Starter Kit Wardrobe Guide for Everyday Casual SUMMER Style – NOW AVAILABLE!

The SUMMER Starter Kit Guide is finally available for Everyday Casual style!

If you need to build a casual summer wardrobe from scratch but have felt overwhelmed by huge lists of clothes or just haven’t known where to start, the Starter Kit Wardrobe Guide is for you!

Please note this is EVERYDAY CASUAL style, not business casual appropriate.  Not even close!  Business casual guides are on the list for the future though.

How to Build a Casual Summer Wardrobe PDF



Starter Kit Guides are for people who are starting from scratch or close to it.  Rather than being overwhelmed trying to build a full wardrobe from scratch all at once, this guide will help you build a Starter Kit Wardrobe. A Starter Kit Wardrobe is a smaller collection of strategically chosen pieces that will work for you now and set you up to expand to a fuller wardrobe in the future. This way, you can rebuild your wardrobe slowly, in doable, bite-sized portions!

This guide is more “beginner,” helping you build a solid foundation with both your wardrobe and style know-how.  (If you already have a full wardrobe and just want to get more ideas for remixing, the PMT Challenges will be more up your alley.)  


It’s for warm summer weather.  The outfits don’t rely on completer pieces, and you won’t find any jeans or pants—only shorts, skirts, or dresses.  If you have a cooler summer, you can exchange the shorts for jeans or pants in the same colors.  Or you can try the Spring Starter Kit Guide instead HERE.

You can also use tops with any length of sleeves.  (Some people rely on sleeveless tops for gross humid weather while others have a personal “no bare arms” rule.  Sleeve lengths can be adapted to whatever you need.)



  • List of clothes and accessories to get your wardrobe started for the current season
  • Shopping links to exact or similar pieces (updated weekly during the 3 months of the current season).  Plus size options available!
  • Guidance for building an Everyday Casual wardrobe
  • First steps for building Dressy Casual and Athleisure sections of your wardrobe
  • 33 Outfit Ideas from 14 articles of clothing, 5 accessories, and 3 pairs of shoes!
  • Style Tips to learn to put together the outfits



This guide will help you build a Starter Kit Wardrobe in two phases:

Phase 1 – Core Basics & 11 Outfits

  • Identifies 7 Core Pieces + 5 Accessories to get your wardrobe started for the current season
  • Shows 11 Outfit Ideas + Style Tips
  • At the end of Phase 1 you will have a compact and functional wardrobe.  If you’re content at this stage, you can stop here for a while! If and when you’re ready to expand, move on to Phase 2.

Phase 2 – Additional Pieces to Build Out Your Wardrobe

  • Identifies key Additional Pieces as your next step for expanding your wardrobe
  • Shows just 1-2 types of pieces to get next for more Everyday Casual outfits, Dressy Casual outfits, or Athleisure outfits
  • Shows 22 more Outfit Ideas if you add just a few more pieces!
Cute Summer Outfit with Denim Shorts



I created these because I saw how overwhelming it was for women there to try go from zero pieces to 35 in a PMT Challenge all in one swoop. One, it’s a lot of shopping. Two, it’s a lot of money. Three, 35 pieces and 60 something outfits is overkill for most people who are starting from scratch. Four, even though the challenges are pretty casual, some of the outfits are still too fancy for a lot of people who are used to not getting dressed at all–it’s too big of a leap. They don’t need that much stuff or to play with style that much right off the bat. I finally realized how much of a gap there was for people between the ~30 piece capsules/challenges and someone who is starting from scratch.

The Starter Kits are for people who are starting from scratch or close to it.  They focus the lists and are more “beginner” and basic with wardrobe foundations as well as style know-how.

PMT Challenges are better for people who have clothes but want to fill holes, or want to become experts at remixing.  Starter Kits are for people who feel overwhelmed and don’t even know where to start with clothes or style.



“I’m getting so much out of the Starter Kit already and I haven’t even assembled all of the pieces!! Just going from what’s already in my closet, to dinner last night I wore an outfit almost directly from the starter kit.  I got all kinds of compliments. Wish I had a photo to show you – I felt so put together, which is a new feeling for me.” – N.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  Just LOVE this idea!  I have previously purchased your PMT Challenges but get so overwhelmed and end up buying items that aren’t as essential and feel like I still can’t mix and match. This is brilliant!  Makes it so much easier to know what to prioritize to buy, and still be able to get a reasonable number of mix and match outfits. Looking forward to seeing more starter kits in the future!” – F.

“As a SAHM who only needs a few ‘go-to’ outfits, I love these smaller capsules!” – M.

“I just bought it and I LOVE it!  I honestly had quite a bit of those pieces already but it was mixed in with stuff that doesn’t work.  The pictures and descriptions helped me to see exactly how to put it together and I feel MUCH more presentable!  Thank you for helping us feel less overwhelmed and better about ourselves!” – S.




I’ve “cut the fat” to make it easier and less intimidating to build a wardrobe from scratch.  I’ve boiled down the list to only the essentials for your current season and lifestyle.  And you’ll still get 33 Outfit Ideas from it!

This guide is for a casual lifestyle, best for:

  • stay-at-home moms
  • anyone who works from home
  • college students
  • anyone who works in a business casual setting but needs to build a small but simple and efficient casual section



The cost of each Starter Kit Guide is just $19.99!  

Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase so you can try it risk free.  If you are not fully satisfied with the Starter Kit Wardrobe Guide, fill out the Refund Request Form within 30 days. 

If you’re ready to start building your wardrobe, get the Everyday Casual Summer Starter Kit Guide for just $19.99 HERE!


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