5 Summer Outfits I Wore From Our Summer Guide PMT Style Club Challenge

What I Wore for the PMT Style Club Summer Guide ChallengeHow’s your summer style going?

In the PMT Style Club, we’ve been using the Summer Wardrobe & Outfit Guide to get dressed. It’s definitely helped me be more intentional with what I wear, utilize pieces I’d otherwise neglect, and stay out of the rut of wearing the same things 500 times throughout the summer. (Not that I have anything against repeating outfits. I’m 100% for it. But like with everything good in life, there’s still a limit to how much I want to do that!) It’s also totally relieved the mental load of getting dressed each morning because my outfits have been pre-planned, so I don’t have to be creative first thing in the morning when my kids are constantly requesting my attention.

And, since we’ve been doing it together as a PMT Style Club community, I find it way more fun! We’re all getting dressed throughout the summer and sharing the summer outfits we wore from the Summer Guide PMT Style Club Challenge. It’s great to see other people’s renditions of outfits.

What We’ve Been Doing

If you’re not familiar with my style guides, they include a few different resources to help you figure out what to wear:

  • Outfit Catalog full of hundreds of outfit ideas that you can create with your summer capsule. You’re never short of ideas with this.
  • Outfit Calendar with 4 weeks of weekday outfits planned for you. (You can grab a free copy of one of the weeks below!) This pulls outfits from the Catalog and assigns them to Monday through Friday for 4 weeks. It shows you exactly what to wear, and from there you can substitute a variety of items for the examples shown, in prints, colors, and styles that you prefer. Whether I follow the prompt to a tee or end up in outfits that look completely unlike the pictures, I LOVE that I don’t have to start with a blank slate each day and how this immediately sparks ideas.
  • Outfit Planners with blank prompts. I personally love these planners the most because this set of prompts gives you more freedom than the ones in the Outfit Calendar. Yet, I’m still not starting from scratch each day. I cannot emphasize enough how much of your mental load that takes off!

These are all included inside the Summer Wardrobe & Outfit Guide, which you can lean more about HERE. In addition to these planners, you’ll learn to craft a cohesive and well-built wardrobe and access a bonus set of shopping links to save time browsing the ocean of options out there.

So far in the PMT Style Club we’ve flip-flopped between using one week of the Outfit Planner with the blank prompts and one week of the Outfit Calendar.

For some outfit inspiration, here are some of the summer outfits I wore from the Summer Guide PMT Style Club Challenge from those weeks!

I’ll start with some from the first week when we got dressed using prompts from the blank Outfit Planner.

Summer Outfit Planner

(If you already bought the Summer Wardrobe & Outfit Guide, these prompts are from page 49, the top row.)

I always like to note what the weather is like. This was from back in June, so the weather was much cooler than it is now. Look at those beautiful high 60s to high 70s… definitely NOT the case anymore where I live, haha!


white and brown printed tank top + brown flowy pants + white sandals + gold jewelry + denim jacket

1. Monday: Neutral Bottoms + Neutral Printed Top
There are so many combos you could make with this prompt, such as black pants with a black and white striped tee, navy shorts with a polka dot printed blouse, or what I’m wearing here, brown flowy pants with a brown and cream Ikat print top.

These two pieces are some of my favorite purchases from last year. The top is no longer available, but it’s from Madewell if you want to hunt it down on Poshmark.

The pants are the Old Navy pants I mentioned in my recent post My Three Favorite Comfortable Lightweight Summer Pants. They are super lightweight, flowy, soft, and smooth — not at all itchy, and breathable. I LOVE these pants! They are not available in brown this year, but they are available in other colors, HERE. I wear size S.


pink dress + white sandals + white earrings

2. Tuesday: Dress / Jumpsuit / Matching Set
This day’s prompt was simply to wear one of the items listed above. You get to pick anything, but simply having the scope narrowed to a dress, jumpsuit, or matching set rather than just anything in your closet, reduces so much of your mental energy.

While I don’t often reach for dresses naturally anymore, I happily wore this one! It’s soooo soft, flowy, and comfortable, and it has pockets. It comes in tons of colors, HERE! I’m wearing “purple,” even though it looks more like a muted magenta, in size S.

This is a great example of how working with prompts pushes me to use more of my wardrobe. I’m happy to wear the item, but I just need something external to push me beyond my repetitive go-to outfits!


black tee + black and white printed pants + black sandals + teal leather earrings

3. Friday: Neutral Printed Bottoms + Basic or Colored Top
I originally planned to wear my tan/white spotted skirt with a white tank but also had this as a backup in case I didn’t feel like wearing a skirt. Well, it ended up being chillier in the morning than I anticipated before it got hot, so I went with pants instead. I love how you can use these prompts fluidly to match the weather!

These pants are also from my blog post My Three Favorite Comfortable Lightweight Summer Pants. SO COMFY. SO lightweight. So breathable! Ahhh, such a great find! If prints aren’t your thing, they come in several solid colors, too. They have a satiny finish, so they dress up nicely but can also be dressed down for very casual days. See all the prints and colors HERE. I’m wearing size S.

