$200 Nordstrom Giveaway ($100 x 2 winners) + My 15 Absolute Favorites and Why

My 33rd birthday is tomorrow, and I want to celebrate with a GIVEAWAY!

Today’s outfit is one of my favorites lately, made up of some of my very favorite pieces–most of which are from Nordstrom.  In fact, a LOT of my favorite pieces are from Nordstrom which is kind of weird to think since it wasn’t until last year that I started shopping at Nordstrom regularly.  I used to find it overwhelming, but reading other bloggers’ recommendations, trying a piece here or there and loving them, and knowing they offered free shipping AND free return shipping slowly got me more comfortable.

Anyway, since there are so many great pieces there, in light of my upcoming birthday I want to give away TWO $100 gift cards to Nordstrom!

Because I find recommendations very helpful I’m highlighting my very favorite Nordstrom pieces.  If you’re a regular blog reader most of these should be familiar.  I’ve already written about most of them in depth, but often the posts are written when I first get the items and don’t speak to longevity or how much I actually use them.  This is basically one big follow up to let you know which items have held their places over time.

Shop for the Look:
Top: Nordstrom (exact)
Cardigan: Tilly’s
Jeans: Nordstrom (exact)
Shoes: Nordstrom (exact)
Bag: Nordstrom (exact)
Watch: c/o JORD

For sizing reference, I’m normally S/M or 6/8.  In shoes, 8.5-9.  
1.  White Tunic (size M) – I’ve honestly been surprised how much I’ve gravitated toward this one.  I own this in white and mauve/blush, the latter which is no longer available.  It drapes in a way that makes your style seem effortless and can be casual, a little dressy, or business casual with a pencil skirt or blazer.  Seen HERE, on IG, and blush HERE.  Note: It says dry clean, but I hand wash.  A couple readers said they’ve machine washed it and it looks new.

