Outfits With Olive Jeans in the Spring

Olive jeans.  HOW I’VE MISSED YOU.

I’d taken about a 1.5 year break from olive jeans because I needed to replace mine.  But, FINALLY, thanks to my recent rediscovery of Old Navy Rockstar Skinnies, I found a replacement and olive jeans are back in the mix!  (There’s a huge gap in my olive jeans posting between Oct 2015 and March 2017.)

I’d forgotten how great olive jeans are for spring.  I tend to think of them for only fall and winter style, but I’ve been loving the looks I’ve used them in so far this spring.  I did an olive jeans remix about 1.5 years ago with 15 outfits HERE, but that was a mix of outfits for all seasons.  Today I want to focus specifically on spring outfits to hopefully inspire you to get more use out of your olive pants this season!

Olive Jeans Outfits for Spring

Olive is a pseudo-neutral and goes with nearly anything.  I say that very often, but I’m saying it again because I still hear people say, “I don’t know if I have enough clothes to match with olive.”  This is often in regards to olive utility vests and jackets, but it applies to olive pants too.  Being a pseudo-neutral, you don’t need to worry about having enough things to go with olive.  Try it with nearly anything!  If you want to take the “plunge” into colored pants, I think olive is a very, very safe place to start!

The outfits in the first row are all from the last month or two, and the second row outfits are circa 2014/2015.  In the collage above, I paired olive with saturated colors like the blue blouse or bright red shoes and softer colors like blush and the light wash denim jacket.  The color pairings span a broad spectrum, and olive will go with a lot more than you think.  I have a few more outfits with black and white that you can see in the archives HERE as well.

I didn’t include outfit formula/descriptions in the collage like I sometimes do, but here they are:

  • Outfit 1:  Blush + Olive.  I’ve said it a few times in the past, but I loooove this combo.  Have you tried it yet?  
  • Outfit 2:  Colored Printed Top.  Take nearly any printed top of any color.  A yellow/white striped top would look cute, for example.  Or a bright yellow base printed top.  Or a purple printed top.  Try anything!
  • Outfit 3:  White Top.  Using a top with some sort of detail, whether it’s lace like the one I’m wearing in the collage, or a white blouse, will provide more visual interest.  White will look fresh for spring!
  • Outfits 4 & 8:  Pattern Mixing.  Both outfits use a printed top (gingham or stripes) and leopard flats.  Gingham or stripes + leopard are two very easy combos for pattern mixing. 
  • Outfit 5:  Grey tee (+ a pop of color!)  You could easily do a plain tee and neutral shoes, too.  But for fun, try a bright red shoe.  Yellow would work too.  Since the rest of the pieces are basics, a colored shoe will take the whole outfit up a few notches!
  • Outfit 6:  Printed Top + Pop of Color.  Same idea as the previous outfit, but with some pattern.
  • Outfit 7:  Solid Top + Printed Scarf.  Take any of your solid blouses and mix and match them with a printed scarf.  This is great also if you need a light layer in the spring.   I did a nice rich blue here because I love that color with olive, and I kept the scarf in the same color family.  

If you want to shop pieces from the rest of my outfits, only things in the top row are available since pics in the bottom row are several years old.  Shop from the widget below!  (If you’re in Bloglovin’ you may need to get out of the Bloglovin’ frame to see the widget.)

Shop the Items:

And of course, some options for olive jeans.  I own #1 from Old Navy.  I’m normally size 6/8 but sized all the way down to 4.  It does not stretch *as much* as the distressed pair of jeans that I wear often, but the olive pair does stretch a bit.  JUST A BIT.  I’d order 2 sizes to be sure, then wear one around the house for at least 3 hours to see if it stretches enough.  I find it takes at least 3 hours until I notice stretching.  If they’re not comfortable enough after that point, size up and do the same.  If they are great after 3 hours, don’t worry about them stretching further.  In my experience they don’t stretch more beyond that point, even through multiple days without washing, which is also great news!

The top row is full of jeans.  In case you don’t want to do denim, the bottom row has chinos (Option 5) and pixie pants (Options 6 and 8).

Olive Jeans
Shop the Items:
one  |  two  |  three  |  four
five  |  six  |  seven  |  eight

For more posts like this on how to remix pieces in your closet, scroll through the One Piece Many Ways label!

If you want more inspiration and maybe even some motivation to wear your olive jeans, join the PMT Spring Style Challenge!  It begins on Monday, but it’s not too late to join!  Olive jeans (or an olive skirt or shorts) is one of the items on the shopping list, and you’ll get several outfits with it.  Women in the Facebook group have mentioned multiple times that they have already gotten so much from being part of the challenge and the FB group even though the challenge hasn’t even started yet!  Read more and register HERE!  

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