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My Color Analyis with ColorGuru


Have you been interested in getting a color analysis to learn what your best colors are? I finally got one and am here to tell you all about it!

In the PMT Style Club last month, we had a guest color consultant, Jeannie Stith from Color Guru, come and give us an intro to colors. She did a live color consultation for me during the session and taught us what she looks for during a color analysis. Following my live color analyis, we had a Q&A where she answered members’ questions. It was so informative and helpful!

Since many of you have been interested in color analyses, not only am I sharing my own personal experience with you, but Color Guru is also offering PMT readers 10% off any of Color Guru’s packages with code PMTCOLOR!

This post is not sponsored by Color Guru, but PMT does earn commission if you order a package using the code PMTCOLOR. 

I really liked talking with Jeannie. She is super down-to-earth, straightforward, and cares about style that helps you feel confident but is also practical — VERY much in line with our PMT community!

SIZING: I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or 6 in clothes and 8.5 to 9 in shoes.



What a Color Analysis Is and How It Helps You

First, let’s talk about what a color analysis is and how it can help you.

A color analysis helps you identify your best colors the ones that work best with your complexion and coloring to enhance your natural beauty. Some colors can wash you out and make you look dull. Others can overpower you and draw all the attention to the garment you’re wearing instead of bringing you forward and enhancing you. Still others complement you, bring out your natural features, and help you look more present and vibrant. A color analysis helps you know which colors do the latter.

It also gives you a more cohesive closet.
If you don’t have a strong sense of color to anchor your shopping decisions, you might end up with tons of random colors that don’t work well with each other. Having a color palette guides your decisions and creates a cohesive wardrobe so things work together more easily!

Makes shopping faster!
One thing that is sooooo underrated is that when you shop by color, you can cut down your shopping time significantly. You can easily bypass all the items in colors that you know you won’t end up loving — without even having to try anything on! Think about how much time that saves! Shopping by color streamlines your shopping by allowing you to focus only on clothes in the colors you’ll love wearing!


My Philosophy On a Color Analysis

Now, do I think every single person needs a color analysis? No! If you’re content with the colors you’re wearing, don’t feel pressured to get a color analysis. I went for a long time without having one. I felt content with the colors I was wearing. At the end of the day, I wear colors I like, regardless of whether they’re the best colors on me or not. And even after having an analysis done, I still choose to do that.

Which brings me to another very important thing…

I need to emphasize that my philosophy of style is ultimately for you to wear what makes you feel most confident, and NOT simply to follow a set of rules as if they’re “rights” and “wrongs.” I view (and teach) guidelines, frameworks, and knowledge as tools to help you identify why you might not feel great in something so you can troubleshoot it, or to help you know why you DO feel great in something so you can replicate it and feel great all the time. I encourage you to use style guidelines to the point that they serve you and set them aside when they don’t.

This philosophy is important regarding color analyses because it can easily feel like you’re trapped or restricted to a specific set of colors. Or it can feel like you’re doing something wrong if you wear things outside of your best colors. I don’t believe that. Rather than a set of rules you must restrict yourself to, I see knowing your best colors as another helpful tool you can use to troubleshoot why you may not feel great in something and to help you understand why other things do make you feel great so you can do that all the time.

Also, it’s important to remember that a color analysis gives you the best colors for your complexion. “Best colors” aren’t the ONLY colors that look good on you. You could look good in other colors as well, but they might not be the top tier BEST. So just because something’s not on your palette doesn’t mean it looks bad or that you shouldn’t wear it!

Ultimately, style is about what makes you happy and gives you confidence. Wear whatever colors you want to wear!

But, if you’re interested in knowing which colors work well with your complexion, definitely consider a color analysis! And, if you go for it, use it as a tool, and use it up to the point that it serves you. If it doesn’t serve you, don’t worry about it!

Now, here’s what happened during and following my color analysis….


