$100 Nordstrom Giveaway + Nordstrom Gifts (REVIEWS)

If you had $100 to Nordstrom, what would you buy?  Better think about it, cuz it’s GIVEAWAY TIME!

Nordstrom reached out asking me to share some of my favorite gifts for the holidays, and I’m excited because I’ve got some GREAT products to tell you about.  But, in addition to reviewing items, I thought it’d be fun for one of YOU to win a $100 shopping spree to Nordstrom!  Enter to win at the end of these reviews!

Some of these I own, others I’ve ordered and will soon own, some I’ve tried in person, while a couple of them I have only heard about and admired from afar.  But here’s why they are my favorites!  

– ANORAK – We’re supposed to get a lot of rain this season (hooray!), which I thought would be my excuse to finally get a trench coat.  However, while shopping for them I realized in reality I’d need something warmer.

I stumbled upon this anorak at Nordstrom.  There was ONE left in the entire store and it happened to fit me.  I INSTANTLY fell in love!  It was warm, super comfortable, water resistant, and fit perfectly!  I was hoping it was on sale, but nothing in the store indicated that.  I couldn’t get over the $228 price tag considering how much/little I’d potentially use it, so I put it back.  But, at home I checked online and IT’S ON SALE!  YESSSSSS!  It’s also stocked in 4 colors–black, navy, olive, and cream.  Apparently I’m not the only one who loves it because it has 93 reviews and 4.5 stars.

I’m normally S/M and S fit me perfectly, even over my red plaid and grandpa cardigan.  Given the upcoming rainy season and an upcoming trip to St. Louis (brrrr) I ordered this last night!

UPDATE: The Small arrived, so I can speak more with closer examination.  With the one I tried in-store, the shoulders on the S seemed to balance out my hips, but the one that was shipped to me seems a *tad* narrower.  The shoulders feel fine–not too tight or anything, even with a sweater under–but I’m tempted to try the Medium just to see if the shoulders come out a bit more and how that would look on me.  Apologies if that misguided anyone.

I like that the sleeves have an extra extension to be more fitted at the wrists to block wind, though if you are looking for like an air tight fit, that would not be the case here.  I also like that it zips above the chin, and that there is a soft furry lining around the neck.  The hood also has the soft, fuzzy lining inside, as well as the fur trim.  Combined, they give weight to the hood which helps it not get blown off your head as easily, which has happened to me with other hoods.

I always love when there’s a zippered pocket so that I know there’s no chance of my phone falling out.  I both like and dislike that the buttoned pockets are upright.  I like it because it helps with stuff not falling out, but I dislike it because it feels more awkward to access an upright pocket than if it were slanted.  Not a huge deal, though.  Overall, my main appeal is that it’s water resistant and warmer than a trench coat for sure.  However, for extremely cold weather I think you’d need to wear a couple of layers underneath.

PLAID SCARFI grazed by this in store, though in a different color, and loved how soft it was.  I looked online for the one I saw in store and couldn’t find it but found this instead.  I like the colors on this one even more!  I’m excited about how it will pop against my typically black and navy winter wear.  Also ordered this last night!

REVERSIBLE TOTEIf you’ve read the blog at all you have probably seen me carry this tote.  Just reiterating that this is one of my favorite and most used Nordstrom purchases ever.  I’ve used it almost everyday in some capacity for a year and a half, with a laptop, heavy water bottle, wallet, etc. and it’s still going strong.  Would make a perfect gift for a friend!

TOMS WEDGES In one of my past posts a couple of people commented that TOMS wedges were surprisingly ridiculously comfortable.  Apparently 130 other reviewers agree, with 4.7 stars!  I would love to try these!  In terms of gift-giving, I feel like they’d be one of those gifts where the person is like, “Hmmm, okay…” but, if they really as comfortable as everyone says they are, the recipient will be pleasantly surprised.

HUNTER PACKABLE BOOTSI forget when, but Hunter came out with a packable Tour version of their original boots.  I haven’t been able to justify getting Hunters given where I live, but if I were given $100 to spend at Nordstrom I’d splurge on a pair.  Especially knowing we’re supposed to get a lot of rain this season.  Also, I’m coming around to the idea that even without rain I can wear them like normal boots but they would add a pop of color to the outfit, and I love the thought of that!
I couldn’t find the Tours in store, but they’re supposedly lighter weight and easily foldable so that you can pack them.  I also like that because I sometimes travel to the midwest in the winter for work, and these would be a nice, timeless option to have.  Only problem is to figure out which color to get and whether to go with matte/glossy!  Anyone who owns Hunters–what’s your advice for glossy vs. matte?  Find the glossy Tours HERE and matte Tours HERE.

I’m normally size 8.5-9 in shoes, but in the Original (non foldable) Hunters I’d wear size 8.  The 9s were falling off my feet, even with socks.

URBAN DECAY NAKED2 EYESHADOWI wrote before that I’ve read nothing but amazing things about this palette.  Colors and pigmentation are fantastic, the shadows are long lasting, matte and not shimmery, and they work great on a ton of skin tones.

There’s also the Naked Basics palette (HERE) with some great nude shadows.  And if you want even more than basics, you can see the fuller sets HERE.  People are obsessed with these, so I’m really excited to try them!

HUE LEGGINGS – I recently got these and literally can’t stop wearing them while I’m at home.  I’ll probably bust them out in public once I get a better handle on wearing leggings.  (Like I said recently, I’m *just* getting into that!)  I got them for my sister-in-law too, cuz she loves leggings.  These have nearly 1500 reviews and 4.7 stars.  That says a LOT.

I didn’t think I’d like the wide waistband, but it’s surprisingly super comfortable because the waist band doesn’t fold in or cut into your stomach.  They feel thicker and sturdier than other leggings I’ve tried and hold their shape well.  However, they’re not as thick as a pair of ponte pants or something.  Definitely still leggings.

I’m 5’6″ and the ankle is 1-2 inches long on me, but it looks fine.  I’m normally size 6/8 on bottom and wearing these in S.

BUCKET BAGIsn’t this gorgeous?  I’ve heard great things about it, though it sounds like it’s on the larger side.  (You can see the proportion on the model though.)  Not that I need another bucket bag, but it’s a favorite of mine in terms of giving me heart eyes nonetheless.  It’s just so gorgeous!  Comes in black too.

NATURALIZER RIDING BOOTI’ve been on an endless search for a riding boot.  (The ones I currently wear are an inexpensive placeholder–a little too tall to wear with dresses/skirts, and great for casual wear but not more professional settings.)  I tried last year’s version of these Naturalizer boots and they are nearly perfect!  I just super picky about color and wanted a little more reddish brown.  If you aren’t picky about that, then GET THESE.  They’re on sale too!  If I remember correctly, 8.5 fit me well, and I’m normally 8.5-9.

CABLE KNIT SCARFThis picture doesn’t do the scarf justice.  I saw them in store and they looked a lot fuller and cozier.  I already have a mustard scarf, but I loved how bright the red one was!  Such a fun way to brighten up the winter!

In addition to these, I still swear by those Wit & Wisdom Bootcut jeans that feel like yoga pants (HERE; review HERE), and the Lucky Brand skinny jeans (HERE).  I would also LOVE to try these purple Ivanka Trump pumps HERE.  Absolutely gorgeous!

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