REVIEWS: Athleisure, Cardigans, and Casual Winter Finds Under $40

REVIEWS: Athleisure, Cardigans, and Casual Winter Finds Under $40

I’m here reviewing some clothes for winter! These casual winter finds are from Amazon, Old Navy, and Kohl’s, and they’re super affordable — under $40!

SIZING: I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or 6 in clothes and 8.5 to 9 in shoes.


tan sweater + girlfriend jeans + black boots + gold jewelrytan v-neck sweater + girlfriend jeans + black and white sneakers + gold jewelry brown v-neck sweater + girlfriend jeans + black boots + gold jewelry

V-Neck Sweaterwearing size S
I really like this sweater, and I hope it washes well! It’s soft and medium in thickness but lightweight and easy to wear. Doesn’t feel heavy or weigh you down. Has a classic v-neck, but is looser and more relaxed than standard fitted v-necks. Not too long, so you can wear it untucked depending on your torso length. I still like to tuck it, and I’ll fold up the back hem a bit. The second picture shows the side view tucked with the back hem folded. The third picture is the sweater full length, not tucked. I like it so much — and the sale price was too good — that I grabbed other colors too. Find it HERE. I wear size S.


tan sweater + black pants + white sneakers + gold jewelry

Twill Wide Leg Pantswearing size 6
I mentioned these pants recently in the post 3 Easy Casual Winter Outfits to Copy from the Winter Wardrobe Guide, but I had to show them again. I love them with sneakers! These pants are not denim and are a good casual option for those of you who can’t wear jeans to work. They are smooth, soft, stretchy, and lightweight but have structure. They work well with booties and with sneakers. LOVE them!!! Find them HERE. I wear size 6.


purple hooded sweatshirt + black leggings + white sneakers + gold earrings purple sherpa lined hooded sweatshirt + black leggings + white sneakers + gold hoops purple sherpa lined zip-up hooded sweatshirt + black tee + black leggings + gold hoops

Sherpa-Lined Hoodie wearing size M
Need I say more? If you’re a hoodie wearer and want an extra warm option, get a Sherpa-lined one! The hood is lined, too! Pair it with leggings, jeans, and joggers to lounge around the house in. This comes in 11 colors and in sizes XS-6X. Find it HERE. I wear size M.


black pullover + maroon joggers + white sneakers + gold jewelry black quarter zip pullover + burgundy joggers + white & black sneakers + gold jewelry

Joggers wearing size S
For athleisure joggers, I always recommend wearing joggers in a sporty material as opposed to loungewear. The latter is harder to make it feel like you’re not in pajamas.

These joggers are great, and I’m MOSTLY happy with them, except one thing which I’ll name in a sec. First of all, these are silky smooth, super duper stretchy, and very, very comfortable! I’ve tried many similar joggers from Amazon, and usually the cuffs at the legs are too long, the rise is too high for me, and there’s too much material in the front, making everything bunch up. I experience none of those problems with this pair! Finally! (Obviously fit is personal to every person, but just stating my issues in case you’ve encountered the same.)

The one thing I don’t love is that VPLs might be a problem depending on how these fit you, and obviously what your undergarments are. But, these joggers are worth checking out at the very least because they’re really comfy, and I personally prefer the fit compared to several others I’ve tried from Amazon! They come in 25+ colors, HERE. I wear size S.


black pullover + black tee + burgundy joggers + gold necklace

Collared Zip-Up Pullover wearing size S
Even though I reviewed a similar pullover to this last month (THIS one — find the full review HERE), I ordered this one because I needed to fulfill a minimum order amount to get free shipping. 😆

This one is very different than the one I reviewed last month, though. This is super lightweight, stretchy, and has that same satiny smooth feel that the joggers have. Unfortunately, there are no pockets or thumbholes, but I like the sleek fit and how comfortable it is! Plus, it was just $15 when I bought it, which is INSANE, so I can deal with no thumbholes or pockets for that price, haha.

Available in straight and plus sizes and in 2 colors, HERE. I wear size S.


black cardigan + striped top + girlfriend jeans + white sneakers + gold jewelry black sweatshirt cardigan + black striped tee + girlfriend jeans + gold jewelry

Cardigan Sweatshirt wearing size S
I like the idea of this, but not this particular one. While it looks okay buttoned, it’s way too boxy when opened. I supposed if you think of it less like a cardigan that you’d wear open and more like a pullover sweatshirt that you’d wear closed, and it happened to have cute buttons with the look of a cardigan, it’d be better. Actually, it’d probably be way cuter, haha! But personally, I don’t know if I can wrap my head around that and NOT continually be frustrated that I can’t wear it as a cardigan too. 😆 If you like the idea of wearing a sweatshirt that has the classic and somewhat preppy look of a v-neck button up cardigan, give this one a try! Available in 7 colors and in straight and plus sizes, HERE. I wear size S.


black cardigan + black and white striped top + flare jeans + camel boots + gold jewelry

Amazon Cardigan #1 wearing size S
I ordered two nearly identical cardigans, but they do have differences, and I much prefer this first one compared to the second.

I was looking for cardigans that were like the long, relaxed cardigans that were popular for the last near-decade, but were a bit shorter to work better with voluminous jeans. This cardigan meets that criteria! I feel like it hangs well without being super bulky, so it works with flare jeans, like I’m wearing here. The main issue is that it’s fairly thin. That works in other seasons, but at the current moment that’s not as helpful! Still definitely worth checking out. Comes in 21 colors, HERE. I wear size S.

tan cardigan sweater + black and white striped top + flare jeans + camel boots + gold jewelry

Amazon Cardigan #2 wearing size M
This cardigan looks very similar and is even made by the same brand, but I don’t like it. What I don’t like as much is that this one has a bit of a v-shape at the bust, whereas the other one falls straighter all the way down. Then, this one has a wider band around the hem. In general, I feel like this has a widening effect, which I do NOT prefer as someone who has wider hips. I definitely prefer the straighter line of the previous cardigan. Be very mindful when ordering to pay attention those details! Find it HERE. I wear size M.

Close-up of both cardigans below!

black cardigan sweater + tan cardigan sweater + black and white striped top + flare jeans + gold jewelry


That’s it for today’s items! I hope this helps you find some useful pieces for your wardrobe this winter!

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