REVIEWS: Rain Jackets, Comfy Athleisure and Loungewear, Stretchy Work Pants, and More!

Reviews October Fall: Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Amazon, Gap, Old Navy

Time for some clothing reviews! Some of these are AWESOME, some are great and just not for me but might be good for you, and others are fine but might be worth checking out depending on what you’re going for.

These items are from Amazon, Gap, Nordstrom Rack, and Nordstrom, and they are at a variety of price points. Often my reviews include items mostly under $40, but that’s not the case today since I’m reviewing types of clothes that tend to cost more, like rain jackets and shoes. However, there is a mix of price points, so there are some well-priced items, too!

SIZING INFO: I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or 6 in clothes and 8.5 to 9 in shoes.


Fall Reviews: Amazon quilted hooded olive jacket, blue skinny jeans, light tan waterproof booties, white earringsFall Reviews: Amazon quilted hooded olive jacket with sherpa lining, blue skinny jeans, light tan waterproof booties, white earrings

Amazon Water Resistant Sherpa Lined Puffer – size M
This is a great medium weight, water resistant jacket with soft, cozy sherpa lining and a hood! So many things all in one jacket. It also has sherpa lined pockets and a sherpa lined hood to keep your hands and head warmer! The ribbed cuffs also help keep airflow out and offer a better fit around the wrists. This jacket is lightweight and a medium warmth. Even with the sherpa lining, it doesn’t feel bulky or stuffy—really comfy to wear! Comes in 5 colors, including a cute printed one, HERE! I wear size M.

These shoes will be reviewed below with other Nordstrom items.


Amazon Reviews: olive tshirt tiered dress, white earrings, tan suede bootiesAmazon Reviews: olive t-shirt tiered dress, tan suede booties side

Amazon Dress – size S
I shared this dress earlier this month on Instagram but realized I have yet to share it on the blog! I love this dress so much that I went back and bought it in black, too. 😁 It’s not a slinky “pajama dress” type of material, as I like to call those. More like a thick raglan t-shirt type of material, so it’s still comfy, but it doesn’t cling to you as much. It’s also thicker, which I liked for the transitional period from summer to fall. The built-in structure provides shape and is also helpful for smoothing over lumps and bumps, compared to the slinkier material that might show bumps more easily. Plus, it has POCKETS! And it’s only $26! Comes in several colors, HERE. I wear size S.

Nordstrom Rack

Fall Reviews Athleisure Outfit: gray tunic sweatshirt, black leggings, gray sneakers, gold pendant necklace

Nordstrom Rack High Low Tunic – size S
If you’re looking for a good basic, affordable top for leggings, this is a good one to try! This seems so plain, but I really like it! The material is a medium thickness that is really soft with a lot of stretch, so it’s very comfy to wear. If you were around last year, you may have remembered I reviewed a similar gray tunic from Amazon that ended up being stiffer than I thought it would be. This Nordstrom Rack gray tunic is what I wanted! Flexible, moves with your body, and drapes well, all contributing to more comfort. It also has thumbholes, is shorter in the front and longer in the back, it covers your backside which makes it great to wear with leggings, and has short slits on the side which help the garment maneuver around my hips in a more fluid way. Comes in 7 colors, HERE! I wear size S.


Fall Reviews Athleisure Outfit: gray tunic sweatshirt, black Z by Zella leggings

Z by Zella Leggings – size S
You know I love Zella leggings from Nordstrom, so I tried some “Z by Zella” leggings, which is the cheaper version that they sell at Nordstrom Rack. I hoped they were basically the same thing at a lower price. Not quite. These have great reviews—780+ reviews with 4.2 stars. I like that they have pockets, and the price point is really good at around just $25. I personally didn’t love the fit or the material. They were slightly tight around the cuffs and waistband, and I didn’t feel like the material breathed as well or contoured my legs as well (…if that makes sense? haha) as the Gap pair I’ve been sharing lately or Zella leggings at Nordstrom. While both the Gap and Zella leggings cost quite a bit more than these Z by Zella leggings, I can really feel the difference in comfort, quality, and how well they fit. That said, for $25, these leggings aren’t bad at all, so if that’s a better price range for you, then they’re at least worth checking out. They come in 10 colors, HERE. I’m wearing size S.