This black tee is my favorite Madewell one that I talk about often. It’s SO GOOD. Yes it’s a basic, but it looks so stylish and drapes really well. Much better than cheaper options! Find it HERE. I wear size M.

I made sure to add a pop of color with these fun Nickel & Suede earrings! I LOVE this Florence style, which comes in TONS of amazing colors HERE. I’m wearing the color Peacock. I also own them in Pomegranate and love them. And, I finally ordered them in Lemon Drop!

BTW, Nickel & Suede is my FAVORITEEEEE statement earring company. Their earrings are incredibly lightweight and comfortable, and they changed the game for me. I had always loved statement earrings but stopped wearing them because they wore heavily on my ears. In 2015, years after I’d given up on wearing earrings, I learned of Nickel & Suede. You can find my favorite Nickel & Suede styles HERE. Use code PUTTINGMETOGETHER5 to get $5 off your order!

This outfit is a new one that came about as a result of the Outfit Planner prompts, and I absolutely love it! I would totally do it again with my Lemon Drop Florence Nickel & Suede earrings once they arrive, too!


Those are a few outfits from the first week of the Outfit Planner prompts (page 49, if you bought the Guide).

There are also prompts in the Outfit Planner like, “Wear an item in one of your favorite colors” and “Bottoms you haven’t worn in a while” to help you shake up your outfits and utilize even more of your wardrobe. These prompts weren’t in the week that I’m sharing here, but I do find them to be fun and to make me dig deep!

Some of our members wanted to continue after the first week, and another one of our members said she planned to do Week 2 of our Outfit Calendar (page 43, top row). So, we joined her! Here are the first two prompts for that week:


Summer Outfit Guide Prompts


olive and coral and cream ikat printed sleeveless top + cream linen blend pants + white sandals + coral leather earrings

4. Monday: Colored Printed Top + Ecru or White Pants
I don’t own a top that looks like the one in the guide (yeah, even though I created the guide, haha!), but I do have white and ecru pants and white shorts, so I started there. I planned for pants and knew I could switch to shorts easily in case I needed shorts instead.

My ecru pants are the Gap linen pants which are the third pants from my blog post My Three Favorite Comfortable Lightweight Summer Pants. Comfy for linen pants! Not very itchy and more breathable than others. I got these last year and love them, and they’re available again HERE. I’m wearing size S.

As for the top, I went with any colored printed top that worked with the ecru pants and landed on this Ikat one. This top is not available anymore, but it is from the Sonoma Goods brand at Kohl’s last year.

I paired the outfit above with the Pomegranate Florence Nickel & Suede earrings that I mentioned earlier. Ahhh LOVE this style, especially in the summer! Find them HERE.


black and white striped body con dress + black sandals + ivory earrings

5. Tuesday: Dress
The only dress I really wanted to wear was the pink maxi dress above. But in the spirit of being challenged to use more of my wardrobe, I spent a little extra energy to try and figure out a different dress and landed on this one.

I don’t normally love form-fitting dresses, but for some reason I feel great in this one! The fabric is thick and almost like a sweater dress, but it’s not nearly as hot and doesn’t feel suffocating. It’s also VERYYYY stretchy. I also felt really stylish and put together but not insanely overdressed — all I did in this dress was work from home and take my kids to the library. I call it a win! You can find the dress HERE. I’m wearing size S.

I don’t think I would have pushed myself to wear this dress on this day apart from feeling challenged to do it from the PMT Style Club and feeling accountable to at least give it an honest effort. And now I’m more likely to wear it on a regular casual day because I really felt great in it all day! Thanks, Style Club!

These are a few outfits from some of our summer Style Club challenges, using pages from the Summer Wardrobe & Outfit Guide.


Get Dressed With the Summer Wardrobe & Outfit Guide and PMT Style Club

If you’d like the full resource to help you utilize more of your wardrobe and keep outfits feeling fresh, grab the Summer Wardrobe & Outfit Guide HERE.

And, if you’re interested in joining the PMT Style Club to take your style to the next level and participate in these challenges with us, join the waiting list HERE.

As a Style Club member, you’ll be able to keep your style fresh, continue cultivating a wardrobe you love, and feel great through all your life changes, body changes, and seasonal changes with exclusive resources and a friendly, non-judgmental, inspiring community.

Also, when you’re a PMT Style Club member, these Wardrobe & Outfit Guides are included with your membership each season! (A $34 value.) Plus, you get access to the MANY other resources that are available in the club, like a library of in-depth style lessons to help you discover your style type, dress your body shape, learn to pair colors, dress a changing body, and more, live Q&As with me and our in-house trained stylist, extra shopping links, and the awesome community. You’ll also get to do these outfit challenges with us!

You get tons of value as a Style Club member to help you continually love your wardrobe and feel great in what you wear.

The club is currently closed and doesn’t open again until later this year. So be sure to sign up for the waitlist HERE to be the first to get notified when it opens!

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