NSale Try-Ons #1: Fall Casual Staples Under $50 + Shoes + Workwear + More!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Try Ons 1

It’s time for the first round of try-ons!  I’m showing my favorite fall staples under $50, some workwear, shoes, and more.  I couldn’t find many things in store, so I ordered more which will arrive next week.  Still, today has plenty, so I’ll try to keep my reviews briefer than usual. 😄 A few notes:

I’m shopping for me personally AND for you PMTers to style items for you even if I personally won’t need them.  Like, when you ask me for cold weather outfit ideas or business casual ideas (neither of which I need personally), I need cold weather and business casual clothes to do that. 😜 I think you guys know that, but just wanted to remind you in order to encourage smart shopping, not get-crazy-from-the-hype kind of shopping. 👍🏽

I take a LONG time to decide if I’m keeping an item.  Often I’ll buy it and sit with it at home for days or weeks until I decide.  But since this sale sells out quickly, I need to review items with less time to scrutinize.  Under each item I’ll say if I passed on it, still deciding, or pretty sure I’m keeping.

For shoes and booties, I might talk about the shaft (how tall the shoe comes up your ankle/leg) because I’m particular about mine.  It’s based on an old post I wrote called Choosing the Right Pair of Booties.  If the shaft is too high or hits me in the wrong place, with my skinny ankles and curvier calves, my legs look weird.

All of the mirrors were really dirty!  There are white spots that look like lint on my pants in many pics.  No, the clothes are not terrible lint magnetsit’s the mirrors! 

Items with a star* at the end of the name also come in petite sizing!

If you shop through links on the blog, PMT earns a small commission.  HUGE thank you to those of you who’ve shown support by shopping through links here.  It allows us to bring you helpful content at no additional cost to you. 💛

SIZING INFO: I’m 5’6″ with a short torso and usually S/M or 6 in clothes, 8.5 to 9 in shoes. 

Best Staples Under $50

cardigan + white tee + jeans + leopard print flats

BP Cardigan – size XS  // White Tee – size S // Jeans* – size 4 // Leopard Print Flats – size 8.5
This year’s oversized cardigan from BP for $31.90!  Weave is a little more open, giving it more texture.  BUT, makes me worried it’ll snag more easily?  Not enough to deter me from keeping, but just something to be mindful of.  Feel slightly thicker than years past.👍🏽 NO drop shoulder this year 🙌🏽.  I ALWAYS prefer how these drape and feel more than cardigans $20 cardis from other stores.

Some colors I bought 2-3 years ago are the wrong size (I didn’t know back then to size all the way down to XS!) so I’m replacing them.  I got grey, tan, black, and oatmeal.  Also comes in reddish-maroon.  I don’t need to keep them all, but I’ll decide later.  See them HERE.

bootcut jeans + white tee + wedges

White Tee – size S // Jeans* (mine are a few years old) – size 8 //
MY FAVE WHITE TEE IS PART OF THE SALE for $15.90!  See all my posts with it HERE.  Mildly see through.  I’m wearing a nude bra underneath, no cami.  Heathering gives it a cool texture that also helps it be less see-through.  Fantastic drape.  Flattering rounded v-neckline (basically looks like scoop neck).

Bootcut jeans that feel like yoga pants.  I’ve talked about these a billion times over the last few years, but if you’re new here YOU MUST KNOW. Soft, stretchy, elastic panels in the waistband.  And quite flattering, with the right size.  I sized up to 8 to fit my thighs better.  Size 6 fit comfortably but were tighter around my thighs and flared out at the bottom.  Tend to be too short for taller people.  🙁  I’m wearing a pair I got from the NSale years ago, but this year’s version is HERE.  Couldn’t find it in store to verify if it’s the same, but for the last 3 years it’s basically been the same.


grey twist fleece + jeans review

Gibson Twist Fleece – size XS  //  Wit & Wisdom Ankle Skimmer – size 6
I already owned this in grey and green.  Full price is tough to swallow, but on sale it’s a no-brainer!  So soft and cozy.  This is in the Fall Starter Kit Wardrobe Guide too!  I ordered the black one.

My jeans are from last year, but I’m 99% sure THESE are the same ones.  SOFT, stretchy, comfy.  Elastic waistband.  Just like the bootcut pair!  Somewhat thin.  Great wash.  Tons of people have asked about this pair over the last year and I’ve had to say it wasn’t available.  NOW IT IS, so get it HERE!


navy knit blazer + jeans + white tee + nude flats

Caslon Knit Blazer* – size -XS  //  White Tee – size S // Jeans* – size 4
Another PMT fave every year.  Feels like a sweatshirt!  This year’s has a little peplum in the back, which adds great movement and a thousand times of cuteness.  I sized down to XS.  S was too wide in the torso, but XS arms are so fitted that I can’t wear a bulky long sleeve underneath.  8 colors HERE!