The Gap pair I’m talking about is a 7/8 length and is nearly sold out, but you can see if you can snag your size HERE. The same pair in the full-length version is HERE. Haven’t tried the full-length firsthand, but they should be the same. The Zella leggings I’m talking about are HERE in 7/8 length with pockets and full-length HERE.


Fall Reviews: light tan sand faux fur lined slip-on sneakers

Naturalizer Faux Fur-Lined Sneakers – size 8.5
I have really come to appreciate faux fur-lined shoes over the years! I already own the non-fuzzy version of this shoe (and therefore don’t think I can justify keeping them) but I wanted to try them. They are not super duper fuzzy or soft, but they do add a little more warmth than the non-fuzzy version. This brand is comfortable, and these shoes have a flexible upper and some cushioning in the footbed. They are available in 3 colors, HERE, and they’re 43% off retail! I wear these in size 8.5.

If you’re looking for other recs from Nordstrom Rack, check out my recent blog post, Three Casual Shoes to Look Stylish All Fall, which includes a cute leopard print sweater that’s only $19.97, a great tunic sweater for chic casual looks with leggings that comes in several colors, and beautiful waterproof cognac booties, among other things!


Fall Reviews: Amazon quilted hooded olive jacket, blue skinny jeans, light tan waterproof bootie sneakers, white earrings close up

Nordstrom Blondo Waterproof Faux Fur Lined Sneaker Booties – size 9
Like I said, I’m into the faux fur-lined shoes! I got a similar pair to these about two years ago and totally loved them during the colder months. This pair has a super soft, comfy, fuzzy lining in the shaft of the boot (part around the ankle and up), comes in a gorgeous sand suede color as well as black, and is waterproof! You can wear them rain or shine! They have a mild arch in the footbed. What I also like about them is that the shaft of the boot is tall enough to adequately cover ankle length jeans, and they are fairly narrow which keeps your leg line more streamline. They’re ON SALE for 40% off, putting them at a really good price for waterproof shoes! Check them out HERE. I’m wearing size 9, which is the usual size I am in this brand, but I wish I had tried 8.5 as well, since these are a tad loose. Since Nordstrom offers free return shipping on all orders, you can order multiple sizes and return for free the one that doesn’t work out. (I regularly order multiple sizes but was certain I would be size 9 in these! 🤦🏻‍♀️)


Fall Reviews Nicer Casual Outfit: yellow BP sweater, blue skinny jeans, tan waterproof leather ankle boots, red earrings

Nordstrom Yellow BP Sweater – size S
I ordered this to potentially feature in my recent post about Five Stylish Sweaters for Fall Activities With the Family. (Remember I told you a while back how I usually order a lot of items to try and show you the best ones? You can read more about that in How Blogging Became a Full Time Job.) While most of the sweaters that ended up in that post were a little pricey, this one is more reasonable at $35. Even though I knew many of you would prefer that price point, it didn’t make the cut for a few reasons. However, there are some good qualities about it, and it was so, so close, so I wanted to review it here for you!

First, it is very soft, thick, cozy, and warm! Very comfy! I really wanted to love this sweater. The things I didn’t love… While it doesn’t feel bulky, I thought it looked bulky on me, especially when tucked. At full length, it’s too long for me, so it needs to be tucked. But, it was a tad too thick for me to tuck and bulged out a bit more in the front than I prefer. See sideview above. I’ve previously shown other side views with sweaters that don’t bulge out like that. (This is one of those examples that if something looks kinda weird on you, don’t blame yourself, just blame the clothes and find ones that work better.)

