Four Ways to Wear a Green and Orange Print Top & Tips to Pull Together Outfits!

4 Ways to Wear a Green and Orange Print Top: Linen Pants + Denim Shorts + Black Shorts + Denim Jeans

This is one of my favorite summer tops, and today I’m sharing a few ways I’ve worn it! But ohhhh, don’t worry if you don’t have this top or anything that looks like it. In this post, I’m also sharing some tips to pull together outfits. And, you’ll see the importance of having some neutral pieces in your wardrobe because they serve as the perfect counterparts to any and all of your colorful statement pieces, such as whatever YOUR favorite colored printed top is!

If you have a hard time pulling together outfits or knowing what to pair with that schnazzy new piece you just bought, I encourage you to consider making sure you have a good set of the essential wardrobe staples. Wardrobe Staples are truly the “glue pieces” that help you pull together EVERYTHING in your closet. If you want a resource that will help get you up to speed on wardrobe staples, know which essentials to focus on, and how to dress them up and down, check out my Wardrobe Staples Styler.

Before we move onto outfits, let’s first talk about this specific top. I own it in two prints and one color—that’s how much I love it! It’s lightweight and loose through the torso, so it doesn’t suffocate or squeeze you and is comfy to wear. It has a bit of structure, which especially helps you feel more put together when paired with super soft and flowy summer bottoms. Plus, it’s SUPER affordable and is often between $16-$20 during Kohl’s frequent sales! It comes in 12 prints in straight sizes, HERE. Find it in plus sizes HERE. I wear size S.

Now, for outfits! You might remember this top because I used it in the summer packing list earlier this season and in the Summer Wardrobe & Outfit Guide. In fact, all of these outfits are from the Summer Wardrobe & Outfit Guide, and if you want ideas for mixing and matching lots of different pieces, those seasonal guides will be great resources for you! They not only help you put together a cohesive wardrobe each season, but they also help you mix and match your wardrobe with tons of outfit ideas and prompts for creating outfits. With the guide in your back pocket, you won’t have to think about what to wear! Grab a copy of the Summer Wardrobe & Outfit Guides HERE.

SIZING: I’m 5’6” and usually S/M or 6 in clothes and 8.5 to 9 in shoes.


green and orange sleeveless top + ecru linen pants + metallic sandals + orange earrings

1. Neutral Pants + Pops of Color
I especially love colorful printed tops like this one for remixing because you can utilize “color pulling.” Color pulling is a style strategy where you pull a color, or multiple colors, from a printed piece and incorporate it somewhere in your outfits. This helps create cohesion, and the print does all the work of tying things together!

Here, I pulled out the reddish-orange color from the top and added earrings in a similar color. I also echoed the cream from the print with my ecru wide leg pants.

On that note, I love tucking this top into wide leg pants. Tucking it in all the way helps define your waist and keeps you from looking shapeless. But the top is looser rather than super-fitted, so you can still show your shape without it being really formfitting.

Since my pants are light, I topped off the outfit with metallic sandals rather than a darker color like cognac. These sandals are very affordable, and the straps are flexible and comfortable. You can find the sandals HERE. I wear size 8.

Shop the Outfit:
Top: c/o Kohl’s (exact–wearing size S)
Pants: Gap (exact–wearing size S; similar)
Shoes: Kohl’s (exact–wearing size 8)


Kohl's Ikat green and orange printed top + denim shorts + metallic sandals + Nickel & Suede earrings

2. Denim Shorts
Denim shorts are one of the wardrobe staples because they go with just about everything. This top is no exception! This is a no-brainer pairing. To pull it together and add some polish, I added cream earrings, which echoes the cream in the print. And, because the tones are all medium rather than really dark, I again added metallic sandals to keep it balanced. I think white sandals or a lighter tan pair would have also worked, but cognac or black would again have felt too heavy.

I got these shorts last year and love them! They are both comfortable and incredibly affordable. They have a 4-5″ inseam and have a wider leg opening, which I appreciate as someone with fuller thighs. This wash is not available at the moment, but there are other washes HERE. Find plus sizes HERE. I wear size 8.

(Pro tip: Try a size up in denim shorts for a better fit! I almost always size up in denim shorts, and even if your regular size works for you, it never, ever hurts to TRY.)

Shop the Outfit:
Top: c/o Kohl’s (exact–wearing size S)
Shorts: c/o Kohl’s (exact–wearing size 8)
Shoes: Kohl’s (exact–wearing size 8)
Earrings: c/o Nickel & Suede (similar, similar)


orange and green sleeveless top + black shorts + black sandals + gold hoop earrings + initial necklace

3. Black Shorts or Pants + Black Sandals
A third option is to pair the top with black shorts or pants! Black jeans are another wardrobe staple, and black shorts are the summer version! I honestly wasn’t sure how I felt about this outfit at first, as I felt like it was missing something, but it came together after adding accessories and shoes.

I added black sandals with straps that have a clean and modern look. I also added a short pendant necklace and simple hoops, which are very on-trend and modern right now. The style of sandals and the hoops added just enough modern touches to pull this outfit together and give it an updated feel.

What they say is true – accessories and shoes can really make or break an outfit!

These shorts are thick and feel supportive but are also very stretchy and comfortable. I believe the inseam is 5″, which is plenty long. They’re available in 3 colors, HERE. I wear size 8.

Shop the Outfit:
Top: c/o Kohl’s (exact–wearing size S)
Shorts: c/o Kohl’s (exact—wearing size 8)
Shoes: Amazon (nearly identical)


orange and green sleeveless top + dark wash denim bootcut jeans + orange statement earrings + metallic sandals + cognac bag

4. Dark Wash Jeans
Last up is an outfit for the summer-to-fall transition with dark wash jeans! Of course, you guessed it – dark wash jeans are another wardrobe staple. They go with everything, and a dark to medium wash dresses up AND down more easily than lighter washes. Because dark wash jeans are pretty classic, I wanted to liven up the outfit and give it an extra pop, so I added the red earrings.

BTW, these jeans are a comfortable bootcut option that is stretchyreally soft, and has an elastic waistband so you can sit, move, and eat 😂 comfortably all day! I typically recommend and prefer to wear bootcut jean with heels, but this pair happens to work decently with flats (at least on me). You can find them in 4 washes and in shortregular, and tall lengthsHERE! See them in plus sizes HERE. I’m wearing size 6 avg/regular in the wash “Renegade.”

Shop the Outfit:
Top: c/o Kohl’s (exactwearing size S)
Jeans: c/o Kohl’s (exact—wearing size 6 in “Renegade”)
Shoes: c/o Kohl’s (exact—wearing size 9 but should have gotten 8.5)
Bag: (similarsimilar)


Even if you don’t have this exact top, I hope these outfits have given you ideas for how to wear and pull together some outfits from your own closet!


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