Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2024 PREVIEW + Why You Should Shop It

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2024 PREVIEW + Why You Should Shop It

Hey, PMT friends! It’s that wonderful time of year — the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (#NSale) is upon us!

I cover this sale every year, and while it can be a bit nuts, so many of you LOVE it! But, in case you’re wondering, “What is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?” or “Why should I even care about it?” allow me to tell you!


What is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale All About?

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale happens in July, and you can get a ton of BRAND NEW items for the UPCOMING season on major SALE!

That means it’s not the leftovers from the end of the summer. Rather, it’s brand new items BEFORE the FALL season starts. While I’ve gotten a few warm weather items during the sale, the majority of items are for fall, like jeans, cardigans, sneakers, boots, jackets, activewear, and more.

Many of my favorite wardrobe staples go on sale during this time, which is why I want to encourage you to shop it! These are the pieces that I consistently recommend to you for quality, style, and comfort, and you can get them at a major discount during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!


Why You Should Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I sooooo desperately want you to have an insanely comfortable wardrobe full of good pieces that make you look instantly stylish without having to try too hard. Clothes from Nordstrom achieve all of this. My most comfortable and quality clothes come from Nordstrom, and if you want to transform your wardrobe into an ultra-comfortable, effortlessly stylish one, The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the best time to do it and save.

Some of the items you ask me about the most throughout the whole year (and years after!!) are from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Sometimes they never get restocked.

And while some do get restocked (yay), they’re no longer on major sale! (Boo!)

I’m talking about:

ivory sweater + girlfriend jeans + white sneakers + tan bag + gold necklace

This Open Edit sweater that I got in 2022 is STILL the item you ask me about the most whenever I wear it.


white tee + distressed straight leg jeans + tan sandals + gold hoop earrings

This Madewell gauzy top never got restocked. 😭 Some of you are still trying to hunt it down on Poshmark.


black tee + wit and wisdom girlfriend jeans + dolce vita white sneakers + gold jewelry

Wit & Wisdom girlfriend jeans, which many of you came to love!

Dolce Vita sneakers that I’ve worn almost every single day. SO WORTH IT at sale price!

I want you to get these when they’re available and ON SALE! So, be sure to follow along with me so you get the good stuff when it’s in stock AND on sale!


When Is the Sale?

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is open to different groups of people at different times, and Nordstrom cardmembers get to shop earlier than everyone else.

What’s important is that a lot of items sell out by the time non-cardholders get to shop. Nordstrom does this to incentivize people to get a Nordstrom card. So if you want the good stuff, sign up for one to shop early! (More on that in a bit.)

Here’s a summary of when different groups get access:

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2024


About the Nordstrom Card + Get a $40 Nordstrom Note

Now, about the Nordstrom card. I typically avoid credit cards for stores, but Nordstrom is one of my exceptions.

I got a Nordstrom card years ago just to shop the NSale early, and it’s been totally worth it. There are other great perks to being a Nordstrom cardholder, too, such as earning points towards Nordstrom Notes with purchases and even getting reimbursed for clothing alterations! You can read all about the perks HERE!

You have two options for a Nordstrom card:

1) the Nordstrom Visa Credit Card that you can use at both Nordstrom and other places to earn Nordstrom points
2) the Nordstrom Retail Card which you’d only use for Nordstrom purchases.

I have the Nordstrom Retail Card.

If you sign up for one now, you can get a $40 Nordstrom Note towards future purchases! Read more about it all HERE, including a side-by-side table of the differences between the two cards.

Preview the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Now (Even Without a Card)

You can preview all of the items that will be on sale RIGHT NOW, whether you have a Nordstrom card or not. Check out what’s on sale, HERE!

Some of My Tried & True Items ON SALEEEEEEE!

Here are some tried & true PMT favorites that you will be able to get on major sale in just a few days if you have a Nordstrom card!

And check out the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview to see what’s in the sale this year.


How Can I Shop This Sale the Smart Way?

Make a list. The sale can be overwhelming, so get focused with a game plan and a list. It’ll help you make better purchasing decisions! What holes do you need to fill in your closet? Personally, I’d focus on staples, like jeans, cardigans, blazers, pants for work, jackets, and fall shoes. This sale is GREAT for those!

Shop Early Access by signing up for a Nordstrom card. The sale opens earlier to everyone who has a Nordstrom card. Items and sizes can sell out FAST, and sometimes they do NOT restock during the sale. Some items are exclusive only to the sale and are not available after the sale. A ton of people get frustrated that things sell out, but that is the nature of this sale. Shopping early is totally worth it. Find out more info, like how you can get a $40 bonus note, and sign up for one HERE!

Shop online. It can be difficult to shop in store, and there is ALWAYS more availability online, so shopping online is awesome. Plus, your size may not be available in store. Shipping and return shipping is always free, so ordering online from the comfort of your home in your pajamas is the WAY TO GO! Or, order online and use Nordstrom’s curbside pickup so you can order online but not have to wait for it to ship!

Add items to your Nordstrom Wish List starting NOW. When you add items to your Nordstrom Wishlist, once the sale starts, you can just click a button to add the items all to your cart and check out immediately. That way, you can order the items faster and reduce the risk of them selling out.

Buy multiple sizes!!!! I do this with most things I order all the time to make sure I get my sizing correct. It’s especially important during the NSale. Items run out fast, and your size might not be available by the time you want to exchange. Buy two sizes and send back for free the size that doesn’t work.

Things I’m Eyeing

While I would definitely encourage you to start with my Tried & True list (see the widget above), here are some items I’m interested in trying!

Thanks for Shopping Through PMT

Last, I want to thank you again for shopping through the links on this blog! As a reminder, I use affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission if you purchase items through links on this blog. This commission helps me spend the time to try on and review items and create blog content at absolutely no extra cost to you, which is totally a win-win situation!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a huge undertaking, so if I have been able to help you along the way by giving you some clarity on how to shop it, providing a strategy for you to shop it smartly, or leading you to good products (and leading you away from bad products!), then I would be so grateful if you shopped through the links I provide. You all have been awesome about that, and I can’t thank you enough! This allows PMT to keep putting out content and helping other women feel good about their clothes!

(If you’re interested in learning more about how blogs earn income, you can check out my post “How Blogging Became a Full Time Job”!)

All right, head to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview and start creating your wish list!

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