Pop of Red & Practicality

Before I had Addie I was mostly a pretty functional dresser.  Though, once in a while I might have opted for wedges or heels over flats and toughed it out for the “sake of style.”  😛  But after becoming a mom, function wins even more.  And more and more.  
I was totally planning to dress up this super duper comfortable dress (that is also conveniently nursing-friendly) with heels and more jewelry for a wedding this past weekend, but I actually just wore it like this.  Sans fancy jewelry, with flats, with this diaper bag, and all-a-dat.  (Thank goodness the diaper bag is chic!)  And this, for once, was not one of the typical casual San Diego weddings that I usually attend so I honestly felt a little awkward because I would have worn this exact outfit on any normal day.  BUT, I was wearing/carrying Addie in a baby carrier the entire night and was not about to do that for several hours in heels.  And then dance.  No thanks.  And if I was wearing a larger necklace she would have rubbed her face against it while I wore her, which freaks me out worrying that one day she’ll cut some part of her face on one of my necklaces!  #momproblems

Soooooo yeah.  Happy red flats it was!  I like to think that as long as I looked presentable, no one cared what I was wearing because all they saw was a cute little baby hanging on me–the best accessory I could have worn, anyway.  *cue sappy music*

On another note, I’m looking forward to styling this dress for the fall.  Most dresses transition well with tights, boots, and a cardigan/sweater/jacket and scarf, and this dress is no exception.  Good thing too, because I need more pieces I can nurse in and extending the seasonal life of pieces is good news to my baby, my wallet, and my sanity!

If you missed some of the posts on dressing for the fall, find them here: Resources to Dress for the Fall Transition and Fall, and How to Wear a Dress in Multiple Seasons.  For other nursing friendly outfits see HERE.

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Dress: c/o Joules (exact–beware that UK sizing is different!  Got this in UK 12 / US 8. )
Shoes: Gap (similar, similar, similar)
Bag: c/o Lily Jade (exact)

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