16 Outfits With White Jeans + Tips for Wearing White Jeans

16 Spring Outfits With White Jeans
White jeans are absolutely a spring staple for me, even though I’ll admit that I still get a little scared wearing them!  I know many of you are scared of them as well, but don’t worry.  Not only am I showing 16 outfits with white jeans, I’m also going to share some tips for wearing white jeans, and I’ll of course show a bunch of white jeans options at the end.
You can wear these with pretty much anything as they are incredibly versatile.  But besides versatility, what I really love about white jeans is how they freshen up any outfit.  Imagine any of these outfits with blue jeans.  Most, if not all, would be OKAY.  But change them out for white jeans instead and the outfit pops!
The collage above is loosely categorized by rows, though some overlap.  Hence “loosely!”  🙂
  • Row 1: light colors
  • Row 2: prints and patterns
  • Row 3: t-shirts (mostly grey tees)
  • Row 4: solid colored blouses
I really love pairing them with lighter colors this spring, like in Row 1.  But Row 2 shows white jeans with bolder pieces like a contrasting black lace tee with a strong striped blazer, cobalt pumps, or a bolder floral print top.  Row 3 is with t-shirts, though only the first two are super casual.  The third t-shirt one has blush lace up flats to add a bit more polish, and the fourth outfit is a t-shirt with blue pumps!  Row 4 shows solid blouses of all different colors and all different accessories.  There is scarcely a top that white jeans won’t go with!
Before we move on, if you want to shop any of the pieces in any of the outfits, use the widgets below and scroll through each to see all the items.  If you’re in Bloglovin’ and can’t see the widget you might need to get out of the Bloglovin’ frame.  I included any pieces that are still available that are exact or very, very, very similar.
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White Jean Options
In the collage above, I’m wearing 2 different pairs.  The first pair I owned was/is a very old pair from Old Navy that doesn’t exist anymore.  This pair was AMAZING because something about it hid scuff marks and minor stains.  They were slightly off-white, the material was a little sturdier or tougher, and they had some sort of very slight ridged texture.  I think all three of those things helped hide minor marks.  Many scuff marks brushed right off, or even tiny chocolate stains kind of got buried in there.  I was almost fearless wearing them!  I still have them in my closet but don’t really wear them because they are slightly baggy on me all around–rise, leg, ankle opening.  HOWEVER, Old Navy currently has “stay-white” jeans (HERE) that I think might be very similar to what my old pair was like.  Plus size version HERE.
My second pair, the one in most of the pictures above, is from LOFT.  They are much softer and flexible than the Old Navy pair, and they fit me better, but they also seem to absorb stains.  (THIS is why I still fear wearing white jeans a little.  Would not be the case in my old Old Navy pair!)  I think how soft the material is makes them absorb dirt more than regular jeans, and much more than the tough material of my Old Navy jeans.  However, they don’t lose shape!  Had I not experienced the glory of those Old Navy jeans, I would be perfectly happy with the LOFT jeans.  But because I have tasted and seen that not all white jeans are alike regarding stains, I’m always still looking for a pair that fits well AND is more resistant to stains!  If you’re interested in the LOFT pair, they are HERE.  I’m normally size 6/8 and i’m 5’6″, and I wear these in 6P to get them to hit my ankles.
Neither my old Old Navy pair nor my LOFT pair are see-through.  I wouldn’t wear them if they were!  However, I do wear nude underwear just to be safe, which is one of the points below.


White Jeans
Links to Shop:
one  |  two  |  three
four  |  five  |  six
Tips When Wearing White Jeans
I’m asked about white jeans quite a bit, but it’s usually just a few of the same concerns: 1) worry or gripes that white jeans are see through, 2) concern about getting them dirty, and 3) hesitation about having a larger lower half and not wanting to draw attention or have white jeans be unflattering.
Here are some responses!
-Keeping White Jeans Clean-
This is important both in general but also through out the day as you’re wearing it–you don’t want to walk around with a stain on you until you can get home to change.
  • For general washing, white is very easy to bleach.  In fact, it’s nicer than colors because you don’t have to worry about the color fading with too much cleaning.  I use Shout Gel on all any stains and try to put the jeans in the wash within a few days of them getting dirty, or immediately if it’s a bad stain.
  • Scotch guard.  To prevent stains to begin with, I’ve read two bloggers who take much better care of their clothes than I do say they use scotch guard on their white pants.  I haven’t done it, but I probably should on my LOFT jeans!  I’d imagine it’d make the jeans a little stiffer…maybe?  Maybe close to what my old Old Navy pair felt like?  Even if that were true, it’s worth looking into for peace of mind and freedom while wearing white jeans.
  • Napkin on my lap when eating. And I try not to order foods with tons of sauce while in white jeans!
  • Carry a Tide-to-go Pen.  I only carry this when I wear white jeans so that I can try to remove any stain immediately so that I don’t have to worry about walking around with a stain on my jeans all day until I get home.
  • Don’t wear them in the rain.  Sorry, Pacific Northwest people.  I mean, you could, but I find rain kicks up so much mud onto my jeans that I would rather just find something else to wear than worry about that all the time.


-Jeans That Aren’t See-Through-
Like I said, my LOFT and old Old Navy pairs are pretty thick.  I would never wear bright colored or printed underwear with white jeans because white is white and something is bound to show through if it’s loud enough.  I always wear nude underwear and never, ever, ever feel self-conscious about my white jeans revealing anything.

-White Jeans With a Curvier Lower Half-
I’ve seen enough super curvy, plus sized, and/or bottom heavy women look fantastic in white jeans to not give into a belief that they can’t look flattering on women with larger lower halves or more curves.  Though I’m not plus sized or super curvy, my rear and especially my thighs are quite larger than my upper half, and I actually had the same concern with white jeans accentuating my larger thighs.

I believe that cut/fit is more important than color.  Even a pair of dark wash jeans that doesn’t fit well or is cut terribly for one’s body will be unflattering.  So, work hard to find the right pair that fits you well.  I didn’t think I could do white jeans until I found the Old Navy pair.  Until then, every pair I’d tried was made of very thin material which DID accentuate my thighs, plus showed every lump.  Or they just weren’t cut right for me.  The Old Navy pair was thick, and they fit my thighs well, and were flattering.  I ended up getting the LOFT pair because I already knew that cut fit me well in two other colors, and it worked out!

Some more things to try:

  • Do the hard work of finding a pair that fits well, or get one tailored to fit you well.
  • Try finding ones with thicker material which should conceal any unwanted lumps and bumps.
  • If you’re still worried about hips looking wider, wear tops that hit the middle of your hip or lower, which should balance out your proportions.


I’m almost positive I missed something, so if you have any tips to add about wearing white jeans, please let us know!

See ALL my white jean outfits HERE.  There are still tonsssss more that I didn’t even include in the collage!

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