8 Pieces, 14 Outfits (from Merrick’s Art)

OH.MY.GOSH.  So far I’ve loved all of these guest posts, and today is no exception.  Today we have Merrick from Merrick’s Art, who you may remember remixed a little black dress five ways.

Well, Merrick is back, and has one doozie of a post in store for us.  Hold on to your seats!

Hi Guys! I’m Merrick from Merrick’s Art, and I’m so excited to be over here on Putting Me Together today!

I have been loving Audrey’s last few posts about building a remixable wardrobe, so I thought I’d stay in that vein today. I want to show you how just a few good pieces in your wardrobe can make nearly endless outfits. You don’t have to have a million clothes, you just have to buy pieces that can work a lot of different ways, and then learn how to mix and match them.

I’m sure many of you have heard of Kendi’s 30 for 30 challenge….well, today I’m doing a little spin on that, and chose eight items from my closet. But didn’t just make eight outfits — I made as many as I could. There are fourteen looks that I created, but even more are possible, and I’ll show you how as we go through each outfit.

For my eight pieces, I chose two tops, one dress, one skirt, two pairs of pants, one cardigan, and one jacket. Most of you probably have items very similar to these in your closet.

And here are my fourteen outfits:

Now let’s break it down.

Outfit #1:

Because the skirt and top are very colorful, I went with nude heels, but then added a little bit of pattern and bling with the jewelry. The shirt could also be untucked and belted for a different look.
Outfit #2:
 The striped dress from gap is awesome because it can be a dress, a top, or a skirt. I used it as a top here underneath my green skirt. To create another outfit, you could wear the cardigan instead of the jacket.
Outfit #3:
 The best thing about this patterned blouse is that you can wear it tucked in, half tucked, or fully untucked, all of which create different looks. Here I tucked it into the pencil skirt and added tights and heels for a little bit dressier look. The blouse could also be untucked and belted for a different look — which is exactly what I did in the next outfit…
Outfit #4:
 My favorite pattern mixing combo is stripes and floral, and although this top isn’t really floral, it has that feel. With the blouse untucked and belted, it has a totally different feel than outfit #3. 
Outfit #5:
 I really love the simplicity of this outfit. The belt at the waist adds some depth and structure, and the leather jacket and sparkly shoes give the simple dress a little edge. 
Outfit #6:
 Pattern mixing once again create a simple, but fun outfit. I added a little pop of color with the earrings just so the outfit wasn’t all black and brown. 
Outfit #7:
 After seeing Audrey tie the front of her blouse in last weeks post, I was inspired to do the same. The jacket could again be substituted with the cardigan for another outfit.
Outfit #8:
For this outfit, I tucked up the striped dress and made it into a shirt. You could layer the jacket, cardigan, or even blue button over this striped top to create three additional outfits. Or you could swap out your pants for even more outfits.
Outfit #9:
 Doing a half-tuck with this blouse creates another entirely different look. Again, this could be layered with the jacket or the cardigan for another couple outfits.
Outfit #10:
 Doing a half-tuck with the button up creates a unique and casual look. This could be layered with the jacket and cardigan also for a few additional looks. 
Outfit #11:
 Although this outfit is very similar to outfit #10, the full tuck and skinny belt give it an entirely different feel. And same as above, it can be layered with the jacket or cardigan.
Outfit #12:
 Layering the blouse and button up together, and then belting it, creates depth and visual interest. You could also take off the belt and tuck both of these shirts in or do a half tuck.
Outfit #13:
 Black and white are just meant to be together. I added a little variation with the brown boots, but kept it simple besides that. Either of your blouses could be paired under the cardigan, the jacket could be layered on top, or you could belt the cardigan.
Outfit #14:
 A really simple way to change the look of your outfit is just to zip up your jacket. I also cuffed my jeans for more casual look. The other blouse could be paired underneath instead for another look.

So basically, if you fill your closet with items that can be worn in multiple ways (as Audrey is showing us through her Remixable Wardrobe series), and accessorize in interesting and fun ways, the possibilities for outfits are nearly endless, no matter how many actual clothing items you have. This post is proof of that.  Now go get remixing!

WOW.  Right?  Like I say often here, it’s amazing what subtle changes like cuffing your pants or doing a little tucking can do to take an outfit to the next level.

Thank you, Merrick!  This post actually inspired me to not want to buy something and continue “working my closet.”

Stop by Merrick’s blog, Merrick’s Art, and say hello!

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