4 Things to Focus On So That You Love All Your Clothes

4 Things to Focus On So You Love All Your Clothes

When you look in your closet, do you love pretty much everything in there, or do you have a lot of clothes that you pass by each morning and end up wearing the same old stuff? I want to make sure your wardrobe is working for you instead of against you. I want you to enjoy what’s in your closet instead of continuing to waste money on clothes you don’t want to wear. So, let’s talk through four things to focus on so that you love all your clothes!


black graphic sweatshirt + flare leggings + white and black sneakers + white graphic tee + camel cardigan + light wash ankle length jeans + white sneakers + red printed top + flare jeans + camel heeled boots + green and white printed dress + denim jacket + white sandals + denim blouse + khaki cropped pants + nude flats + black balloon sleeve blouse + stretchy tan trouser pants + black kitten heel boots + gold jewelry

1. Make sure your clothes fit your Lifestyle.

The first thing to assess is whether your clothes fit your Lifestyle. Your Lifestyle determines the type of clothing you need. If you spend most of your time running errands and or watching your kids’ soccer practices, you need casual clothes and practical shoes. If you spend most of your time in a business casual work setting, you need clothes for that environment.

If your life is primarily casual but you don’t have good casual options, then you can easily end up with a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear because you really don’t have options for your everyday life.

So, to love your clothes you need to make sure you have clothes that work for your current Lifestyle.

Action step: Assess your wardrobe. What is your current daily Lifestyle like, and what kinds of clothes do you need for it? Do you like the options you have for that Lifestyle? If not, it’s time to fill some wardrobe holes!


camel tee shirt + ivory linen drawstring pants + white sandals + nickel and suede earrings

2. Focus on clothes that fit well, and don’t settle. 

In order to love all your clothes, they should also fit you well and not be too tight or too big. If clothes are too tight, they’re uncomfortable and you’ll hate wearing them. If clothes are too big, you can easily feel shapeless and frumpy.

The most common mistakes I see is women wearing clothes that are a size too big or clothes that sort of fit — fitting well at some points, but not all. For example, pants fitting well at the waist, but being too baggy at the thighs. The more we push our PMT Style Club members to focus on the details of these different fit points and not settle, the more they love their clothes! So, the pickier you are about fit, the more you will love all of your clothes, too.

The side-by-side picture above is from a previous clothing review post. For a detailed breakdown of the different fit points between the two pairs of pants, head to that blog post, HERE!


3. Focus on clothes that flatter your shape.

When you wear clothes that fight against your shape, it’s easy to feel frustrated by them. Who could blame you? If they’re not cut right for your shape, they could feel wonky at the shoulders, make you feel totally shapeless, or make you feel totally self-conscious if they accentuate parts you didn’t want to accentuate.

But, when you wear clothes that work with your shape, you’ll love your clothes a million times more!

Think about it: Imagine trying to put a bed sheet on a bed. But, instead of a bed sheet, you were accidentally using a couch cover.

First of all, how frustrating would that be, trying to pull the cover across the bed?

Second, if you could actually manage to get the cover on, imagine how awkward it would look. There would be extra material meant for the couch’s arms creating awkward lumps somewhere on the bed, and it would be too tight in other places. Imagine that lumpy mess on your bed — talk about unflattering! It’s because a couch cover isn’t meant to cover a bed. It fights against the bed’s shape.

That’s what happens when you wear clothes that aren’t cut for your shape. They fight against you, so of course you won’t love them.

And, before you go thinking that you need to change something about yourself so that clothes are more flattering, stop right there! With the couch cover and bed example, you would never think, “Omg, this bed sucks! What is wrong with this?” No, you wouldn’t blame the bed. You’d immediately say, “Oh, whoops! I grabbed a couch cover. This is the wrong cover for the bed.” Then, you’d go find the proper cover. You wouldn’t blame the bed.

So, when clothes don’t flatter you, don’t immediately think something is wrong with you. Instead say, “Oh, this isn’t the right type of cut for my shape.” Don’t blame your body, blame the clothes.

Know that there are clothes out there that are better cut for your body, and when you find them, you will love all your clothes (and your body) more!


black sweater + girlfriend jeans + black sneakers + camel blazer + striped top + flare jeans + red printed top + red flats + green top + denim jacket + ivory wide leg pants + ivory sneakers + ivory and black striped sweater + black jeans + straight leg jeans + black loafers + tan and black pea coat

4. Wear clothes that fit your Style Type.

Lastly, to love your clothes, they need to fit your style! Have you ever bought a top that looked cute on someone else, and even though it looks good on you, you still never want to wear it? It probably doesn’t fit your Style Type.

What we wear represents who we are to others. And you likely feel your best when what you’re wearing feels like YOU!

This is such a key piece to absolutely loving your clothes. Oftentimes, the women we coach might look really good in an outfit, but they still don’t LOVE what they’re wearing. It’s because the clothes just don’t feel like them. But, when they start nailing their style, it’s amazing! You can see the delight and joy they feel in an outfit that not only looks great but also makes them feel great!

Above is a collage of a few Style Types represented by four of our PMT Style Club members. It’s so fun helping you define and develop your personal style!

Shop the Outfits:

When your clothes “fit” in these four ways, you will MORE THAN love all your clothes. Instead of continually buying things that aren’t necessary for your lifestyle, only sort of fit you, or aren’t really your style, really hone in on these four things discussed above. You will stop wasting money on clothes you never wear, and you will develop a wardrobe full of clothes that you feel great in!


Stay Tuned — Upcoming Style Workshop!

Adding on to Focus #4 (wearing clothes that fit your Style Type), if you want further help figuring out your style so you can buy clothes that you actually love, stay tuned for my upcoming style workshop! It will help you determine some of your personal key style elements so you stop wasting money on clothes that don’t feel like you.

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