it whenever I show it here.  It’s very thick and feels like great quality.  It’s a great workwear staple to have in your wardrobe!  I loooove this color and have found it pretty versatile, but it also comes in black.  See them HERE!

Alright, WHEW!  Next week I’ve got another order coming in with things I couldn’t find in store, some summer content, and more giveaways!  Let’s get on with today’s giveaway…


As promised, I’m running a giveaway in nearly every post over the next few weeks.

Today, we’re giving away my favorite high-waisted Zella Leggings  (in crop or full length!) to THREE of you!  Fill out the Rafflecopter below to enter!

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Giveaway ends tonight at 11:59pm.  Winning entries will be verified.  Winner will be notified by email and must respond within 24 hours or a new winner will be chosen.  Item will be mailed to US residents. For those outside the US, a gift card of at least equal value to the item will be sent electronically instead.  This giveaway is not affiliated with Nordstrom.



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