I also wasn’t in love with this particular color on myself. SO, over all, I really like the sweater and how it feels, but the fit and color don’t work for me. However, it does feel really good, and it comes in 6 colors. So, if you’re interested in a sweater that feels great, you can find a color that suits you, and you’re willing to test out the fit to see if you might have better luck, check it out HERE! I wear size S.


Nordstrom Open Edit Sweater – size S
I have no idea how I missed this when I was shopping for the Five Stylish Sweaters for Fall Activities With the Family post. This sweater is GREAT and currently ON SALE for $39.90! It’s nice and cozy, but it’s lightweight, so it’s very easy to wear all day—doesn’t drag you down. It’s very soft, and as far as itch factor, it’s like a 1 outta 10. If you pay close attention, you can feel some scratchiness, but it’s not bad. I typically wear HEATTECHS from UNIQLO under clothes this time of year anyway, so mildly itchy material doesn’t bother me. (Read more about HEATTECHS in my post How I Stay Warm In the Winter While Trying to Look Cute.) I also like the silhouette of this sweater. It seems very standard and simple, but has some veryyyy small, subtle details that make it cuter, like slight ribbing at the cuffs and hem, its texture, and just how it drapes in general. These pictures don’t do it justice, and neither do the pics on Nordstrom’s site.

My main critique is that the fuzz sheds, and I constantly feel like something is tickling my face, and it gets everywhere. I’m hoping that goes away with wear, but just wanted to give you a heads up in case it doesn’t! Comes in 4 colors, HERE! I wear size S. FYI, I think the purple color is a little truer to how it looks on Nordstrom’s site compared to how it looks in my pics.

Wit & Wisdom Blouson Sweatshirt – size S
I don’t have a picture of this one, but it was another piece I tried for that same blog post about sweaters. This one was cute in the picture, but it did not feel like a sweatshirt at all and was more like a sweater. Also, the texture is somewhat of an open weave, so I was worried it would get snagged a lot. I wished it really was a sweatshirt. It has cute details, but I questioned its durability, and I think there are better options at that price point. I tried size S which had a roomy fit.


Fall Reviews Work Outfit: gray puff sleeve fitted sweater, black slacks, leather booties, gold pendant necklaceFall Reviews Work Outfit: gray puff sleeve fitted sweater, black trousers, leather heeled booties, gold pendant necklace close up

Wit & Wisdom Black Pants – size 6
I am constantly on the lookout for comfy work pants for you all, so I tried these Wit & Wisdom slacks based on their reviews. They are really stretchy, smooth, and comfy! The material is not as thick as the Vince Camuto Tech Ponte Pants or Liverpool Kelsey Knit Super Stretch Ponte Pants that I have talked about several times before. (Both are currently sold out.) But, this Wit & Wisdom pair costs a little less, and they are still great!

A couple of notes. One, they don’t have a zipper and instead, that part where the fly is usually located is sewn together. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get them on over my hips, but the material is so stretchy that it was fine. It mostly just feels strange when you’re putting them on but feels totally normal when wearing them.

Second, size 4 fit, but I didn’t like how much the material gathered. Switching to size 6 allowed the material to fall over my legs a little more fluidly.

Third, the material is not as thick and structured as the other two pairs of pants I mentioned above, and therefore I didn’t feel as secure in them. When material is thicker AND has a bit more structure, that helps smooth over bumps as well as help you feel more secure and held in. When material is thinner and has less structure, the opposite happens. So, I think these pants will be fine for some of you, but for others, especially if you need a pair of pants that glosses over lumps and bumps or makes you feel a little more secure, then I recommend waiting for the Liverpool Kelsey Knit Super Stretch Ponte Pants to come back in stock. And yes, they cost $20 more, but you are getting value for that.