2.  Cognac Reversible Tote – I’ve used this thing and love it so much that I feel like it’s an extension of me, haha!  I’ve had this for almost 2 years, use it almost daily, have set it on dirty floors, including cement (I’m so mean to my items!) and it’s only recently started showing scuffing.  It’s not that structured, though it usually holds heavy contents like my laptop and 32oz water bottle.  I use a base shaper to keep it in tact with that kind of weight.  It’s also reversible, so you get two colors in one bag.  Comes in 4 color combos.  
3.  Black Maxi Dress (size S) – Comfy jersey pajama-like material in a dress!  The top is lined, so I don’t feel like I need a cami under this, which is good considering it’s a spaghetti strap.  I’ve only shown this once on the blog (HERE) though I repeatedly wear it with a denim jacket + statement necklace.  
4.  Tan Cut-Out Cross Body Bag – Worn HERE.  I LOVED this bag last spring and summer.  SO many readers asked me about it but it was sold out, so I’m really glad it’s back again!  It’s kind of pricey, but very sturdy.  It’s small and only holds the essentials, but it’s such a fun bag that gives any spring or summer outfit more character.  
5.  Lace Up Flats – Okay, so I don’t own these, but they are soooo pretty and are very well reviewed.  Come in 5 sophisticated and perfect-for-spring colors.    
6.  Dark Skinny Jeans – Worn HERE and all over my IG.  🙂  It was hard for me to find jeans that I didn’t have to hem (I’m 5’6″) and that were fitted around my ankle without cutting off my circulation.  I was so happy about these!  My only gripe is that they don’t have front pockets, but besides that, I love them.  
7.  Black Bucket Bag – This has a pebbled texture, which I really love because it seems a little more durable.  I also love that it holds structure even when it’s empty, which is not true of the cognac one that I’ll talk about below.  I originally bought it last summer as kind of a “splurge” (see my def HERE) since I didn’t know how much I’d use it.  It became my go-to black bag! 
8.  Leggings (size S) – I wear these everyday to sleep…and then a lot of the day if I work from home, haha!  I told Benson a few days ago, “I need another pair of these,” given how often I wear them.  His response, “Yeah, there’s no question about that.”  Haha!  They are not completely opaque, like if you bent over without your rear covered something *might* show through, though I’m not sure.  They’re pretty tight on me after washing, but stretch out minimally to something more comfortable.  However, they never stretch out so much that the material bags.  In that sense they hold shape.  
9.  Eyeshadow Palette – This is a makeup staple for many people, along with its counterpart palette HERE.  I finally moved off of drugstore eyeshadow to this and can see why people love it!  Pigmentation is good, they apply really smoothly, they are matte and not shimmery, and they stay on all day!  The extended set with a ton more shades is HERE
10.  Sneakers – I only recently got these but having had New Balance sneakers in the past I know they’ll last for a long time.  I *still* have that pair from 10+ years ago I talked about last week!  
11.  Olive Blouse (size M) – Worn HERE.  Also a fairly recent purchase, but it’s just a modified version of the white blouse, #1, so I know it’ll be a favorite as well.  Wear it with white jeans or lighter/medium wash distressed jeans and sandals for spring!  Note: It says dry clean, but I hand wash.  
12.  Black Tote – Shown HERE.  This bag can fit a surprising amount.  It’s not labeled as a tote, but it might as well be.  I carry my laptop and water bottle in this as well when I need a black tote.  It feels more durable than the cognac tote because the handle is thick, so I’m not worried about overloading it with too much.  
13.  Floral Top (size S) – Worn HERE.  Unfortunately this is sold out online, but I included it anyway because I love it THAT MUCH and want you to try to find it in store or see if it comes back in stock.  It is the same comfort as a cotton tee (actually more comfy since it’s loosely fitted) but looks more put together.  It’s been my favorite top ever since I got it!  
14.  Cognac Bucket Bag – After how much I used the black bucket bag I wanted a tan one too because black didn’t work with some of my outfits.  I had my eye on this one and finally got it when it went on sale.  It goes with so much and can hold quite a lot.  It feels buttery, though that also makes me careful not to scuff it.  So far it’s been fine though!
15.  Tan Wedges (size 8.5) – I repeat: Most comfortable wedges I’ve ever worn!  Are you tired of me saying it yet?  Heel height is easy to walk in.  The cork footbed is soft and the shoe bends a little when you walk, whereas other wedges I’ve worn can be stiff.  I don’t want to hype them up like they’re a bed of clouds on your feet, but I trudged around Target, Costco, and IKEA in these and didn’t skip a beat.  I walk FAST, and these didn’t slow me down just because they have a heel.  And my soles never got sore.  Just saying.

In reflection, apparently I love Nordstrom bags!  I used to use mostly Target bags, but they all ended up breaking somehow.  🙁  All the Nordstrom bags have been slightly more expensive but are made better.  I basically have a tote and a cross body in each tan and black.  Keep it simple, man!

Ones I really like so far but haven’t gotten much use yet due to lack of circumstances, or ones that are currently sold out.  
  • Stretchy Slacks – So comfy!  I love these, but they didn’t make the list above because I just got them and haven’t had enough time with them yet.  See them on me HERE.  I got size 8.
  • Board Shorts – I also love these, but haven’t actually used them yet.  Definitely worth looking into if you have a pool/beach trip planned!  Got these in M.
  • Bootcut Jeans – These are out of stock, but they’re soooooo comfy so maybe check your store for them.  They feel like yoga pants!  Stretchy legs AND stretchy waistband!  Worn HERE, size 8.
  • Black Skinny Jeans – Great fitting jeans that never stretch out!  Worn HERE.
  • Leopard Flats – These are also sold out but are really cute and have pretty good reviews.  However, they are a little uncomfortable on my feet, though most reviewers don’t seem ot have that problem.  
  • Floppy Hat – Material feels pretty sturdy, and I was surprised it looks good on me!  Worn HERE.

You can also see/shop them below:

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