Casual Fall Capsule Wardrobe for Stay at Home Life + CASUAL OUTFIT GUIDE NOW AVAILABLE!

I’m SO excited to share that we now have a comfy, suuuuper Casual Fall Outfit Guide available!

Many of you have expressed wanting style help for stay-at-home life with kids, so I created this outfit guide just for that!  It’s super duper casual–the most casual outfit guide I’ve created.  It’s got jeans, joggers, leggings, tees, sweatshirts hoodie, and all sneakers!  I didn’t even use necklaces for the accessories, since several of you have said those get in the way of life with little kids.  Like I said, super casual!

If you want to look cute and put together while being really, really casual, this guide is for you!

(If you want outfits that are a step up to Elevated Casual with booties and some nicer casual tops, check out the Fall Starter Kit Wardrobe Guide instead.  Or the previous Fall Outfit Challenge.)

The Casual Fall Outfit Guide has two categories for casual style:

  • Everyday Casual – Casual fall outfits for activities like errands, picking up and dropping off kids, casual work-from-home days, and kid playdates.  Typically jeans + tee + completer piece.  But cute, of course. 😉
  • Sporty Casual & Athleisure – Outfits with a sportier vibe that are even more low key and easier to move around in. Great for more active activities like taking kids to the park, leisurely bike rides, weekend errands, and family walks.  It includes a mix of new outfits and borrowed or modified outfits from the Everyday Casual section.


Other features:

  • 60+ casual fall outfits
  • Customizable to fit your colors and style preference (e.g. prints you like) and climate (warmer or cooler falls)
  • Great for mom life, stay-at-home life during quarantine, weekends, etc. If you need casual outfits ever, this is great for you!

Learn more about the Casual Fall Outfit Guide HERE!

Casual Fall Outfit Guide for At-Home Life


Comfy Casual Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Here I’m sharing the wardrobe for the Casual Fall Outfit Guide.  Whether you get the outfit guide or not, you can use this capsule to help you put together a casual fall wardrobe.  And of course, if you want all the outfit combos from this capsule, then get the Casual Fall Outfit Guide!

You don’t have to use pieces that look exactly like these.  Choose colors, prints, sleeve lengths (short sleeve vs. long sleeve), materials for tops (like sweatshirts vs. thinner tee), materials for bottoms (like linen joggers vs. chino pants), and cuts of pants (skinny pants vs. bootcut or straight leg, etc.) that work for you!

Shop the Items:

Black Tee 1 | Black Tee 2 | White Tee 1 | White Tee 2 | Neutral Tee | Printed Tee | Striped Tee
Neutral Printed Tee | Colored Tunic Tee | Colored Tunic | Neutral Tunic | Colored Pullover | Colored Hoodie | Neutral Hoodie
Colored Cardigan | Neutral Cardigan 1 | Neutral Cardigan 2 | Utility Jacket | Denim Jacket | Jeans | Black Jeans
Distressed Jeans | Colored Pants | Joggers | Leggings 1 | Leggings 2 | Jacket | Earrings
Black Slip-On Sneakers | White Slip-On Sneakers | Taupe or Grey Sneakers | Printed Sneakers | Black Sneakers | Colored Sneakers

**MOST items linked above are the exact items shown.  If it’s not exact, that means it’s no longer available.


More Options to Shop:

Remember, you can use whatever colors, prints, sleeve lengths, and cuts you like.  Under each option, I listed which item on the capsule wardrobe this would work for, such as “Printed Tee” or “Colored Tunic Tee.”

Here are a few more options:


Sweaters / Sweatshirts / Jackets:




Remember to scoop up the Casual Fall Outfit Guide for corresponding outfits!

Casual Fall Outfit Guide for At-Home Life



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