Purse Base Shaper – Help Bags Keep Their Shape

Do you guys ever have that problem where you overload your purses and they stretch out, get all saggy and lose shape?  It happened to my very beloved tote (got it in nutmeg) which is now totally misshapen as you can see in this post.  I learned much too late that leather stretches permanently if you overload it.  Blah!  SO sad, because otherwise, after 2 years of nearly daily use it would still be in tact if I had not overloaded it to the point of it getting saggy and lumpy.

When I got my new Target satchel I could tell it was doomed to the same fate as my tote.  Then I recalled learning about a company called the Base Shaper Store from Jean at Extra Petite.  She wrote all about preventing “bag sag” by placing a simple plastic insert into your purse.  I sooo wished I had known about base shapers when I first got my tote two years ago.

Even though I pretty much have nothing new to add to Jean’s review because she did a fantastic job, I’m sharing about it here to introduce you guys to this product too!

NOTE:  Aside from receiving a free base shaper (a $16 value) this is NOT a sponsored post.  I was not compensated to write a review, nor was I even asked to write a review.  I knew I wanted to try Base Shapers, and I already knew I wanted to share them with you regardless of whether or not I was gifted one by the company.  I just found this product really helpful and wanted to pass it along.

What It Does
Basically, a base shaper is a plastic liner to insert in your purse that holds the base of your purse in shape.  It allows you to put heavier or lumpier items in your bag without stretching the base of your purse.  For example, the picture at the top of this post shows the difference between a purse without and with a base shaper.  In both pictures my purse is loaded with a full water bottle, wallet, and small book.  On the left you can see the round water bottle weighing down the purse’s base and stretching it out.  On the right, the base is still in tact thanks to the base shaper, even with all the same contents in my purse.

Bag: Target  |  Base Shaper: c/o Base Shaper Store

The Base Shaper
Even though it’s plastic, it’s pretty sturdy at 3mm thick.  The edges are nice and rounded and the plastic is cut smoothly.  It comes in a variety of widths/lengths and a few different colors.

The site advertises that they are built to fit specific Louis Vuitton bags, but I was able to find a pre-made size that fit my humble Target purse.   Pre-made ones range in size and price, from $15 to $30.  Mine was $16.  You can also get custom cut base shapers to fit any bag, though those are more expensive.

The Site
Jean said in her review that the site is pretty sketch looking, and that is absolutely accurate.  Ha.  If it puts you at ease, when I contacted the owner he was friendly, quick to respond, and helpful.  I didn’t have any problems receiving my base shaper.

Overall, I am VERY happy about it and at the same time VERY sad that I found out about this after I already ruined my leather tote.  Save your bags before it’s too late!

Have you ever experienced your bag stretching out?  (It’s sad times, people.)

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