Survey Responses: How things are going around here…

Back in April I took a survey to get your feedback on how things are going around here.  It was pretty eye opening, and I want to thank all 2,664 (!!!!) of you who took the time to respond.

Today is a recap of your responses as well as what I’m planning to do as a result of your feedback…even if I’m a little slow at getting to it.  (Blame it on my full time job!  🙂  )


  • AGE:  76% of you are in the 18-35 y/o range.  Not a surprise, considering that’s my age range and therefore dress appropriately (hopefully) to that range.
  • STYLE BLOGS: 67% of you only read 1 to 5 style blogs on a regular basis.  That was definitely a surprise!  And in the comments, many, many, many of you said Putting Me Together was one of the only style blogs you read.  That was incredibly humbling, and I can’t tell you what an honor that is!
  • FREQUENCY: 73% of you are regular readers, reading multiple times a week.  Also pretty cool.  Thank you!
  • HOW LONG YOU’VE BEEN READING: 52% of you have been reading PMT for less than 3 months.  I don’t know why I was surprised by that, but I was.  It was eye opening to realize that there are probably always gonna be new readers around on a regular basis.  Very glad to have ya.  🙂
Your Suggestions & Questions
You guys gave some very helpful feedback that I want to put into action.  Here’s what’s happening with those…
Labels & Tags
The number one suggestion for improvement around here was to have my posts categorized and labeled by items.  Hundreds of you said that you would love to be able to click through a list and see all the posts where I wore specific pieces, like a cargo vest or a blue gingham shirt or printed pants, etc.  
I used to label all of my posts by color, but once Blogger switched its interface a while back the labels became out of sight and out of mind for me and I fell way behind.  Yikes!
Anyway, I definitely want to relabel everything, and not just by color but by specific pieces.  I’ve already slowly started to do it but your patience is appreciated since I have 2 years of posts to relabel.

Meanwhile, you can actually see all of this already on Go Chic or Go Home.  If you go to my clothing board and click on an individual piece it will show you ALL of the ensembles I’ve created with that item, both ones I’ve already worn and ones I haven’t worn yet.  Yeah man, it’s like the (not so) secret vault of outfits I have waiting in the wings!

Closet Posts
The second most requested thing was a tour of my closet.  Follow-up question: did you want to see closet storage, or just see my closet?  If it’s the latter, you can also see all of the items in my closet through my virtual closet on Go Chic or Go Home.

(Side note: I know I talk about GCOGH a lot but it’s because many things that you guys have asked for already exist there.  So helpful!)

Other Blogs
Many of you asked for a list of other style blogs.  I just wanted to point you to the menu bar at the top of this blog to the tab that says Blog Roll.  That list has been there since this blog began, so did you just not notice that it was there or were you looking for something else?

Sponsorships & Disclosure
I was surprised that only like 15 of you said you would like to see less Sponsor Love posts, and even more surprised that ~10 of you said that you really liked the sponsor posts.  Anyway, even though 25 comments out of 2600+ responses is a small percentage I wanted to fill you in on all that stuff.

Obviously, I do take sponsorships, but like I’ve mentioned recently I’ve been trying to curate those to ones that I genuinely believe in and think you’ll like.  I don’t solicit for sponsorships like I used to because I don’t feel the need to put a lot of weight on them.  This is because I found a commission service that compensates me in other ways besides sponsorships.

I used to have just one sentence on “disclosure” at the bottom of this blog but I recently created a full page to explain everything that can be found here.  (Link is also always at the very bottom of the blog.) Basically, by clicking through shopping links provided (without even having to buy anything) you are supporting this blog.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  😀

Facebook vs. Forum
One of the huge questions for me has been how to provide a place for you to ask style questions instead of emailing me.  The vote was almost exactly split between Facebook and a Forum with good reasons for both.  I’m leaning towards a forum for the question-asking, depending on how much work that would take for me to set up.

However, in light of Google Reader shutting down (and especially since I did not tell you all about other readers you could subscribe though–oops!) I am also leaning towards Facebook to fill that kind of void…not necessarily for the question asking.  So in a nutshell…maybe both?  🙂

Changes / Additions
Thanks to your great, great feedback these are things on my list to add to the blog.  I can’t promise it’ll be anytime soon, but know that they’re on the radar:

  • labels and tags for you to look up all the ways I’ve worn an individual piece
  • more remixes and One Piece Different Ways posts
  • more style tips, tricks, and tutorials
  • adding a few style challenges and/or linkups–be on the lookout!
  • Facebook page (maybe)
  • forum (very much a maybe)

Thanks again for all of your feedback and for your many, many kind words!
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