Behind the Scenes: Style Upgrade Session for PMT Member Maya

Style Upgrade Session: Urban, Boho, Edgy


Today I’m taking you behind the scenes to a 1:1 Style Upgrade session that we did in the PMT Style Club!

In the PMT Style Club, we offer lots of in-depth style content to help you figure out and love your style. One thing of the many things I love about the space is the ability to give you PERSONAL style help.

We recently started something called Style Upgrade sessions for PMT Style Club members. These are short virtual 1:1 styling sessions available to club members.

In the Style Upgrade session, we help define your style, shop and create outfits for you, and then talk through all the details of how to pull it off based on your body type.

It’s a fun way to help members with style in a much more personal way! And the best part? It’s an opportunity to get that 1:1 personal styling touch without having to pay anything extra for a 1:1 session – it’s just part of your membership!

We’ve done Style Upgrade sessions for five members so far, and today I’m taking you behind the scenes to our session for a club member, Maya!

Here’s a peek at what happens in a Style Upgrade session.


The Process for a Style Upgrade Session


1. Fill in your Style Profile so that we learn about your style. 

The Style Profile is something members create in the PMT Style Club as they are walked through lessons on how to determine your Style Type, body shape, wardrobe colors, and and lifestyle. This Style Profile anchors and guides your shopping and style choices moving forward.

Because Maya had already been through that content in the club, she could easily tell us about her style. With it, we were able to make sure Maya’s wardrobe serves her exact needs!

Maya determined that her style is Relaxed Natural with Boho and Edgy touches. Having been in the Style Club with her for a while and having seen quite a few of her outfits, this definitely hits the mark! On top of that, she is drawn to a cool, urban vibe. Plus, she lives in Peru, where layers are necessary!

Lifestyle is also important. If you live a very casual lifestyle, for example, we don’t want to make you wear dressier outfits in order to upgrade your style! We want to show you how to do casual in an upgraded way. We want to honor your lifestyle so that your clothes are both stylish AND functional. If they’re too dressy for your lifestyle, you won’t want to wear them, so what’s the point?

Once we were able to name Maya’s style and know her lifestyle, body type, and color palette, we had a clear direction for her style upgrade.

2. Send us inspiration pictures & at least 3 pictures of your own outfits that you love.

Maya collected outfits from others that she loves and aspires to dress like and then a few pictures of what she currently dresses like.

Collecting inspirational pictures is an important part of the process to define your style. And seeing the outfits you currently love helps us know exactly what to hone in on to help you bridge the gap between how you currently dress and how you want to dress. This insight is crucial to help you dress in a way you love!

Above are Maya’s inspirational pictures. I don’t know any of the photo sources. If you do, please let me know so I can link to them!


3. From there, a stylist on my team and I work together to determine key elements that will upgrade and elevate your style.

(We recently added a professional stylist to team PMT! When you join the PMT Style Club, you get to interact with both of us in an awesome Facebook group to answer your style questions!)

Maya has been a PMT Style Club member for a while and has been actively working on her style prior to doing this Style Upgrade. She had made good progress and wasn’t that far off from her inspirational photos. So, I asked her, “You are so close to attaining those Pinterest pictures. What do you feel is stopping you from being able to do that?”

She said, “That’s a good question… I feel like those pictures look styled but chill at the same time, and I’m having a hard time attaining that. I’m not sure what the missing piece is here. I find myself shopping an oversized denim jacket for example and then having trouble combining it. I did buy many staples in the spring so that makes it easier, but still I’m struggling.”

Based on Maya’s inspirational pictures and her own outfits, these are the things we wanted to highlight:

  • the use of richer colors (compared to lighter and pastel-like colors she tended to go for)
  • all of the inspirational outfits used all neutrals with a large pop/piece of color
  • pants with looser fits and different silhouettes, always high waisted – the latter is important because a key to her urban style is oversized fits, and the high waist is the sole point of definition in the outfit 
  • silhouettes and textures with an urban vibe


4. We shop and put together looks based on your style and size.

Because Maya had been in the PMT Style Club for a while before this Style Upgrade session, we had gotten to know her style journey and her closet fairly well! We took note of key items she already had in her closet and incorporated some of them into the looks. Then we shopped to pull in missing pieces that would tie things together for her.

