Wedding Guest Dresses for Spring and Summer (Plus Nursing-Friendly Dresses)

I’ve gotten tons of requests for a roundup of wedding guest dresses.  I just counted how many weddings I’ve been to.  Forty-eight.  FORTY-EIGHT WEDDINGS!  I don’t know if that’s a lot or a little, but it feels like a whole heck of a lot to me!
Attire for weddings can be all over the place, from a semi-casual backyard BBQ to a wedding at a hotel or country club with a reception outdoors surrounded by lush landscape to a more upscale, fancier cocktail or semiformal event.  Most of the weddings I’ve attended fall into the middle category of a beautiful outdoor reception (because San Diego is beautiful nearly year-round!) at a hotel or country club.  For most spring and summer weddings like that, a cocktail dress with a fun print or color is usually perfect.

Below I’m showing:

  • 4 outfits for spring and summer weddings
  • a bunch more dresses, shoes, and accessories–most of which should be under $100 with current sales
  • a few options for dressier weddings
  • nursing friendly dress options

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Four Wedding Guest Outfits
I’ve created four looks you could wear to a wedding like the majority of ones I go to, and each dress could even be dressed up or down a little more with different accessories.  Generally, if I’m trying to dress something up more, the easiest thing for me to do is wear a shoe with a skinnier heel and use metallic accessories.  But honestly, those changes are subtle and in my experience most people don’t care!

Shop the Looks:
(click on an image to shop the item)

More Dresses
I found many more that I thought would be great for these kinds of weddings!  Most of them are under $100 with current sales.  Scroll through and click on an image to shop the item.

Shoe Options
Three of the shoes I used in the collage above are the similar style of one strap across the toes and one across the ankle.  I think that’s an easy shoe that works with nearly any dress, and they’re very easy to find at all different price points and colors.  (The silver ones in the 4th outfit above are under $25 and fairly easy to walk in.  I own them in 3 colors!  I’m normally size 8.5 to 9 and got them in 8.5.  Find them HERE.)  However, you can of course wear any kinds of shoes you want  Below are some more I found that would work with one of the dresses above.  Scroll through and click on an image to shop the item.

And because accessories are super important in making an outfit more dressy or less dressy, here are some more that I considered using with the dresses above.  Scroll through and click on an image to shop the item.

Dressier Options
A few weddings I’ve been to were a bit dressier than the options I showed above.  I’m not necessarily talking about a formal wedding, but just ones where outfits like the bottom two of the collage would not be dressy enough because they resemble sundresses.  For a bit more semiformal or formal weddings, here are some dresses!  Scroll through and click on an image to shop the item.

Nursing Friendly Dresses
Also, there were requests for nursing-friendly dresses, so below are all the ones I found that are cross-fronts, not just v-necks.  While some people can nurse in anything v-neck, I was never able to and it had to be a cross-front, so I went with only those to be safe!  One of them below is actually button-up which would also work well for breastfeeding.  Scroll through and click on an image to shop the item.

Potential Dresses to Breastfeed In That Aren’t Included
One type of dress I didn’t include was something like the 4th outfit in the collage above with the printed coral/white dress.  My sister-in-law wears dresses like that and just takes the strap off her shoulder to pull down her dress to nurse.  
A second type is the off-the-shoulder dresses, like the 3rd outfit in the collage above.  You might be able to pull those down even more easily than with the dress in the 4th outfit.
Again, those aren’t included in the roundup below, but they could open up your options even more.

I hope this helped a little!  Let me know if you decide to go with any of these dresses, or let us know what you’ll be wearing to any upcoming weddings!  🙂

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