NSale Try-Ons #2: Boots and Booties, Casual Tops, Jeans, and Jackets

It’s round two of Nordstrom Anniversary Sale reviews!  If you missed my first round of reviews, catch them HERE.  I’m still waiting for a few items from my order to arrive, but I do have lots of boots for you today!

I told Katie and Heather yesterday that I feel like I’m at a point with this sale where I’ve sifted through lots and have been able to excavate the gold.  There are some items that I just LOVE and others that make me wonder how the heck the sale price is worth it–and how in the world are they worth it at full price?  Craziness!  The good news is there IS some gold there.  I named a few of them in the first round of reviews, and all of the PMT Tried and True items are gold too.  Read on to see what other goodies there are!

Also, I want to remind you that there are only a couple day left of Early Access!  If there’s something you’ve been thinking about, get it before Public Access opens and things sell out even more!

I want to thank those of you who have shown support by shopping through the links here!  If you shop through links on the blog, PMT earns a small commission.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  It allows us to bring you helpful content at no additional cost to you. 💛

SIZING INFO: I’m 5’6″ with a short torso and usually S/M or 6 in clothes, 8.5 to 9 in shoes. 


Casual Tops/Jeans

bootcut jeans + yellow top + leopard print pumps

Wit & Wisdom Ab-solution Itty Bitty Bootcut Jeans(regular & petite) – size 8 // Sam Edelman Pumps – size 8.5 // Halogen Wrap Front Peplum Top – size S // Necklace // Earrings
I ordered these to compare to my few-years-old pair.  Just as hoped, this is still dang stretchy and comfy and good!  The wash is a little darker than mine, and mine has gold stitching at the waist and pockets, etc. while this is more uniform with navy thread.  I prefer this year’s as the concealed stitching dresses up better.  These tend to run short, so pass if you’re taller than me.

I sized up to 8 because I like them a little looser around my thighs.  Size 6 fit but pulled the material up and made the 6s even shorter.  Hope that makes sense!  My thighs and rear are my biggest parts, but other PMTers who have thinner limbs, stuck to their usual size.

STYLING NOTE: You are supposed to wear bootcut jeans with heels.  If you don’t want to, that’s totally up to you.  But IF you are thinking, “Audrey, these flare out so oddly at the bottom.  They look so huge!  How do I fix that?” You’ve gotta try a heel/wedge.  Check out the comparison below:

Bootcut jeans comparison with and without heels

If you don’t want to do a heel, wedges work too.  Like the wedge bootie that I reviewed last time.  The wedge sneakers even work too!  Bootcut jeans just need a little lift because of how the bottom half is cut proportionally to the top half of the leg.

bootcut jeans + yellow sweater + tan wedge booties

Here’s the look with the Caslon Willa Wedge Bootie I reviewed from the Try-Ons #1.  And my sweater is from ModCloth last fall and it’s back in stock HERE! Sizes XS to 3X.


grey sweatshirt + leggings

Caslon Hoodie Sweatshirt – size S // Zella Cropped Leggings – size M
I don’t know what I’m missing, but I don’t understand how this is worth it even on sale.  It IS very, very soft.  Also pretty thin.  Cut shorter, kind of boxy.   The inside isn’t that usual sweatshirt material–it kind of feels more like how the outside does.  Does that make it last longer?  I don’t know.  Again, not sure what I’m missing, but decided to try some sweatshirts from Amazon instead.


black twist fleece top + jeans + tan booties

Gibson Cozy Twist Front Pullover– size XS // Jeans* – size 4 // Necklace // Earrings // Caslon Willa Wedge Bootie – size 9
I have it in grey and green already and had to get it in black!  It’s a thin fleece that is really soft and comfy but has some shape thanks to the twist at the bottom.  Also, it looks super cute with a striped tee underneath if you need another layer!  It peeks out from the bottom and the sleeves since the sleeves are 3/4 length.  I said before that I felt full price was hard to swallow, but at sale price it’s a no-brainer.  Check out all the colors HERE.