Style Upgrade Session: Urban Style, Boho Style, Edgy Style

Some key items for Maya’s style are:

  • high waisted faded black jeans – preferably in looser straight leg fits
  • high waisted medium to light wash jeans w/ some fading – preferably in looser straight leg fits
  • slightly baggy high waisted colored street joggers (i.e. not the sweatpants kind) and/or utility pants – preferably in olive, maroon, burnt orange, or cream
  • a cream, loose-fitting turtleneck that can be tucked into high waisted jeans or is on the shorter side
  • graphic print tees with Relaxed and Edgy vibes – relaxed fit, not tightly-fitting
  • high-top Converse – this particular color (shown above) works really well with Maya’s color palette and her hair color
  • white sneakers
  • oversized colored blazers and cool jackets with texture
  • oversized denim jacket – her urban style needs an oversized denim jacket, as opposed to a fitted one like I typically wear

Notably, we felt like faded jeans were great for her style. We also went for pants with looser silhouettes. And we wanted everything to have a looser, somewhat oversized fit. These elements are important for the relaxed, urban style she loves.

Oh, and because she lives in Peru, we tried to provide shopping options that would ship there, too! Lucky for us, H&M ships internationally and is PERFECT for Maya’s style!

Shop Maya’s Style Upgrade Session

Here are links to the pieces shown in Maya’s Style Upgrade above, plus other items we pulled for her:

Apologies if items are sold out – we did this session a month ago!

We especially love the corduroy blazer with the hood for Maya. The texture adds that oomph for the Relaxed and Boho vibe, and the hood makes it even more relaxed, casual, and urban. Fun piece! We also love a long red blazer for her, which would lean into the Relaxed and Edgy style and would look sooo cool with faded jeans and cool sneakers.


5. We talk through and break down the looks, giving you insight, tips, and details for how to make it all work the right way.

This is where we get into the details of each piece, like why we chose faded denim for Maya or an oversized denim jacket instead of a fitted one.

We also get into the details of each outfit, which is key for understanding how to pull together looks. Like I mentioned above, Maya was very close to achieving her Pinterest inspiration style, but there were some gaps that she couldn’t see on her own, which prevented her from being able to pull it all together. Understanding those gaps gives you clarity to help you get that breakthrough to achieve the looks you want.

For Maya, we pointed out that all of her outfits relied on higher waisted pants and tucking in tops all the way around. (Note: I wouldn’t tell everyone they have to wear high waisted bottoms and tuck items all the way around. It makes a lot of women nervous!) For the style Maya wants, though, it’s important. She likes the modern urban vibe, and the higher waist hits that. Also, she loves oversized pieces, but for her style, looks with oversized pieces also require strong definition at the waist by tucking the tops in all the way around. Maya is comfortable with the high waist pants and full tuck, so we went with it. However, if she wasn’t, we would talk through alternatives, of course!

This silhouette works really nicely with her body type as well, since as a pear shape, she has a really defined waist.

We also noted that all of her inspirational outfits used an outfit with all neutrals plus one large pop of color, like a colored blazer, a colored sweater, or colored pants. This is an easy formula that Maya can work with all of her outfits to give them some oomph.

There were a few other things we talked about with the details of each piece, especially in the silhouettes used, but those two were the major takeaways.

Here is Maya in one of her outfits since the Style Upgrade session, doing everything we talked about!

oversized black blazer, striped top, olive joggers, white sneakers

She’s totally hitting the mark with oversized pieces in the long blazer and baggy joggers, but she doesn’t look shapeless because she’s creating strong definition at the waist with a full tuck into high waisted joggers.

While she does have some key items on her wishlist now to boost her closet, she didn’t need to purchase anything to create this look. She just needed some tips and insight to figure out the gaps to pull it all together the right way. (But, you’d better believe a red blazer is on her list for her next shopping spree! 🤩)

Maya commented, “I loved the style upgrade session! I can clearly see the gaps in my wardrobe right now to nail the style I want 🥳

These sessions have been really fun to give members that personal touch and for other members to learn and gain insight into their own style.

Huge thanks to Maya for letting me share her outfit! BTW, you can find Maya at and on Instagram @mayalombarts.

If you’ve ever wanted me or a personal stylist to help you figure out your style, shop for you, and teach you how to make it all work on YOU, we’d love to help you! Become a member of the PMT Style Club and sign up for a 1:1 Style Upgrade slot, plus access all of the ready-for-you style courses. (No extra cost for the Style Upgrade session – it’s just one of the perks available to you as a member!)

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