Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe

As promised, here is a business casual capsule wardrobe!  Like I said in previous posts (HERE and HERE), I’m not super savvy with business casual pieces since I only need to dress accordingly once in a while.  But I’m totally down to build a sample wardrobe in hopes to provide a starting template that helps you build your own!

Quick note as we begin–I’m working more off of “business casual” as opposed to “business professional,” the difference being what you would assume.  (Example HERE.)  But, you know, the lines get blurred depending on your work environment, so hold the terms loosely.  🙂

This is a small capsule at under 30 pieces, but you can make at least 60 pairings out of it.

Because not everyone’s style is the same as mine, I wrote general descriptions of each piece below so that you can tailor the list to your needs.  Like, maybe you don’t like the shape of pencil skirts and like a-line better, or you wouldn’t have chosen a certain color, or you don’t like bowties on your shirts and prefer button ups.  Instead of focusing on the specific piece I chose, you can look at the description underneath and find a different garment that better suits your preferences.

business casual capsule wardrobe
Shop the Pieces:
pink  |  green  |  white  |  mustard cardi  |  teal cardi  |  blazer
spotted  |  navy  |  grey floral  |  maroon  |  purple floral  |  olive
nude pumps  |  leopard  |  black pumps  |  grey wedges  |  tan flats


This capsule is a little heavy on printed tops, as opposed to solid tops, and therefore also heavier on solid bottoms. If you prefer prints on bottom I’d recommend leaning heavy on solid tops. Being mindful of the ratio between printed tops and solid bottoms or vice versa will help you maximize outfit possibilities. 
The Color Palette
One thing I strongly wish were different about most capsule wardrobes I see on Pinterest is that they would go beyond using only neutral colors. I understand why—the idea is that you can mix and match more if everything goes with everything. Don’t get me wrong, I looooove neutrals, but I MUST have at least a little color!  And I believe you can build a great mix and match wardrobe while mixing up your color palette.
Here’s a breakdown of the color palette I used from the Capsules tool:


wardrobe color palette
Some other notes:GENERAL
Almost all of these items are between $25-$50, with the exception of the shoes and just a few garments. They’re from Nordstrom, Old Navy, Target, and ModCloth.I’ve either tried or own over half of these exact items, so if you have questions about their fit or quality please let me know!
All of these tops also work for casual to dressy casual outfits as well, just depending on what else you pair them with.  Here are a few more examples of business casual tops.  (The widget below might not be displayed if you are viewing from your phone.)

I chose almost all printed dresses. I used to think solid dresses would be more versatile because of how you can accessorize them, but I realized I can just as easily accessorize printed dresses. And the print makes them way more interesting!

The olive dress from Target (HERE) looks way better in person. I saw it on a restaurant owner earlier this week and thought it draped very nicely on her.  I picked up one very similar to this, but different material and with sleeves at Target last week.  I can’t find it online, but if you want one with sleeves go check in store!  It was under $30.

Four of these dresses are button-up and therefore nursing friendly.  Holla to all the working nursing/pumping mamas!

Here are several other dresses that would be really fun additions:

The bootcut jeans are back in stock in all sizes and on sale! They are super stretchy all along the leg and the waist and feel like yoga pants. I reviewed them HERE.

The slacks are also stretchy and comfy, but they are nice and thick to hide lumps. I reviewed them HERE.  Another pair I love, and this is the pair I own is HERE, reviewed HERE.

The two solid skirts are thick and great quality and also on sale.

Overall I would have liked to have a mix of skirt shapes, so here are some more skirt and pants options:

Though I’m a huge fan of colored shoes, I stuck to all neutrals here because the clothes are plenty colorful.  I know not everyone is a fan of pointy shoes, but I feel like they tend to make outfits more polished than rounded toes.  Wedges are also great options.  Below are a bunch that range from more casual to professional.

Hopefully this helps any of you who are working on your work wardrobe!

For more capsule wardrobes and packing lists see Sample Wardrobes.

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