Introducing Stylebook: My Favorite Tool for Managing My Wardrobe

I’ve had several people ask lately how I keep my wardrobe and outfits organized, so today I’m excited to share with you one of my favorite tools for doing that–Stylebook.  You guys know I love to come up with different outfit options and try to utilize my wardrobe, and lately I’ve been OBSESSED with Stylebook, as it’s the perrrrrrrfect app for helping me do all of that!  It houses your virtual closet and has over 90 tools and features for you to build your wardrobe, create outfits, organize your outfits, and help you get the most from your wardrobe.

Mixing and matching and utilizing my closet is now my favorite thing to do on my phone while waiting in line at the store!  Anytime, anywhere.  In line at the store, while waiting for appointments or meetings to start, and while nursing Addie.  It’s so fun and easy to use, which is why I’ve been dying to tell you guys about it!

Even though I just called it a “tool” it’s so much fun and so easy to use that it’s actually more like a game. A game that’s really useful and practical!  Here’s a peek into the app:

Mix Your Closet
With Stylebook you just snap pictures of your clothes with your phone and store them in your virtual closet. Then, use Stylebook’s tool to put together outfits and mix up your closet.

Stylebook makes it so so so so sooooooo easy to upload your clothes.  Honestly, the thought of taking pics of all of my clothes felt daunting, but once I actually did it, it was very manageable.  I laid down a white sheet, then only inputted a handful of items per day.  You can take pics straight from the app, which is even more convenient.  Before I knew it I had a bunch of clothes to play with!

Then I erase the background with Stylebook’s has an awesome editing tool.  It erases the background for you!  If I took the pic against a white sheet and the item is not white, Stylebook erases the background instantly.  You can also do manual erasing with a couple more functions.  I seriously cannot stress how easy it is to erase the backgrounds with Stylebook.  When I first tried the app I told Benson over and over AND OVER how impressed I was with the ease of erasing backgrounds.

And then you can have pretty collages of your outfits like this!

Also, seeing my virtual closet and all of my pieces laid out in front of me, not tucked away in drawers or stuck between other clothes, really helps with creativity. I started using stuff that I was neglecting and saw combos I might not have seen otherwise. 

Store Outfits
Once you’ve created an outfit, you can save it for later. I LOVE seeing all of the outfits I’ve come up with laid out in front of me.

Outfits can be stored in different groups, like by occasion or type, or whatever groups you want to create. This makes getting dressed much easier! Like, if I’m trying to figure out what to wear for a low key party, rather than sifting through ALL of my outfits and mentally filtering which ones aren’t appropriate for the situation, I can search through my “Nice Casual” outfits and choose from a bunch of options in front of me.

And THEN, just when I thought you couldn’t get more organized or make dressing any easier, Stylebook lets you take an outfit and drop it into your Stylebook calendar so that all of your outfits are planned before your every eyes. All you’ve gotta do is open your Stylebook app, look at your calendar for the day and you can see what you planned to wear—all of your pieces right in front of you!

And again, I do this in line while I’m trying to kill time or would normally be surfing Instagram for the 50th time.  Instead, I’ve planned my outfits for the week!  Like I said, it might as well be a game!

90 Features I Don’t Have Time to Write About
All of that makes Stylebook pretty darn fun to use!  And like I said, it’s not only fun but really EASY to use, which is a huge, huge reason I like the app so much.

But those things listed above only scratch the surface of what Stylebook offers!  Other features include logging packing lists, collecting inspiration, getting STYLE STATS.  Yeah, like how often you wore an item, how many times you wore an outfit, when you last wore it, how many outfits you created with an item, and lots more to satisfy the nerdiest of all stylish nerds.  😉

I also used it to create my Thanksgiving packing list–the 12 Pieces, 14 Outfits post.  I planned most of that post while nursing thanks to this app!

If you want to see the other bajillion things Stylebook can do, check out the “Features” tab on Stylebook’s site.

Anyway, in case I haven’t made myself clear, this app is
awesome!  There’s a good reason why I’m
addicted to it.  If you want to make better use of your clothes, get organized, make it easier to get dressed, and have a new app to play with, I *highly* recommend getting Stylebook!  

Thanks to Stylebook for sponsoring this post!  All opinions are mine.  (And in case you’re wondering, I bought the app myself before this collaboration with Stylebook.)

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