What Color Guru Did During the Analysis

The analysis is entirely virtual, and you usually get your results within a few days.

Color Guru asked for 7 pictures of me. I also answered a questionnaire regarding my hair, skin tone, and other characteristics so they could verify that what they saw in pictures aligned with certain factors in real life.

Tip: Make sure your complexion in pictures reflects your skin tone in real life. Look at the picture side by side with a mirror in good lighting. The lighting you take the pictures in can REALLY affect how your skin looks. And, your phone might also post-process your pictures automatically. My iPhone very annoyingly post-processes selfies automatically, so I had to edit the pictures afterwards to look more like my skin tone. 

After this, Color Guru generated a Color Radiance Report, which is a PDF that walks you through each step of the analysis. Jeannie analyzed:

  • Warm vs. Cool
  • A second Warm/Cool test
  • Light vs. Deep colors
  • Clear vs. Muted colors

The Color Radiance Report shows you how they arrive at your analysis. Then, you get placed within one of Color Guru’s 12 unique palettes. Here’s what I was assessed as:

Color Palette from Color Guru Twilight Winter

My best colors are cool, deep, and clear. With your Color Radiance Report, you also get

  • a card with 35 colors
  • guidance for your best neutrals
  • which jewelry metals will look best on you
  • which colors to avoid (which I sometimes still wear, for the record, haha!!)

While the Color Radiance Report shows each of the steps I listed above, I was lucky to have Jeannie walk me through this with me live over Zoom during the PMT Style Club workshop. It was VERY insightful as she shared the decision-making process with details that aren’t in the PDF.

One thing that stood out was that Jeannie said I have a mix of warm and cool tones and am fairly neutral, which was helpful and validating. Whenever I took tests online regarding warm and cool, I’d get confused because both worked for me fairly equally, and the color analysis showed me why! It helped to know I have a mix of warm skin and cool hair and cool-leaning eyes, and while these colors are deep and cool, I can wear some warmer colors fairly well.

It was also really helpful to hear what Jeannie looked at when testing warm and cool that I didn’t know to look for on my own, like paying attention to shadows on my face with one versus the other.

This extra information provided useful insight. Because, for example, though my Color Radiance Report advises me to wear silver jewelry, Jeannie told me that because I have warmer skin, both silver and gold jewelry look good on me. I wasn’t going to give up gold jewelry anyway, haha! But it was helpful to hear Jeannie say it.

I’m not entirely sure, but I believe you can have the live walkthrough with the Premium Package since that includes a 45-minute chat with Jeannie.


How I Feel About These Colors

Honestly, when Jeannie first showed me my card, I felt mixed emotions! It wasn’t just because of the colors, but rather because of the beliefs I’d held about myself. I had always thought I was on the warmer side because of my warm skin. So to be typed as cool really threw me off, and I felt preoccupied with that while taking in the rest of the colors.

During the live session, Courtney laughed because I do wear these colors. After sitting with it all for a bit longer, I also realized I have many of them in my closet and LOVE wearing them. The Energizing, Powerful, Playful colors, and the bright yellow, are 100% the colors I go for for special occasions and when I need to record a video and don’t want to look drab or dull on camera.

Here are pictures of me wearing some of the colors from my card (or at least fairly close to them):

pink tank + pink floral skirt + denim jacket + metallic sandals + blue pantsuit + yellow dress + denim jacket + white camp shirt + wide leg denim jeans + tan flats + blue floral puff sleeve top + dark wash flare jeans + cognac boots + blue and white flutter sleeve top + white kick flare jeans + purple puffer jacket + black leggings + white sneakers + green dress + denim jacket + white sandals + black and white stripe tee + light wash jeans + pink sweater + white sneakers + red sweater + dark wash flare jeans + tan boots

I have always been drawn to these colors and feel the most vibrant in them, but I had to process through the idea that I’m more cool than warm.

