Two Tips for Chic AND Comfy by Fran from Franish

I’m glad to have Fran from Franish blogging today!  I “met” Fran this year when she visited my blog, and when I went to check hers out I really identified with her style, and I’ve been keeping up with her since.  I’m excited for you all to meet her because I’m pretty sure you’ll love her style too!

Hello everyone! My name is Fran and I blog over at Franish. I’m so excited to be
guest posting for Audrey while she’s busy traveling and being important ;). I started
blogging a little less than a year ago as a way to stay motivated to try out new things
when getting dressed even though my job puts certain safety restrictions on what I
can wear at work. I work in a research lab and the rules are that my legs have to be
covered, I have to wear flat shoes, and I have to wear a lab coat over my clothes. So
even though I can’t wear heels at work, and certain shirts won’t work under a lab
coat, there are two items in my closet that I can change up at will and allows me to
keep my outfits interesting.

Like I mentioned, I have to wear flat shoes which severely limits my choice of
footwear. I used to only wear black ballerina flats but that gets boring fast. I now see
shoes as an extension of my outfit – they can add interest to an otherwise safe outfit,
or they can continue the theme of your outfit. Besides my black flats (which still get
plenty of wear), I rotate between my cap-toed shoes,
yellow loafers, penny loafers, red ballet flats and leopardsmoking flats. Especially for fun shoes you don’t have to spend a lot of money –
3 of those shoes are from DSW and another is from Old Navy. Have fun with it!

A blogging friend of mine used to work at J. Crew and she said that they had a 3-
piece rule – they had to be wearing at least three items of clothing while at work.
A striped shirt and jeans can be somewhat mundane, but add a scarf and you’re
on your way to effortless layering. I have too many scarves to name, but I do have
some favorites. A leopard scarf, a flannel scarf, a polka dot scarf and a solid scarf
is the start to a great collection of scarves. You’ll always look chic (and comfy)
with minimal effort. Again, you don’t have to drop a ton on scarves – Forever 21,
H&M, and Target have great and inexpensive selections.
Thank you for letting me ramble at you! I’m a huge fan of Audrey and have learned
so much from her, so I’m honored that she asked me to post for her. 

I love that 3 piece rule idea.  I’m totally finding that to be true, and with the cooler weather here begging you to wear scarves, it’s much easier to do!  Thanks, Fran!  Check out more of Fran’s outfits at Franish right now.

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