Fall Reviews Work Outfit: gray puff sleeve fitted sweater, navy blue trousers, leather heeled booties, gold pendant necklace

Nordstrom Wonderstretch Pants – size 6
Any pair of pants that has “Wonderstretch” in its name is begging me to try it! 😂 This is another pair of work pants that is very STRETCHY, including a stretchy waistband for extra comfort. These are a fuller length straight leg pair of pants that covers your ankles, which I know many of you need this time of year. One note—the material is not that super smooth type that feels luxurious, like the Vince Camuto and Liverpool Kelsey pants. Instead, it’s a little… more crisp? It looks crisper, too, and holds structure a bit better on its own while still being very, very stretchy. The waistband has stretch and give, but not in an extreme way, so you will feel its limits if you are in the wrong size. I tried both sizes 4 and 6, and while size 4 fit in the legs, it felt tight around the seat and crotch. Size 6 felt much better everywhere. Available in 4 colors, HERE!

BTW my sweater was in that recent post Five Stylish Sweaters for Fall Activities With the Family and is on sale for $41, though sizes are almost out. I showed it with jeans in that post, but I told ya it works great in work outfits too! 😊 Find it HERE. I wear size S.

The shoes are from several years ago, sorry!


Old Navy & Gap

Fall Reviews Casual Outfit: black Old Navy rain jacket, black leggings, gray long sleeve top, gray sneakers, red earrings Fall Reviews Casual Outfit: black Old Navy rain jacket, black leggings, gray long sleeve top, gray sneakers, side close up

Old Navy Black Rain Jacket – size S
Unfortunately, within just one day of me writing this blog post, this jacket sold out in so many sizes! Gahhh! In case it comes back, I’ll review it. This sporty looking rain jacket was on sale for $31 and I thought it would be great with leggings for activewear and athleisure. It’s very thin and super lightweight, it’s long enough in the back to cover your backside in leggings, and it has a hood and an adjustable drawstring waistband.

Despite all that, I am 99% sure I’m returning it. Above includes side-by-side pics of the waist cinched versus un-cinched. No matter how I adjust the draw string, I don’t like how the part around the hips looks, and I actually prefer it un-cinched and hanging fluidly. I also wanted something thicker than this. Maybe I’m a weirdo, but I actually feel COLDER when I put this on, haha! Also, the sleeves are a tad short which usually doesn’t bother me with tops because I scrunch up sleeves, but for a RAIN jacket?—I need that to keep me dry. Last, something about the material worries me. I feel like I could accidentally tear it at any time. I don’t know if that would actually happen, but something about it feels like it could, and I just don’t trust it, you know?

If you’re looking for a suuuuuper lightweight, sporty jacket, I feel like this is at least worth trying, since shipping is free on orders $50+ and return shipping is free. Especially if you can get it on sale around $35-$40. I would just manage expectations. There are other jackets that cost slightly more in the $45-$55 range that feel a lot better, like the Amazon one at the top of this post and a few from Gap that I will post about soon. But, there are few that offer the super lightweight, sporty vibe that this one does, which is the only reason I think it’s at least worth trying if that’s what you’ve been looking for. Comes in 3 colors, HERE. I’m wearing size S.


Fall Reviews Casual Athleisure Outfit: white long sleeve top, gray fleece joggers, red earringsFall Reviews Casual Athleisure Outfit: white long sleeve top, gray fleece joggers, close up side

Gap Fleece Joggers – size S
These joggers—YES! So much YES! I ordered these to try for an upcoming post, but I have yet to decide if I’ll include it, so I wanted to at least review it here. I’ve needed to replace my current soft joggers, and these are the winners! They are soooooo soft and comfy! They’re lightweight but fairly warm given how thin they are. That said, they *are* thin, so I think they’d show bumps more in the lighter colors whereas black would conceal that better. I’m keeping them in both gray and black! They come in regular, tall, and petite lengths and 4 colors HERE.

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Okay, that’s it for now. I will be sharing some more great coats for rain, comfy pants, and loungewear in the coming weeks. Holiday gift guides are coming too! Stay tuned!

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