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Must-Have Accessories

I’ve been getting requests for a list of accessories I’d recommend that will give you the most bang for your buck.  I get it.  When I was first building my remixable wardrobe I quickly learned the importance of accessories.  If you’ve followed PMT for a bit, you’ve seen me illustrate how accessories can make or break outfits, how they can totally define outfits and make your wardrobe go the distance, and how you can pull together an outfit instantly by throwing on a necklace.  It. Is. MAGICAL!  (If you need side-by-side examples, check out Part 5 of Building a Remixable Wardrobe.)

BUT, I wasn’t used to accessorizing much and definitely was not used to spending more than $5 on a cheap piece of jewelry.  It was hard to think of spending $20+ on a necklace or a pair of earrings, you know what I mean?

To help you prioritize, today I’m sharing all my favorite, most used, most versatile accessories.  They’re ones I ALWAYS use in Starter Kit Wardrobe Guides and other outfit guides because they’re tried and true must-haves.  They will give you more bang for your buck than adding another shirt, I promise!  Many of these transcend seasons (whereas shirts don’t always) and work for a variety of situations like casual events, work, or parties.

P.S. Since they’re my must-have accessories, these should look pretty familiar!

Here we go!


Outfits with Dear Mushka Gold Pendant
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Dear Mushka Locket Pendant
I’ve had this necklace for over 2.5 years, and it’s my daily go-to!  It’s such a simple design that it goes with basically everything.  It can also be worn with all sorts of necklines, including tricky v-necks that don’t work with statement necklaces.  This works great for really casual outfits with t-shirts, dressy casual outfits with blouses, and works WONDERS in “anchoring” shapeless swing dresses.  This is a necklace that you can grab and go.  You don’t really have to think about if it’ll work or not cuz it basically always works!  Just throw it on over almost anything and it’ll pull your outfit together!


  • The chain it came with 2.5 years ago was very thin, so I replaced it with a chain from an old necklace.  Not sure if the current ones have the same thin chain, but you can find replacement chains on Amazon or local craft stores. The chain I now use is 34″.
  • This is brass, not gold, so it will not be super shiny.  It will also show imperfections, like a sort of antique look.  I personally like that it’s not super shiny as I feel it goes with way more things.

Find the pendant necklace HERE!


Amping up with Accessories: Gold Stick Bib Necklace

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Metallic Statement Necklace 
This has been go-to necklace for dressing things up for YEARS.  It elevates casual outfits, completes dressy casual date outfits, and works perfectly for fancy outfits.  I get asked about this necklace all the time on social media!


  • Mine is from Nordstrom but has been long sold out and never restocked.  HOWEVER, there is an identical one from Francesca’s that I have been linking to for the last several years.  I have both (because after realizing how much I use this, I bought the Francesca’s one as a backup in case my Nordstrom one ever breaks, haha!)  They’re nearly identical, just *slightly* different in shininess/color.  The Francesca’s one goes in and out of stock.  I’ve seen it restocked about 8 times now, so I’m hopeful it will continue to be restocked.  Keep an eye out for it HERE.  Also follow me on Facebook and PMT Emails as I announce restocks for it there, and it usually sells out within a few days of announcing.


Accessories: White Pendant Necklace Outfits
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White Pendant Necklace
I found this this necklace 2 years at Nordstrom for a steal at just $11!  I love how the pop of white “lifts” outfits, and I’ll choose this over the Dear Mushka pendant when my outfits need that pop.  Mine has been sold out for a while, but sometimes there are similar ones on Amazon. Or, you could go for the pricey (but much better quality looking) one from Kendra Scott HERE.



Next up, earrings!  My favorites are all from the same brand, Nickel & Suede, which I started wearing years ago.  They’re owned by a married couple named Kilee and Sorren Nickels, and I consider myself crazy lucky that Kilee has become my blogging bestie!  For the last several years Nickel & Suede has been the ONLY brand of earrings I’ve worn because they’re amazing!  If you don’t know about Nickel & Suede yet, lemme tell you why they’re awesome.

Nickel & Suede makes what they call “life changing lightweight leather earrings.”  And truly they are a bit life changing!  I used to love statement earrings but couldn’t stand how heavily they wore on my ears throughout the day. Nickel & Suede’s earrings are statement earrings but are made of high quality leather, which makes them incredibly lightweight. You’ll forget you’re wearing them, yet you’ll look fantastic! I nap in mine—that’s how comfy they are!


Sizing.  Nickel & Suede earrings come in 3 sizes: small, medium, large. I wear Medium 99% of the time. They have a size chart to show you how the various sizes look. I’d say if you are not used to statement earrings, start with small. If you are used to statement earrings, go Medium. If you’re bold, go Large!