Additionally, I tested some warm and muted shades of yellow on myself versus shades of yellow that are closer to the deep, clear, and cool yellow on my card. Here’s a photo of the warmer one versus the clearer one:

Color Analysis Muted Yellow or Clear Yellow

I don’t have a yellow that is quite as clear as the one on my color card, but the one on the bottom here is close enough and is even a little clearer in person. (You can see me wearing it in the collage in the previous pic, top row, fourth pic.)

While I don’t think I look BAD in the muted yellow (top photo), I’m noticeably brighter in the clearer yellow (bottom photo). And I also FEEL more energetic in it — I never reached for the muted yellow tee because the color always made me feel kinda drab.

Do I still look decent in SOME muted colors? Yeah, I still like some of them on me! But I think a palette FULL of muted colors would not be best for me as many on there would make me feel dragged down whereas a palette full of cool/deep/clear colors has so many more colors that make me look and feel more energized and more present.

Another thing I like about Color Guru’s palette is that it has some softer/lighter colors and olive. You know I love me some olive!! 😄 This palette is the equivalent to Deep Winter palettes that you see online, but those usually don’t have olive and the softer colors. It was nice to have a mix here so that not everything is super bright. Some of the softer colors from my palette are shown below:

coral pink camp shirt + ecru kick flare jeans + blue floral top + flare jeans + cognac boots + olive green tee + wide leg cropped pants + tan flats

It’s hard to see in the picture, but the top in the middle has several of the soft colors on my card all mixed together: soft pink, soft blue, and soft green.

So, I do like the colors on my card for sure! I’ve always felt good in them, and this analysis helped confirm that. BUT, another disconnect I had was that most of the items I own in these colors are in elevated or dressier clothes. Like I said earlier, I wear them for special occasion attire and in videos. But my everyday lifestyle is VERY casual. And because best colors tend to be so saturated and striking, I’ve typically felt like they stand out more than I want to while at elementary school pickups!  This is something I’ve been processing and trying to reconcile and troubleshoot. I feel like I’ve come to some helpful realizations and made headway on it — perhaps another blog post for another day. 🙂 It was helpful to identify this disconnect so I can tackle it head on and love my casual style even more!

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How Knowing My Best Colors Has Helped Me

Even though I already had an intuitive sense of my best colors, the live walk-through with Jeannie was really helpful to give me clarity, and the whole analysis kind of solidified things for me.

It’s helped me focus more on the colors that I love and spend less effort (and money) on the ones that aren’t as great.

I finally had enough clarity to let go of some items that I had already removed from my closet but kept in my “closet purgatory” to reevaluate later because I wasn’t sure if I was making the right decision. While I intuitively felt dull in them, having the color analysis clarified that I was making the right decision in letting them go.

closet clean out

Don’t get me wrong, I still have lots of items in colors that aren’t on my card because I like them! And I didn’t get rid of these items just because they aren’t on my color card. But, because I was unsure about these particular items already, solidifying my best colors gave me the confidence and clarity to finally get rid of them. It felt great to clear up clutter that I wasn’t loving!

Like I mentioned earlier, the color analysis helped highlight the gap I have with the colors in my very casual wardrobe and gave me a push to bridge that gap.

Now I can focus more on the colors that I DO love and that make me feel like I’m glowing! (And as I get further into my 40s, I appreciate all the help I can get to make me glow! 😆)

yellow midi dress + denim jacket + metallic sandals + ecru earrings

Use PMTCOLOR for 10% Off!

If you’re interested in a color analysis, you can use code PMTCOLOR to get 10% off any of Color Guru’s packages, HERE. If you have felt drab in your clothes, if your closet is full of a bunch of random colors that don’t really go together, or if you want suggestions for new colors to try, consider getting a color analysis!

You can find all of the info for Color Guru’s services and learn more about the color analysis in general at Color Guru’s site.

Have you had a color analysis done or have been interested in one? Tell us about it below!


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