Another 8 Pieces, Another 15 Outfits

Hello, you lovely people!  
Since I’ve been traveling so much, I’ve been trying to come up with an easily remixable packing list that I can reuse so that I don’t have to spend time rethinking my list each time I travel.  I was so inspired by Merrick’s guest post 8 Pieces, 14 Outfits, plus I heard so much feedback from you about how helpful that was, so I whipped up another one for you!  (But really, to help me pack!)
I created outfits and chose pieces with spring in mind.  I generally kept the shoes neutral so that they would be interchangeable because when I actually travel with this set of clothes, I’ll probably only bring flats and maybe a pair of wedges.  
Like Merrick’s post, I picked pieces that are similar to ones you are likely to already have:

I generalized their descriptions so that you could go with your own prints or color schemes.  For example, you don’t have to have a pink top or a floral printed dress.  You could use a solid blue top and a polka dot dress instead, etc.

Note: If you don’t have an army vest, a chambray shirt will work in a similar way!

Here are the outfits:
Outfit #1:
A striped tee provides more visual interest than a solid colored top.  The mustard cardi gives it a little color, while the rosette necklace (shop) adds the final touch of “something special.”  I cuffed my jeans simply to change up my normal skinny jeans routine.
Outfit #2:

I chose a tank instead of another tee just because some days sleeveless is the way to go!  (Especially since I’ll be using this set of clothes during my spring/summer travels.)  You can substitute this top for any patterned tank you own.  I like the mixture of “tough” from the army vest with “soft” in the floral tank.  I usually do the vest with my strappy wedges, but I chose flats just to do something different.
If you’re using a chambray shirt instead of the army vest, wear it open like a jacket and put a belt over it.
Outfit #3:
A solid top in a bright color keeps it interesting.  I added an animal print scarf to focus the outfit and tie the two solid colored pieces together.
Outfit #4:
A plain striped tee and army vest are made a little more special with a statement necklace.
If you’re using a chambray shirt, wear it open, or tie a loose knot at the bottom.
Outfit #5:
I’ve worn this top belted as so with two other colored cardigans (here and here).  It’s yellow’s turn!  I love prints with a lot of different colors because they can easily be paired with many different colored cardigans or bottoms.
Outfit #6:
I added a fun scarf with an interesting print to this solid colored top.  Easy peasy.  Something I already wore this last week when I didn’t want to get dressed.  
Outfit #7:
Just like the floral tank in Outfit 5, this is the third colored cardigan I’ve paired this dress with.  (Others seen here.)
Outfit #8:
I love the idea of a dress paired with an army vest!
With a chambray shirt, there are a lot of variations.  Wear it open like a jacket over a dress.  Or, if you need more definition in the waist, leave it open and belt around it.  Or, you can tie the chambray shirt into a knot at the bottom like in this picture for “over a dress.
Outfit #9:
In Part 1 of the Building a Remixable Wardrobe series I mentioned tying a shirt into a knot.  One of the many ways that comes in handy is to turn your dresses into skirts by tying a shirt over them!
Outfit #10:
The dress by itself, with some orange pumps for character.  And just because orange pumps are fun.  🙂
Outfit #11:
I love how an army vest changes the entire feel of an outfit.  I was sold on getting one when I realized it could be worn with a dress and a skirt, too.
Outfit #12:
This is the same floral tank + cardigan combo as outfit #5, but done with a light colored skirt.  I love how light and feminine this look is, with a touch of funky in the orange pumps.
Outfit #13:
This simple combo is made interesting with a contrasting turquoise necklace and an animal print belt.  I kept the shoes neutral and clean.
Outfit #14:
I don’t usually do this, but I loved pairing white on white here!  Knotting the top made the outfit feel a little more laid-back, and I again used contrasting colors in the accessories–a turquoise necklace and orange pumps.  
Outfit #15:
Using the same base as in outfit #14, I buttoned and belted the cardigan for a different feel.  This way, the cardigan acts as another shirt!
You might have noticed many of principles from the Building a Remixable Wardrobe series put into action here.  You don’t always need to buy more clothes!  Having the right pieces in your closet can open up an array of outfit possibilities, and learning to accessorize well can change up your outfits in surprising ways. 
There are so many possibilities that I can’t even decide on which one is my favorite, but I’m really loving the looks with the white skirt right now.  Do you have a favorite?
BTW, I owe you guys one last post in the Remixable Wardrobe series, and it happens to be on accessorizing!  When it will appear?  I don’t really know, but I’m slowly working on it.  Sorry it’s taking so long!


I’ve been getting a few requests about these items, so here are some links for similar ones:

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