Ways to Wear a Blazer

It’s time focus on one of my favorite pieces–the blazer.  I used to think blazers could only be worn in business settings or with suits and stayed away from them for a long, long time.  Little did I know I was staying away from what would become one of my wardrobe loves.
Whether or not you work in a formal setting, blazers can be incredibly versatile.  It really just depends on the material and cut.  During my blazer-avoiding stage the only association I had of blazers was from suits.  Because of that, it never felt worth it for me to buy one, plus it usually seemed overdressed for my lifestyle needs.
My eyes were opened when I realized there were more casual blazers, ranging from twill to ponte.  (See a Shopping Help post on blazers here for different types of blazers.)  My eyes were opened even wider when I realized I could pair a blazer with almost anything.
Today I’m showing you how to style a blazer from two angles:
  1. Different pieces to pair with a blazer
  2. Ways to style a blazer for different scenarios: casual, work, and going out

Part 1: The Pieces
Here’s the first part of it–different pieces you can pair with a blazer.

With Jeans
Here are two looks for how to pair a blazer with jeans.  The first picture shows it with a plain v-neck tee, but it would also be great with a graphic tee and colored heels for a night out.  You can also pair it with any colored jeans, especially if it’s a neutral colored blazer.

The second look is with a patterned button-down.  Other alternatives are any patterned blouse.  The great thing about a neutral blazer is that it’s a building block of the outfit, especially paired with jeans, so you can mix and match any kind of top in the middle and (as long as the silhouette works for you) you’ll always look polished!

I would consider these casual looks, but if you want an even more laid-back vibe exchange the pumps for flats so that you can be on-the-go.  (Example here!)

With a Skirt
In both of these looks I used a simple white tee and let the skirt do all the talking.  Whether it’s a pencil skirt or flirty a-line, a blazer is a great partner, especially for office attire.

To illustrate the power of a blazer, click here to see a contrast.  I’m basically wearing the same foundation of the striped skirt and white tee, but with a denim jacket and sandals instead.  It’s a casual vibe with the denim jacket and sandals, but once you put a blazer onto the same foundation the outfit looks appropriate for an office!

With a Dress
I love being able to take practically any dress and polish it up a bit with a blazer.  And don’t think you always have to be going to an office when you do this.  There are some flirty dresses that make great outfits for a night out when paired with a blazer!  Or, if you pair a dress with a ponte blazer it’ll give it a more casual vibe for daytime.

Part 2: The Scenarios
In case the examples above leaned too much towards looks for work, here are some examples of styling a blazer for different scenarios:

Like I mentioned above in the “With Jeans” section, here’s an example of a blazer with a graphic tee, jeans, and flats.  I felt polished but relaxed at the same time.

Here’s a pairing with a dress for work.  If you need to look classier or a little more formal you can always use a more sophisticated dress.  🙂

Going Out
In the “With a Dress” section I mentioned pairing a blazer with a flirty dress for a night out.  But personally, I love pairing a blazer with jeans and a blouse.  The blouse can have a cool print, be a solid in a unique silhouette, or have special detailing like this lace top, and the blazer will be a great addition for a sharp look to go out in!

And lastly, here are some options for blazers that aren’t parts of suits.  Almost all of these come in different colors, particularly a variety of neutrals.  The third row is all ponte blazers if you’re on the more casual end of casual.

Links to Shop:
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7.  Target  |  8.  Kohl’s  |  9.  Target

What’s your favorite way to wear a blazer?  (Isn’t this SUCH an unfair question to blazer lovers out here?  muahaha)
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