Grey Fleece + Leggings + Pink Blush Sneakers

NorthFace Fleece – size M // Pocket Leggings – size M // Sneakers – size 9
I reviewed this in my first Try Ons post, but I wanted to review it again now that I’ve had more time with it.  I like it!!  When I put it on again, there was NO problems with my wider hips.  I think it was just the picture, because in person, no matter which way I shifted, it had a flattering silhouette.  When I tried to take pics, it looked weird and I had to work hard to get it to look accurate in a photo.  I also like that it is long enough to wear with leggings in the back.  Keeping!



business casual outfit: grey plaid pants + yellow top + nude pumps

Halogen Wrap Front Peplum Top – size S // Necklace // Earrings 
I tend to wear flowy tops that don’t have much shape, but tops with the shape and structure of the v-neck, wrap, elastic waist, and peplum help create shape and structure for your silhouette.  You don’t need to do partial tucks or things like that when tops already have this much going on in the shape department.  So, if partial tucks don’t work for your body type, go for tops with shape already in the design, such as this one.

This has no stretch besides the elastic waistband.  The neckline secures with a tiny snap button but can also be opened up all the way to breastfeed in it.  Wear this with slacks for work or jeans and a moto jacket for a date.  Comes in 4 colors HERE.

Halogen Plaid Skinny Pants – size 6
These are sold out, but reviewing in case they come back in stock.  I like the idea of them and the print, but they didn’t fit me well.  Fabric felt fine, decently soft but nothing amazing.  Fit seems fine in the first pic, but in actuality the rise is WAY too high for me, and the pockets stick out–it’s just not working well with my hips.  Seems better for a straighter figure.  Otherwise, I like the print a lot!  See if they come back in stock HERE.


business casual outfit: maroon pencil skirt + black top + leopard print pumps

1.STATE Solid Pencil Skirt – size 4 // Necklace // Earrings // Sam Edelman Pumps – size 8.5
I LOVE the color but not convinced it’s worth $58.90–and that’s on sale!  I was hoping this would be like the Halogen pencil skirts that were part of the sale for a few years.  Those were thick and stretchy and soooo good.  But, this is not.  It’s very thin with only a mild amount of stretch.  The fabric IS softer, in comparison to some pencil skirts I’ve tried from cheaper stores that can be kind of “crunchy”…if that makes sense.  If you’re looking for a thinner pencil skirt, this one comes in black, maroon, and red.

Had better luck with Try-Ons #1’s workwear!


casual fall outfit: grey cardigan + white top + jeans + tan riding boots

Naturalizer Dalton Tall Boot (regular and wide calf) – size 8.5 // BP Cardigan – size XS  // White Top – size M // Jeans* – size 4 // Necklace // Earrings
I got last year’s version of this boot and was soooo happy with it for a classic riding boot.  The color was a bright cognac, versus a very dark dingy brown that they had been in the past.  I ordered this year’s just to double check it for you guys, and the color is 👌🏼 again.  The shaft is 13.25″ tall, 14″ calf circumference in regular and 16.25″ circumference for wide calf.  In addition, soft leather upper, some cushioning and support in the footbed.  I find Naturalizer boots pretty comfy!  I expect a good leather boot to be around $150-$200, so for these at $139 on sale–YES!  Come in regular and wide calf HERE.


Review of Vince Camuto Taupe Suede Boots

Vince Camuto Nestel (left side) – size 9 // Vince Camuto Kreesell (right side; come in reg & wide calf) – size 9
Nestel – I’ve been liking the sleeker and more streamline look for my suede boots the last few years.  These are still casual but can also dress up outfits a bit.  The taupe is more of a sandy color.  The tall 19.5″ shaft was too high for me, as they hit my knees when I walked and didn’t bend enough for that to be comfortable.  15″ circumference.  Otherwise, good boot at a good price on sale–for a tall suede boot.  If you have longer legs and need a taller shaft, try these.  Come in black, taupe, and full on snakeskin (!!) HERE.

Kreesell – This has a fun lace up / braid on the side.  These also have a tall shaft at 20″, with a 15.5 calf circumference.  Too tall for me, but these felt softer behind my knees when I walked because there’s an elastic panel for some give.  Also good for the sale price for a tall suede boot.  And also better for those with longer legs.  Come in regular and wide calf in black, grey, and taupe HERE.


