REVIEWS: Athleisure Sweatshirts, Satiny Dressy Blouses, and More – Mostly Under $40!

Today I’m reviewing items across the spectrum, from super casual athleisure sweatshirts to dressy tops for holiday parties and work. And, most are UNDER $40! Let’s talk through what I like–and don’t like!–from the haul.

SIZING INFO: I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or 6 in clothes and 8.5 to 9 in shoes.

Amazon Essentials Classic Fit Satin Blouse – size S
A satiny blouse like this one is great for dressier outfits, like holiday outfits and elevated business casual attire! This one is silky and smooth with a standard fit, and it’s only $29.80. As with most button-up tops, I find it hard to do any sort of loose front tucks as the buttons make the shirt poof out versus drape down nicely. I usually prefer a full tuck into high waisted pants or skirts with button-ups instead.. Just an FYI and maybe some validation if you’ve also found it hard to loosely tuck button-up tops! Anyway, this comes in 6 solid colors and 2 prints, and in sizes XS to 6X, HERE. I’m wearing size S in the colorway Dark Navy Diamond.

LC Lauren Conrad Flare Jeans (in black) – size 6
I paired the top with the LC Lauren Conrad flare jeans in black. Black flare jeans are good anytime of the year, but they are especially great during the holidays—they instantly dress up outfits! This pair is super affordable, usually under $30 during one of Kohl’s frequent sales, and they are stretchy, lightweight, and comfortable. Find them HERE. I wear size 6.


Pausus Satin Button Down Shirt – size S
This satin blouse comes in 23 colors and is really affordable, under $27. I showed this same exact outfit last year, but with a similar top from Gap that cost way more (and is no longer available). Several of you really liked the outfit for Christmas Eve services and holiday concerts, and this is an option to try if you want to go for that look! Again, same note as I mentioned above with loose front tucks vs. full tucks with button-up tops. One thing I don’t love about it, though, is the puckering at the bust. I don’t have a large chest, yet this is pulling and doesn’t fall nicely. Something to look for, but of course, it’s worth trying if you’re interested! See all the colors, HERE. I wear size S.

I paired it with straight leg corduroy pants that are soft, STRETCHY, and affordable–currently under $27! They come in 5 colors and in short and regular lengths, HERE. I wear size 6.


Printed Chiffon Blouse – size S
If you’re looking for a nice top or blouse that isn’t as fancy as a satin blouse, a chiffon blouse like this one is a good option! This has a flowy fit and an elongating v-neckline. Since there are no buttons down the front, it works much better in a front tuck, blousing out and then falling down rather flatly instead of poofing out too much from the side view, shown below.

Note: I would NOT recommend WEARING the blouse like this, with only a half-tuck into wide leg pants. I’m only showing you this to see how the top drapes, but please do not actually style it like this with wide leg pants–do a full-tuck. You need much more definition at the waist when wearing wide leg pants, and if you’re a member of the PMT Style Club and have watched the Denim School course, you know why!

One note is that the sleeves are not full length. They come pre-cuffed to mid-forearm.

It’s a good standard blouse that you can wear to work, to meals with friends, and for everyday nicer casual outfit. Very versatile! And, it’s just $23! This comes in 35 colorways(!!) with an array of solids and prints. See them all HERE. I’m wearing size S in Flower Wine Red.

Old Navy Wide Leg Jeans – size 6
I reviewed these jeans last month but ultimately decided to return them because they gave me a wedgie, lol! BUT, I liked them so much that I re-ordered them in size 6 and in size 8. I also HOPED that because Old Navy can be inconsistent that it might work in my favor–would this size 6 be different than the other size 6? Would these stretch out enough to not give me a wedgie? 😆 Will size 8 actually solve the problem, or will they be too big everywhere else? Turns out, all came true. (Goodness gracious, Old Navy!!) Well, good for me because now I can wear these jeans comfortably, haha!

If you would like help knowing how to make all the different cuts of jeans work for YOUR BODY TYPE and how to make them look good on you, join us in the PMT Style Club! We have a new course called Denim School that teaches IN DETAIL what to look for in each cut based on your body type and how to pull them off depending on your body shape! Plus, we have an amazing community that will keep your confidence high as you figure out your new style.


HeyNuts Leggings – size M
I’ve seen a few people talk about these leggings, so I wanted to try them for myself. They are really soft and buttery, which is what people love about them. They are thinner than the Zella Live-In Leggings, and they don’t have the compression that the Zella leggings have. But again, soft and buttery! People love these things.

They have pockets on the side, though I find the pockets to be pretty small and they do not easily hold my larger iPhone. The waistband is nice and thin, though it’s thinner than I personally prefer. It’s nice that the waistband is very flat, but it rolls down on me personally. However, if you’re interested in buttery soft leggings, I think it’s at least worth TRYING them. They come in 21 colors, which is a nice variety! They are only $27 and available for free shipping and free return shipping with Amazon Prime. And they might fit you better than they fit me! Find them HERE.