Cost.  These are a bit expensive for earrings, but they are worth it.  While there are a lot of knockoffs that cost less, numerous PMTers who have tried the gamut of knockoffs have said that N&S’s leather quality is superior. Cheaper leather will curl up over time and look, well, cheap.  As one PMTer said to the PMT Challenges private Facebook Group, “I’m annoyed because the leather earrings I bought off Etsy will NOT stay turned around!  Will be buying a gold pair from N&S stat!  I love my 3 other pairs.  That’s what I get for trying to save a buck!”  Nickel & Suede may cost more, but it’s worth it!

They come out with GORGEOUS new colors, shapes, and designs each season.  You can see the new arrivals HERE. But since this post is about my tried and true must-have accessories, here are my most-worn:


London Tan Cutout Earrings Nickel & Suede OutfitsAccessories: London Tan Cutout Earrings Nickel & Suede Outfits
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London Tan Cutout Earrings
These were the first N&S earrings I got 3.5 years ago and have been my long-standing go-to’s ever since. They work really well with my Dear Mushka pendant, but also pull together outfits on their own. They are really versatile and go with almost anything, but I like them most for casual outfits.

This color works well for many people but doesn’t pop for some based on coloring or style. Some do better with the Champagne Satin Earrings instead (which I will show below).  To figure this kind of stuff out, I’ll pull up a photo of the earring on my phone and hold it up to my face in front of a mirror to imagine what it’d look like on me. 😆 Weird, but helpful!!


Nickel & Suede Team White Leather Earrings Outfits

Nickel & Suede Team White Leather Earrings Outfits
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White Teardrop Earrings or White Cork Earrings
These have been giving my tan cutouts a run for their money! I already told you I love a pop of white and these provide it so well against my dark hair.  I love them for casual and athleisure outfits as they bookend perfectly with my white sneakers. They also work well in dressy casual outfits.

I wear N&S Team White which is the brightest white. However, that stark white my not work well for everyone. If that’s the case, you could go for a more toned down white with the Blank Canvas which is less stark of a white with a little more texture.  I also LOOOOOOVE the White Cork earrings which are bright but not as stark as the ones I’m showing above and have great detail of cork showing through.  Even prettier in person!


Outfits with Nickel & Suede Antique Brass Gem Earrings
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Metallic Gems
These are also Nickel & Suede earrings in their patented gem shape.  I love switching it up to this shape as sometimes you just want a sharper angle.  My favorites that I’m wearing above are not available anymore, but their replacement pair are the Bronze Leaf Gems, HERE.

These gems are my go-to earrings to pair with the Metallic Statement Necklace.  I choose these over teardrops because I like how the angle contrasts with the rounded shape of that statement necklace.


Outfits with Nickel & Suede Saffron Cord Leather Earrings
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Yellow Cord Earrings or Other Bright Color (Honorable Mention)
These have quickly moved into my top 5 most worn Nickel & Suede earrings.  But, that should be no surprise given how much I love pops of yellow!  They’re in Honorable Mention instead of Must-Haves because the Tan Cutouts or White Teardrops (or any other neutral earrings for that matter) are even more versatile.  I do LOVE how a pop of color makes brings an outfit to life, though!

Accessories: Outfits with Champagne Shimmer Earrings

Champagne Satin Earrings (Honorable Mention)
These are N&S’s bestsellers and the only earring I wear in size L instead of M.  They are a bit metallic without being obnoxiously shiny, so they work really well in fancy, dressed up outfits as well as casual outfits.  They work well with a variety of skin tones and coloring!  Find them HERE.




Outfits with Mustard Scarf- Styling a scarf Outfits with Mustard Scarf- Styling a scarf

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Mustard Yellow Scarf (similar)(similar)(similar)
Mustard yellow pairs so well with olive, maroon, navy, red, teal, black, cobalt blue, purple, pink, grey, white –so many colors!  I mean, just look at all the colors it goes with in the outfits above.  It makes outfits come alive!

Again, I know many people are reluctant to wear mustard yellow.  BUT.  Many, many PMTers have thought they couldn’t wear a mustard scarf but tried it now can’t imagine their lives without one!  You might be pleasantly surprised.  There’s a fairly inexpensive one currently available at Old Navy HERE.  They offer free shipping on orders $50+ and free return shipping on all orders, so you can try it pretty risk free.

If you’re still not loving yellow, cream would be a decent alternative that still works with all colors.


Styling Outfits with a Leopard Scarf
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Leopard Print Scarf  |  another similar option
I’ve had a leopard print scarf for years and years, and I never fail to pull it out each time scarf season rolls around.  Whenever you’ve got a solid top or dress, like any of the ones above, throwing on a leopard scarf will elevate the outfit and give it a wow factor!  There’s a very cute leopard scarf option HERE, and another one HERE.

I have a couple more that could be included as Honorable Mention, but I’ll just leave you with these.  I hope that helps you know what kinds of pieces to prioritize.  These are all SUCH versatile accessories and really will make a huge difference in your outfits!

What is one of your most versatile accessories?  Or, are any of these next on your list?


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