6 Versatile Flat Sandals for Your Summer Sandal Collection

Summer Sandals

Hey hey!  Today I want to talk through some of my most versatile flat summer sandals!  This is by no means an exhaustive list, but I hope it gives you ideas to help with your summer sandal collection.

There are soooo many cute sandals every summer, and it’s tempting to want to buy them all.  While I own more sandals than the ones I’m listing today, I’ve found that if I have at least these, I’ll have what I need for like 99% of my outfits.  Anything beyond these, such as sandals that make more of a statement, are an added bonus, like a cherry on top!

For this list, I’ll mostly focus on general things like colors and prints and not so much the style of straps.  There are LOTS of different styles out there, from slides to t-straps to gladiator styles and many, many more.  I won’t speak to specifics on those because I think it’s important to choose styles that work for your leg shape.  I WILL provide a couple of guidelines that I consider when choosing the styles of straps in case it helps!


Main things I consider regarding sandal straps

1. Elongates the leg line
In the summer, when shorts and skirts and all that are in play, I aim to elongate my leg line, and I find that the straps of the sandals play a huge part in cutting off or elongating my legs.  This is especially true for flat sandals.  (Heeled sandals offer a little lift that naturally extend the leg line, so I have more flexibility with straps regarding heeled sandals.)  Personally, gladiator sandals and sandals with thick straps around the ankles cut off my legs.  So, I stick to sandals with thinner straps around the ankles and slides which don’t have any straps around the ankles.  That’s a personal preference, and I want you to choose whatever strap styles you like!

2. Statement vs. Subtle
Straps can make more of a statement, or they can be more subtle.  Depending on my outfit, I may want a thicker strap that makes more of a statement or anchors my outfit, or I may want something that is subtler so as not to detract from my outfit that may already be busy.  I don’t have great “rules” or guidance to offer for that.  For me it’s more of an intuitive thing and just something to note for yourself when choosing sandals.

Alright, here’s the list of sandals (colors/prints) that have been really versatile in my summer wardrobe.  Choose any strap styles you like, but consider if you want to add any colors or prints to your summer sandal collection!

SIZING INFO: I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or 6 in clothes and 8.5 to 9 in shoes.


Dressy Casual Summer Outfit: leopard print top + black linen pants + tan braided sandals + tan drawstring crossbody bag + blush leather earrings

1. Tan Sandals – or whatever is your main neutral
These are my go-to sandals for summer.  Tan is my neutral of choice in the summer, but you can go for whatever your main neutral is.  I personally love the t-strap style because I feel like it works with almost everything while still elongating my leg line.  I like the little braid for adding texture to outfits, but a regular t-strap works too.  Mine are several years old and haven’t been available, but there are similar options HERE and HERE and a more expensive but very comfy version HERE.

Shop the Outfit:
Top: Target (similar, similar–tank top, similar, similar)
Pants: Old Navy (exact–wearing size XS)
Sandals: (similar, similar, similar, similar)
Bag: Sole Society (similar)
Earrings: c/o Nickel & Suede (exact–wearing size M)


Tan Born Sandals + Striped Dress + Cognac Tote

1b. Tan Sandals
This is another one of my go-to pairs in the summer.  They’re the most expensive of the bunch, but it’s worth it compared to my usual under-$20 sandals.  These are made of genuine leather and have a cushioned footbed and a rubber soleSO comfy and great for doing lots of walking during the summer!  Many PMTers have told me they got these and love them.  Mine are several years old, but they are still available HERE in a few sizes.

Shop the Outfit:
Dress: Old Navy (exact–wearing size M)
Sandals: (exact–wearing size 9 but could probably do 8.5, similar, similar, similar)
Tote: Nordstrom (similar in Camel/Black, similar in Lightbrown, similar)


Summer Dress Outfit: grey and white striped dress + white slip-on sandals + cream crochet tote + long white pendant necklace

2. White Sandals
I’ve been wearing these since last summer, and I love how white sandals, along with white accessories, “lift” my outfits, especially for summer style!  The exact pair above recently sold out again this summer (but you can try to catch them HERE.)  But good news–there are similar options HERE and HERE.

