My Mini Summer Capsule Wardrobe (and it’s Breastfeeding Friendly!)

Mini Summer Capsule Wardrobe Breastfeeding Friendly
Today I want to share a mini summer capsule wardrobe that I’ve begun based off the Summer Starter Kit Wardrobe Checklist. If you haven’t downloaded your copy of the checklist, get it HERE!
I created the checklists and corresponding Starter Kit Wardrobe Guides to minimize the overwhelm for those building wardrobes from scratch. They help you create a starter kit wardrobe, which is a smaller, strategic wardrobe that’s like a “seed” that can eventually grow into a fuller wardrobe. This list ensures that you start the wardrobe on a good foundation that mixes and matches well, and it easily grows into a fuller wardrobe!
However, I personally love to use the checklists and Starter Kit Wardrobe Guides anytime I need a small, versatile wardrobe for a transition period. That includes seasonal transitions, especially the short, awkward periods at beginnings of new seasons like from summer to fall or the chillier beginning of spring. It also includes lifestyle shifts like starting a new job, being postpartum, or this year, quarantine! I created a mini spring athleisure/loungewear capsule wardrobe at the beginning of quarantine. That’s just to name a few!  Anytime I feel like I’ll be in transition for at least 4-6 weeks, I’ll create a mini wardrobe using these starter kit lists.
In this case, I used it to start a mini summer capsule wardrobe that works while I’m postpartum and don’t fit into most of my clothes, that is also breastfeeding friendly*. The starter kit checklist is so, so helpful to have options for getting dressed with a minimal amount of pieces!
As I continue to fit into more of my pre-pregnancy clothes (however long that takes), I’ll grow this wardrobe via the Summer Starter Kit Wardrobe Guide…and pull from the Summer Outfit Guide.  For now, this little wardrobe has helped me feel like I have options for getting dressed in this awkward transitory period without buying an entirely new wardrobe!
*For breastfeeding, I usually wear regular tops (i.e. NOT breastfeeding-specific) that are stretchy enough to pull up, can be unbuttoned, or can be pulled down.  I don’t do the pull down method as much since it stretches out tops more than I like.  See more tops you can wear to breastfeed in that aren’t breastfeeding specific HERE.
Mini Summer Capsule Wardrobe Breastfeeding Friendly Clothes

My Summer Starter Kit Wardrobe

(for postpartum and breastfeeding)

Below are the pieces I used to fill in the Summer Starter Kit Wardrobe Checklist. The actual checklist only has 8 articles of clothing and a handful of shoes/accessories which can turn into 15 outfits!  However, I included more than 8 items since I already had them in my closet and would eventually expand to a fuller wardrobe anyway.  The list helped me fill in gaps I had, though.
I included more than one piece for some of the items, like including both shorts and pants versions, or adjusting items according to my current preferences or lifestyle needs such as a romper instead of a dress.
You can totally adjust it to work for you like I did, or stick with the 8 clothing items as listed.
Download your copy of the Summer Starter Kit Checklist HERE!

Mini Summer Capsule Wardrobe Breastfeeding Friendly

Shop the Items:
Neutral Tank 1  |  Neutral Tank 2  |  White Top  |  Striped Top  |  Neutral Printed Top
Colored Printed Tank  |  Colored Printed Tee  |  Denim Shorts  |  Olive Shorts  |  Black Shorts
Olive Pants  |  Black Pants  |  Neutral Pants  Solid Romper  |  Solid Jumpsuit
Neutral Sandals 1  |  Neutral Sandals 2  |  White Sandals
Colored Sandals  |  Printed Sandals  |  Metallic Sandals
Necklace 1  |  Necklace 2  |  Statement Earrings


You can also shop more options for each of these pieces through the widgets below!  Remember to download the Summer Starter Kit Checklist so that you’re shopping intentionally!







Remember to download your copy of the Summer Starter Kit Checklist HERE to put together your own capsule for the rest of summer!  To see more of my capsule wardrobes, click HERE.

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