Top: c/o Kemi’s Avon Store  |  Skirt: Forever 21 (similar)  |  Sandals: Target (shop, similar #2)  |  Necklace: won from Electric Frenchie
Ahhh, Monday.  Weekend, where did you go?!?!  Why do you always come so late and go so quickly?
This weekend I found out that a few of my real-life friends cannot keep a secret (*cough*lisawasityou?*cough*) and told some of our other friends about this little blog here.  You see, for the last year I’ve managed to keep this thing a secret from about 90% of my friends, with the exception of a few closer ones who I’ve told and ones that happened to find it through Pinterest.  A funny one was earlier this year when my sister found out about it through a link on an online forum.  Anyway, I guess I might as well say HIIIII to my friends who have been secretly reading my blog–the one that I tried to keep a secret from you.  Ha.
And of course, hello and happy Monday to all of you, my bloggy friends.  🙂
Lastly, I love this white skirt.  I’ve decided that it will be one of my closet staples for always because…what DOESN’T go with a white skirt?
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