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Whoa whoa whoa whoa.  I am utterly humbled and grateful for–as someone described it–the GINORMOUS group hug that you guys gave me yesterday.  As if I needed anymore proof to confirm this: you guys are seriously amazing.  I was overwhelmed having received more comments than I ever have in my life, and ones that were all so caring and thoughtful and kind!  I can’t thank you enough.  So uh…maybe now is a good time to tell you that the real reason I wrote all that stuff yesterday to see what kind of post would get the most comments.  KIDDINGGGGGGG.  Totally, TOTALLY kidding.  I really did write it simply to say thank you, and then you guys gave me even more reason to say it!
Kinda hard to transition from that to clothes, but here we are with my white skirt.  I go into protective beast mode when I wear my white skirt or my white jeans.  I am hilariously clumsy, and I know that you are all jealous that you don’t walk into door frames and walls like I do on a regular basis.  We have a special bond, me and door frames.  And if I’m that clumsy with stationary things, imagine how I do with things that involve more coordination, like getting food into your mouth.  So I go into protective beast mode to protect my white clothes from…well, from myself.  Makes perfect sense to me.
All that said, any of you dare own a white skirt?  If you own one and have little kids you get extra points.
It’s hard to tell below, but number four has really pretty cutout detailing at the bottom!  I also love number one.  Maxi skirts = the win, and off-white helps conceal dirt a little better than pure white.  It also comes in a beautiful pink or pretty aqua-ish blue-ish thing.  (Ha.)  Also, number three comes in a nice happy yellow!
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one  |  two  |  three
four  |  five

Shop for the Look:
Top: Target (similar, similar)
Skirt: Forever 21 (similar, similar)
Sandals: Target (exactsimilar)
Necklace: c/o That’s Mine (exact)

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