Reviews of Summer Styles: New Finds and Favorites Back in Stock

Thanks to the Summer Wardrobe & Outfit Guide* hitting the PMT Shop soon, I’ve been trying some summer items and pulling together my summer wardrobe. So, today I have some reviews of summer styles for you and some items that I noticed are back in stock this summer that are worth checking out!

SIZING: I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or 6 in clothes and 8.5 to 9 in shoes.

*The Summer Guide is already available to PMT Style Club members. If you’re a member, log into the Club Hub and download your copy!

Amazon Knit Dress – size S
I don’t generally wear bodycon dresses, but I’m down to at least try them on once in a while because you never know! I was pleasantly surprised by this dress!

It has a lot of stretch so it’s comfortable, but because it’s fairly thick it feels somewhat supportive and doesn’t feel too revealing. The darker colorway helps, too. For some reason, I really love how there’s only a slit on one side. In general, I’m a fan of this dress! I have to figure out if I’ll actually be inclined to wear a bodycon dress often enough to keep this, but if you like this style then it’s worth checking out! It comes in 14 colorways, HERE. I’m wearing size S.


Amazon Sweater – size M
This sweater is another pleasant surprise! It’s not too thick and a good weight for cooler summer days. It drapes decently so it works fairly well in a front tuck. If it were a tad shorter on me, I don’t think it’d even need to be tucked. (That’s an easy alteration that can be done.)

The thing I don’t love is how fitted the sleeves are on me. I was hoping there’d be a little more room. Unfortunately, this one isn’t the best for me, but it’s a good sweater in general and would be good for some of you!

This comes in 22 prints and colors, which you can see HERE. I’m wearing size M.

KUT From the Kloth Meg Wide Leg Jeans – size 4
I’ve shared these jeans before, and they’re AWESOME! They’re VERY SOFT, stretchy, and lightweight. They don’t stretch out or lose shape. Find them HERE. I wear size 4.

Lauren Conrad Shorts – size 6
I got these shorts last year, and they’re available again this summer. They are stretchy but still feel supportive. I love the inseam length and that they fall straight from my hip. (If you were in my Summer Style Bootcamp, remember how we talked about the different lines shorts make? These fall straight from the hip.) One downside is that they’re on the thicker side. They are comfortable, though! You can find them in several colorways, HERE. I wear size 6.

Simply Vera Wang Pants – size S
I shared these pants on the blog recently, but I want to report back now that I’ve had more time with them. I’m happy to report that I wore them on a 90 degree day and was not sweating buckets! They are lightweight; I did not feel suffocated. 👏🏼 I was comfortable indoors with air conditioning, and I was relatively okay outside considering it was 90 degrees.

They are sooooooo comfy, too! I legit considered sleeping in them, haha!

Oh! Also, unlike linen pants, these don’t wrinkle!!!

These pants come in 8 colors, including solid black and other solid neutrals. Find them HERE. I’m wearing size S.


Old Navy Tee – size S
This tee is really soft and has decent drape! Comes in 6 prints and colors, HERE. I wear size S.

The shorts I’m wearing here are no longer available, but you can see the product listing HERE in case you want to find them elsewhere or hope they come back. A similar pair is available HERE, but they are not as stretchy or as lightweight as the ones I’m wearing.



Wit & Wisdom Shorts – size 6
This pair of shorts is a bit longer, and they’re really, really comfy. I’ve had them for a while. The denim is soft and stretchy, and like all Wit & Wisdom Ab-Solution items, these shorts have a stretchy waistband. Find them HERE.


Gap Striped Tee – size S
This tank is lightweight, and the stripes are classic but have a relaxed feel with a slightly faded look. It’s a bit roomy in the bust for me, and I wish the armholes were slightly smaller. But, overall, it’s a good basic tank. Find it HERE. I’m wearing size S. I did try petite sizes in hopes for a better fit in the armholes, but that didn’t work out. I like the tee enough that I’d consider getting it altered at the shoulder seams to tighten up the armholes.

Old Navy Soft Pants – size S
These pants are one of my favorite summer purchases from last year, and I believe they are back in stock, HERE! (I need to order a pair to verify that they are indeed the same, but the name of the listing is the same.) If they are the same, they are VERY SOFT and lightweight and breathe super well. Plus, there’s elastic in the back of the waistband. 🙌🏽  I LOVE these summer pants!

One downside is that they do wrinkle a bit, mostly around the crotch due to sitting. It’s not noticeable in the black color, but I imagine it’s much more noticeable in lighter colors.

These are available in straight, petite, tall, and plus sizes HERE. I wear size S.

Old Navy Gauzy Shorts – size S
These shorts are really soft and have a fully elastic waistband. I love that they’re 5 inches because when flowy shorts are shorter than that, I worry about getting exposed!

I find them slightly wide, and while they work with some looser tanks, I don’t find them fool-proof when worn with them, if that makes sense. Like, they look good with some looser tanks but not as good with others. However, pairing them with a fitted top like I’m doing here is great.

These shorts come in 3 colors and in straight and plus sizes HERE. I wear size S.

Tank Top – size M
This top is the same tank as the pink and blue ones that I wore in the recent post How to Wear Color in Outfits This Season with Four Simple Formulas. It’s fitted and works well tucked into high waisted pants and skirts. It’s really thick and comes in several colors, HERE. I wear size M since it’s very fitted.


Gap Pants – size S
I THINK these pants are the same ones that I got last year and LOVE. The linen is breathable and not at all scratchy. Definitely several notches up from Old Navy linen pants. While they do stretch out a bit after several wears, and they do wrinkle a bit, I don’t think they wrinkle nearly as much as cheaper linen pants. These pants are available in several colors and in straight, petite, and tall sizes HERE. I wear size S.

That’s it for today! Stay tuned for more summer help as the Summer Wardrobe & Outfit Guide drops NEXT TUESDAY!

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