Fall Outfit Challenge Capsule Wardrobe Shopping Guide + Refunds Now Available!

Happy FRIDAY!!!  If you’ve been following along this week hopefully you’ve seen that registration for the PMT Fall 2017 Outfit Challenge opened!  There’s about 10 days left until the challenge officially begins, so join us!

The Facebook group, which is for participants of the challenges, is popping and already helping people hone their style by answering any and all style questions like, “Help!  I bought two pairs of brown ankle boots and can’t decide!”  Or, “I don’t like leopard print!  What can I substitute instead?”  Or, “Are jeans supposed to fit this way? [selfie included]”  The Facebook group really is the BEST style resource and a place where no question about style is dumb.  I love that it’s full of down-to-earth, spectacularly normal women who just want to look “cute, but normal”–my favorite kind of style.  There are hundreds of women eager to build you up and help you build up your closet!  Access to the FB group is totally worth the cost of registration alone, but then you also get a great capsule wardrobe and 48 days of outfits so you don’t have to think about what to wear.  Woohoo!

Anyway, I digress.  I just really love that FB group and think it’ll benefit you!Below is the capsule wardrobe for the Fall Challenge.  You can shop each of the categories by clicking into the links that say “Tops,” “Bottoms,” etc. below.  There are options for regular, petite, plus, an tall sizing, and business casual pants!  Included in each category link is a TON of other info about each item to adjust this capsule to fit your style and what you already have in your closet.


New Refund Policy
The original policy was that there would be no refunds since upon purchase you are able to download all the materials at once.  However, several women have messaged me wondering whether the challenge would work for them (questions regarding business casual, maternity, breastfeeding, etc.)  I’m sure manyyyyy more of you have similar hesitations.  I get it.  Not being able to get a refund if you’ve never done one of these challenges with me before can be unsettling.
SO, I’m here to tell you that refunds are now available!  I know with it comes the risk of people taking advantage of being able to access all the materials for free, but hopefully people have more integrity than that!  😉  I’d rather take that risk in order to minimize the risk you have to take.  Now any of you can try this risk free, join the amazing Facebook group, and see if the whole thing could really be valuable for you.  I don’t want lack of refunds to be a barrier.  (Especially for pregnant and breastfeeding women because a capsule wardrobe with outfits all laid out for me would personally have been THE MOST helpful for me during those seasons!)
If you’ve been on the fence but really want to try it risk free, now’s the time!  If you try it and it doesn’t work for you, you can fill out THIS form requesting a refund to tell me 1) What you were hoping for from it or why you purchased it in the first place, and 2) why it didn’t work out for you.  Please note if you receive a refund, you will be removed from the Facebook group.  

Hope that gives some of you more peace of mind to take a leap and give it a shot!
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