Half-Zip Pullover Fleece – size S
This sweatshirt style works in athleisure outfits with leggings and fitted joggers and with jeans and sneakers. This sweatshirt is THICK, and the inside is soft. There is one pocket in the front which is also soft inside. The zipper functions really smoothly. The shoulders are dropped, as is typical with this style, but just be aware that dropped shoulders will widen out shoulders. And dropped shoulders with thick material like this will add even more volume and bulk around the shoulders and upper arms. This comes in 18 colors, HERE. I wear size S.


Half-Zip Cropped Pullover Fleece – size S 
This sweater has “cropped” in the name, and it is a couple of inches shorter than the previous one. The material is thick, but not QUITE as thick as the one above, and the inside is soft. This also has a pocket in the front. The sleeves have thumbholes, which are not quite in the right place for me–they make the sleeves feel a bit tight/short, I want them to be a little lower. Over all, not a hit for me, but if you want something that’s not quite as long and if you have slightly shorter than average arms, this could be a good option! I like it otherwise! It’s available in 20 colors, HERE. I’m wearing size S.


Half-Zip (no pocket) – size S
Here’s a similar style sweatshirt WITHOUT a pocket. It’s equally thick with a soft interior. I prefer something shorter, like the brown one above. Also, these drop sleeves add bulk–just something to be mindful of. But if you like the very oversized look, this comes in 27 colors, HERE. I’m wearing size S.

Now for some other pieces that I shared recently in the Thanksgiving Outfits post but want to re-highlight them in case you missed them!


blue sweater + straight leg dark wash jeans + white sneakers + white and black earrings

Raglan Sweater – size S
This sweater is VERY AFFORDABLE and VERY COMFY! Several ladies in the PMT Style Club have fallen in love with it and own it in multiple colors! It’s super soft and very lightweight, but it’s still cozy. So easy to wear! It comes in 12 colors and is VERY AFFORDABLE during sales. (I’ve seen it as low as $12!) See all the colors HERE. I wear size S.

My jeans are by Democracy but are no longer available. There is a similar pair HERE.


burgundy printed top + dark wash flare jeans + camel heeled boots + tan earrings

Shimmer Stripe Smocked Tie Neck Blouse – size S
This blouse is really pretty, with metallic threads running through the whole thing! (Hard to capture in the photo, sorry!) This is a beautiful top for this time of year that can be worn to dress up a little for special events this season. It has a loose and flowy fit, though I tucked it all the way into high waisted jeans. It is not TOO long, so some of you might be able to wear it without tucking it if you pair it with fitted bottoms to combat the flowy volume. And, it’s currently ON SALE! Find it HERE. I’m wearing size S.

For my jeans, I’m wearing the LC Lauren Conrad flares the I mentioned earlier in this post. I wear those in size 6.

My booties are from Amazon, and they are a BEAUTIFUL cognac color–my fave pair of semi dressy boots right now! Find them HERE. I wear size 9.


dark orange printed top + dark wash slim straight jeans + tan earrings + tan flats

Medallion Cutout Ruffle Neck Blouse – size S
I love how these colors look with dark wash jeans! This blouse has a great print that looks even better in person – another great option for this time of year! And, it’s also ON SALE! Check it out HERE. I’m wearing size S.


teal and yellow and burgundy v-neck dress + teal earrings + camel heeled boots

Tapestry Ruffle V-Neck Midi Dress – size S
Doesn’t LOFT have fun prints? This all-over print makes a huge statement! Wear it to work, a date, or to go out with friends. Or for family pictures! It’s fully lined, has a v-neckline and belted waist to provide some shape, and its material gives you a lightweight and airy vibe.

I’m wearing statement earrings from Nickel & Suede, which are lightweight, comfortable, and well-made. Some similar options are the Peacock Suede Teardrops and the Peacock Suede Florences. Other options that would work are the Vintage Bronze Leos or the good old Vintage Bronze Teardrops a classic and favorite! (If you shop through any of my links, you could receive $5 off your order at checkout. The code is only good for a limited-number of uses. First come, first serve!)

And above is a full view of those cognac booties from Amazon. I wear size 9.


dark green wrap dress + black boots + gold earrings + gold necklace

Ribbed Sweater Dress – size M
This dress super easy to wear and really comfortable! It’s made of a soft fabric that keeps you a little warmer, and it’s stretchy and not constraining. The v-neckline and empire waist offer a flattering shape without being super figure-hugging. Plus, it has POCKETS!! It comes in 12 colors, HERE. I’m wearing size M.

Whether you’re dressing up for nice dinners, for work, or for super casual holiday errands, there are some good items in here that are worth checking out! I hope this helps!

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