Shopping Help: Dotty

Last week’s Shopping Help stripe obsession was daring me to do one on polka dots.  I couldn’t pass on that challenge, especially since polka dots have probably grown to be my second favorite pattern!
I used to think I wasn’t “girly” enough of a dresser to pull off polka dots, but like most of my strange assumptions, I was wrong.  There are so many different types of polka dots (size, color, how far apart they are, etc.) as well as so many different silhouettes the garment can come in that I was silly to ever doubt there would be some out there for me.  
Here are a ton of fun options from Old Navy, Kohl’s, ModCloth, Choies, and Forever 21.  Most are under $30-35 with the exception of a couple.  Many are under $20!
White & Black:  Option 1  |  Option 2  |  Option 3
Standard white with black polka dots make a great closet basic.  Above are a few different silhouettes, from more structured to looser to one with more details, but they all can be remixed over and over and over and over!  (See the ways I’ve worn mine here.)  

Notes: Options 1 and 3 come in a black base too.

Reds & Blushes:  Option 4  |  Option 5  |  Option 6
Let’s deviate a little from a typical black and white look.  These blouses all toggle the line between being able to be dressed down as well as be made appropriate for work!  Pair easily with your favorite jeans and flats for casual, or pair with a skirt or work pants for an office look.  
Notes: Option 4 comes in white/black too.  Option 6 comes in 3 colors.

Sweaters & Dresses:  Option 7  |  Option 8  |  Option 9
Sweaters and dresses!  Don’t kill me for mentioning fall in July, but I’m pretty sure you won’t be sorry about a polka dot sweater.  Especially that beautiful gold/cream #8!  The dress can be worn for the rest of the summer or paired with boots and tights in the fall (and a mustard cardigan).
Notes: Option 8 comes in black/white too.

Skirts:  Option 10  |  Option 11  |  Option 12
Polka dot skirts!  These are all fun and a little flowy, but the dots are small so the pattern is subtle and can easily transition through different scenarios.  You can also wear all of these with sandals and a tee in the summer or boots, tights, and a cozy sweater come fall.

Scarves:  Option 13  |  Option 14  |  Option 15
Lastly, scarves.  I don’t know what to say about this except, “SO CUTE!”  🙂

Note: Option 15 comes in three colors (white/black and light blue/white) and is like $3 (!!!!!) with its current sale!

Um, I’m pretty sure #15 needs to come live at my house.  #amiright?

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