Shop the Outfit:
Grey Dress: Target (similar in 0895 Grey)
Sandals: Target (exact–low in stock, wearing size 8.5, similar, similar)
Crochet Bag: Target (similar)
Necklace: Nordstrom (similar)


Summer Kimono Outfit: white v-neck tee + pink and white floral kimono + olive shorts + metallic slip-on sandals + tan drawstring crossbody bag + long gold disc pendant necklace + white leather earrings

3. Metallic or Embellished Sandals
Sometimes an outfit could use a little shine, and I love how metallic sandals add that!  You can find ones that are super shiny if you like a little more glam.  I prefer ones that are a bit more of a matte metallic.  A few options are HERE, HERE, and HERE.  Shop more through the widget at the bottom of this post.

An alternative is embellished sandals, like ones with gems, studs, or pearls.  Those also add a little shine and texture to outfits while still being fairly neutral.  Some options are HERE and HERE.

Shop the Outfit:
Tee: Nordstrom (similar–I think I fit XS, similar)
Wrap: Amazon (exact–wearing size L in Red Flower-white, similar, similar)
Shorts: J.Crew Factory (similar, similar, similar)
Sandals: ModCloth (similar, similar, similar, similar–embellished, similar–embellished)
Bag: Sole Society (similar)
Necklace: c/o Dear Mushka (exact)
Earrings: c/o Nickel & Suede (exact–wearing size M)


Summer Shorts Outfit: black v-neck tee + olive paper bag shorts + leopard slip-on sandals + cognac crossbody bag + long gold disc pendant necklace + tan leather earrings

4. Printed Sandals
Prints add a fun, more interesting touch to outfits and can step up some of those plain summer basics.  Of course my print of choice for shoes is LEOPARD!  I have leopard print sandals in both the slide style shown above as well as a t-strap.  A few options are HERE (slides), HERE (slides), and HERE (t-strap).

Snakeskin is another great print for summer sandals, like THIS and THIS.

Shop the Outfit:
Tee: Nordstrom (exact–wearing size S)
Shorts: Nordstrom (similar, similar, similar)
Sandals: Old Navy (similar, similar, similar–t-strap, similar–snakeskin, similar–snakeskin)
Bag: Nordstrom (exact in black, similar)
Necklace: c/o Dear Mushka (exact)
Earrings: c/o Nickel & Suede (exact–wearing size M)


Casual Summer Outfit: striped peplum tee + denim jacket + black skinny jeans + mustard yellow slip-on sandals + cognac tote + long white pendant necklace + mustard yellow leather earrings

5. Colored Sandals
These add a fun punch to outfits, too!  I love yellow shoes in general, so of course my number one color choice for summer sandals is yellow. 💛 If I want an even punchier color, I might opt for coral sandals instead.  THIS pair of coral slides is VERY cute, and I might give them a shot!

Shop the Outfit:
Top: Nordstrom (similar, similar)
Jacket: Nordstrom (exact–wearing size M in Sweet)
Jeans: Nordstrom (exact–wearing size 6)
Sandals: Old Navy (similar, similar, similar, similar–coral)
Tote: Nordstrom (similar in Camel/Black, similar in Lightbrown, similar)
Necklace: Nordstrom (similar)
Earrings: c/o Nickel & Suede (exact–wearing size M)


Summer Dress Outfit: royal blue sleeveless swing dress + multicolored sandals + tan drawstring crossbody bag + turquoise pendant necklace + tan leather earrings

6. Multicolored Sandals
These are fun and can add some oomph to solid colored pieces.  Since there are a lot of colors in the sandals, they work with a lot of different colored pieces.

The ones I’m wearing above are several years old and no longer available, but some other cute options are HERE and HERE.

Shop the Outfit:
Dress: Amazon (exact–wearing size M)
Sandals: Circus by Sam Edelman (similar, similar, similar, similar, similar)
Bag: Sole Society (similar)
Necklace: Nordstrom (similar, similar)
Earrings: c/o Nickel & Suede (similar)


Shop More Flat Sandals for Summer


Summer Outfit Guide for Cute Summer Outfits

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