Ways to Wear a Cargo Jacket

In the Style Help Survey from a few weeks ago, I had a few people ask for ways to style a cargo jacket.  I showed the ways I’ve worn mine above (see original posts HERE), and though almost all of them are with jeans, you can really wear it with ANYTHING.  Jeans, skirts, dresses, you name it!  
I’ve worn it with completely casual looks, like #8 above (middle row, far right), with semi casual looks, to dress down an outfit, or to toughen up a girlie look like with the floral top and wedges in #10.  You can wear it with boots, ankle boots, sandals, wedges, heels, flats, or sneakers.  Colors, patterns, solids, and neutrals–anything, really!  
If you get an army green one, olive is a pseudo-neutral and goes with practically any color.  
It’s pretty much the first “completer piece” I grab when I have no idea what to pair with an outfit, and it works almost every time.
Judging by the collage above, looks like I need to utilize it more with dresses and skirts, though!  I’m ready to wear THIS OUTFIT I recently posted on Instagram once the weather cools down.
There are a few really good options below, and I recently reviewed #1 HERE.  All are under $45.
I’ve heard a few people ask about the practicalities of wearing a cargo jacket all day, and what happens to your outfit when you take it off?  I wanted to address those.

First of all, my jacket is fairly soft while still having structure. It is more comfortable than all of my blazers except knit ones, but less comfortable than a cardigan. (However, I feel way better about wiping off baby drool onto my cargo jacket than onto my cardigan.) That said, I have kept this on all day as long as it’s cool enough for the extra layer.  If I weren’t able to keep a piece on all day, I wouldn’t wear it.

However, I also plan my outfits underneath to be able to be worn without the jacket.  Yes, the outfit might not have that “tough” edge to it anymore without the jacket, but oh well?  It’s the same with any completer piece for me–I have to be able to wear the outfit as is and still feel pulled together.  Completer pieces just make outfits extra interesting, IMO.  That’s why almost all of the outfits above have an accessory like a scarf or a necklace, because those serve as “completer pieces” when I’m not wearing an additional layer.  In many of the original outfit posts I showed the outfit without the cargo jacket too.  
Hopefully that helps clear up any concern!

Do you have a cargo jacket?  Share a link below to one of your favorite outfits with a cargo jacket!  Whether it’s an outfit you’ve posted or someone else’s outfit you love, and whether it’s a blog post, Instagram post, or on Pinterest, share with everyone your favorite!  
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