Blondo Waterproof Suede Boot Review

Blondo Noreen Waterproof Knee High Boot – size 8.5 // White Top – size M // Jeans* – size 4 // Necklace // Earrings
Blondo’s boots are all waterproof.  Spraying Scotchgard on other pairs has the same effect, but there’s a confidence and comfort in someone else making a boot that’s specifically waterproof.  😀  Blondo’s material usually doesn’t feel AS good as Vince Camuto’s, but perhaps that is due to the waterproofing?  The footbed also does not feel like there’s enough cushion, so I would definitely use a shoe insert for more padding.  I like the design and the color of these, and the shaft is 15″ with a 15.5″ calf circumference.  For $159.90 I would like the material to feel better, or AT LEAST for the footbed to be cushioned.  At least a shoe insert is an easy fix, and the silhouette and design is nice and classic.  Come in black, grey, and taupe HERE.


Marc Fischer Zurri Flats Review

Marc Fischer Zurri Loafers – size 8.5
I really, really want to like these, but I’m still unsure if I can pull them off.  They might be too pointy for me.  Or perhaps they don’t work with my skin tone?  Can’t quite figure it out yet.  Anyhow, there’s a bit of padding in the footbed.  The upper feels a bit stiff, but I imagine it should break in over time since they are real leather.  They have a nice pebbled kind of texture.  Come in 7 colors, including a snakeskin print and yellow croc embossed leather HERE!


Vince Camuto Braided Boot Review white top + jeans + taupe or grey booties

Vince Camuto Prestetta Bootie (Foxy Suede) – size 9 // White Top – size M // Jeans* – size 4 // Necklace // Earrings
Like almost all VC shoes I’ve tried, overall the shoe feels good.  Upper is nice and soft, padding in the footbed!  CUTE braided detail on the sides.  Shaft doesn’t come up too high, which helps elongate the leg line a bit more.  Walkable low heel is GREAT for everyday wear.  I think these are so cute, but I’m still deciding if the braided sides work well enough with my style.  If they’re your style, try them!  Comfy and cute, and really good for everyday walking!  Comes in black, grey-ish taupe-y suede, and grey/taupe leather HERE.  


BP Perforated Bootie Review

BP. Perry Bootie – size 9 // White Top – size M // Jeans* – size 4 // Necklace // Earrings
I said I wanted to compare these to the Vince Camuto Nethera Perforated Bootie as the toes on the VC pair were a little too pointed for me.  Plus, the BPs are cheaper.  These are fine–you def feel the difference in quality.  The upper is not as soft as the VC pair, and there isn’t as much cushion in the footbed.  Still much better than a pair from Target or Old Navy.  Also, the point isn’t as sharp as the VC, which I feel is easier for making looks casual and more relaxed.

The shaft is very, very low, which could be good for those who have shorter legs or often feel their legs are cut off in booties.  You wouldn’t have to roll your jeans up as high to clear the top of the boot.  Available in taupe and black suede HERE.




suede moto jacket + white tee + jeans + leopard print flatssuede moto jacket review

BLANKNYC Next Level Suede Moto Jacket – size S // White Tee– size S // Jeans* – size 4 // Sam Edelman Flats – size 9
I’ve been eyeing this thing for AT LEAST two years, but its full price shied me away.  This thing is GORGEOUS, and for real suede it’s great for $125 on sale!  It just feels really good, fits well, and looks great. It’s a bit heavy, but understandably since it’s real leather.  Sizes are limited, but hoping it gets restocked.  Comes in tan and grey HERE.  Kicking myself for not also getting grey because it’s now out in my size!


Halogen Raincoat Review

Halogen Cinch Waist Hooded Raincoat – size S // Jeans* – size 4 // Gibson Cozy Twist Front Pullover– size XS // Necklace // Earrings
I don’t know much about raincoats, so I’ll just tell you what this is like in person.  I was surprised to see the outside resembled twill or cotton, which you can see if you zoom in on the product page HERE.  Not the very smooth texture like many raincoats.  I liked it!  Waistband has adjustable elastic drawstring inside to create a flattering fit, and it is kind of huge without adjusting.  Zipper closure with snap buttons for more security.  Extra buttons at collar to cover your entire neck.  Hood is not detachable.  Four outer pockets w/ snap buttons.  Water didn’t roll off it, but it didn’t get soaked either.  Not sure what to make of that.  But I think the coat looks cool because of the texture, so I believe it’s worth trying to see if it meets your needs.

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