PINK Pants 4 Ways! (from Found In My Closet)

For our final guest post of this week, Jenni from Found in My Closet is here to remix PINK JEGGINGS!

Hi everyone!  My name is Jenni and I write a little blog called “Found in My Closet”.  I’m so happy to be filling in for Audrey while she’s away…I love reading her fun blog!

Spring is right around the corner and with it comes a lot of fun new trends.  Some of these trends tend to come and go over the years.  One trend that seems to be making a huge comeback this spring is that of bright neon denim!  Now, let me be the first to admit I was a little hesitant to get on board with colored denim at all…it took me a while.  Once I started though, I never looked back!  I love this trend and own red, orange, green, purple…and my newest addition to my closet is bright pink!  Bright neon denim is HUGE this Spring.  Retailers all over are carrying neon denim.  I’ve seen them at Anthropologie, J Crew, Target, Old Navy, Gap…you can pretty much find them anywhere at all different price ranges.  I happened to pick up my new bright pink pair of ankle length jeggings at American Eagle last week when they were having their $10 off all jeans promotion.  How cute are these:

They are unfortunately sold out online now in the bright pink, but you can also pick them up in red, cobalt blue, a lemon-lime yellow, grey and white HERE for $44.50 (without a promo).  Also, check in stores for stock…that’s where I grabbed mine. Just for reference, they run a little on the smaller side.  They are jeggings so they’re meant to be tight fitting.  I usually wear a size 0-2 in jeans and I took these in a size 2.

When I brought them home I decided to play a little on Polyvore with how I wanted to wear these.  The most obvious colors to pair with something as bright as these are white and black.  It’s good to have a bit of a neutral color thrown in when you have something as bright as these fun jeggings.  So here are a few ideas of how to incorporate bright pink jeans into your wardrobe:

Option #1

Merino Tatted Lace Sweater/AE Jeggings

Even though I stuck with a neutral on top, you can still have a little fun at the feet and wear a cute leopard print flat.  I actually consider leopard print a neutral too.  They go with anything!

Option #2

Pink, Blue and Polka Dots

I love the pink and blue pairing in this option and feel it works because of the neutral polka dot top in the middle of it all.  It’s all about balance!

Option #3

Sequin Cardi/Cabomba Blouse/Bright Pink Jeggings

This option is a little more colorful as I’ve paired the jeans with a floral print top.  Still keeping in mind the idea of balancing it all out, I threw in a more neutral cardigan.  Silver sequins are neutral right?  Of course!

Option 4

Cotton Candy and Lemonade

For this outfit I took a neutral colored striped shirt and brought in another bright accent color with the jewelry and shoes.  I happen to think yellow and pink are super cute together so I would wear this combination in a heartbeat!

So from these four outfits you can see I pretty much stick to the rule of always incorporating at least one neutral color with my bright pink jeans.  As long as you have at least one neutral mixed in, you won’t look like a clown.  It’s all about balancing out colors.

Are you a fan of the colored jeans trend?  Or do you feel like you’re stepping straight out of the 80’s if you start wearing them? Will you be wearing bright and neon colored jeans this spring?  What colors do you have in your closet already?  Chime in!

When Jenni first told me she wanted to remix pink jeggings I wasn’t sure about it, but I trusted her.  After seeing her post I was very pleasantly surprised!  She makes pink jeggings look so easy, doesn’t she?  
Stop by Jenni’s blog, Found in My Closet and say hello!
Thank you to all of the ladies who guest posted this week!
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