Zella Pocket Leggings + white tee + grey sneakers

Zella 7/8 Pocket Leggings– size M // White Tee– size S // UGG Perforated Platform Sneakers – size 8.5
Been wanting leggings with pockets so badly but did not love any other black leggings as much as my Zella ones. PROBLEM SOLVED!  Pocket holds your phone or keys, etc. Fantastic material–thick, opaque, soft and smooth but also holds in the jiggle.  Biggest difference between these and my other fave Zella leggings (also part of the sale HERE) besides these being 7/8 length and the other pair being full length is that these have two stitches down the side that outline the pocket and run all the way down the leg.  Love BOTH of these pairs.  The high waist sucks you in and keeps it from falling down.  SO good at this sale price of $38.90!  So so good.  KEEPING!  And get the original full length pair HERE if you haven’t yet! I wear M in both.


More New Items I Tried

Thread & Supply Sherpa Jacket Review

Fleece Lined Quilted Jacket– size S // White Tee– size S // Jeans* – size 4 // Caslon Wedge Sneakers– size 8.5
The jacket is COZY!  Lined with fleece but lightweight.  Jacket version of that reversible fleece lined vest I loved in the winter.  Sleeves run a tad short, but you can let your shirt sleeves peek out.  On that note, try sizing up if you want to wear a sweater or thicker top underneath.  Very likely keeping!


Caslon Allie Wedge Sneaker Review

White Tee– size S //Jeans* – size 4 // Caslon Wedge Sneaker– size 8.5(Taupe Suede)
Comfy!  Upper feels great–soft, nothing rubbing horribly.  Padded footbed.  Almond toe.  Wedge is not that high, so very easy to walk in.  The shaft is low, which helps show some of my ankles and elongate my leg line.  Overall I really like these, just gotta play with them to see how the color works with my wardrobe.  Likely keeping, but still deciding.  Also come in black HERE.


North Face Snap Fleece

Fleece Hoodie (under $50) – size M // Pocket Leggings – size M // UGG Scuffette Slipper– size 9
Material of hoodie feels good.  Nice I can wear with leggings.  Hood makes it really cute.  Don’t totally LOVE the fit around my wider hips, but it looks SO cute on others!  3 colors HERE.  Undecided, but great piece for those who don’t have hips to mind!

UGG slippers – AWESOME.  This sole is thinner than the original ones, better for just being around the house, and they’re much easier to walk in.  Not clunky.  I never liked the thicker soled originals, but LOVE these.  5 colors, including a bright pink and bright orange, HERE.  However, still not sure slippers are worth a $55 price tag, sale or not.  Undecided, though I love them!  Trying to be sensible–it’s hard, haha!!


Kut From the Kloth Donna Raw Hem Skinny Jeans* – size 4 // White Tee– size S // Caslon Wedge Sneaker– size 8.5
THESE JEANS!  Fairly thin, but soooo soft and stretchy, and buttery.  Oh man!  I didn’t know they had a raw hem when I picked them up, but I’m digging it.  Great length for sneakers!  I needed to roll them up for booties, so with a raw hem I cuffed them inward instead of outward.  I like the faded black wash too.  Likely keeping.  Also still need to do the 3 hour stretch test on these.


Madewell High Waist Button Front Jeans – size 27, could have tried 26 // White Tee– size S // Jeans* – size 4
Limited sizes in jeans now, but OH MY WORD.  WHAT THE HECK, THESE ARE SO COMFY!  Like, I thought Wit & Wisdom jeans were comfy.  (They definitely are.)  And I thought Kut From the Kloth jeans above were possibly even comfier than Wit & Wisdom.  But these?  I don’t even know how to describe it–the elasticity on them feels even stretchier–IS THAT POSSIBLE???

They’re a higher waist, which usually uncomfortably cuts into my stomach because of my short torso.  But these are soooo stretchy that the waist didn’t bother me.  Ultimately I didn’t keep these (so so sad) because they’re about 2″ too short for me, and cut off my leg line.  If your size is available, at least try them!  Check HERE.


grey sneakers review

UGG Perforated Platform Sneakers – size 8.5 // White Tee– size S // Jeans* – size 4
Upper feels great.  Cushioned footbed.  Roomy in the toe box.  (Good for my slightly wider feet.)  Platform isn’t crazy high.  Only thing I’m not sure about is the color.  It’s a lot more blue in person, which I’m not sure goes with my wardrobe well.  Undecided–gotta play with them in my wardrobe.  Great option if you have cooler tones in your wardrobe though!


Caslon Willa Wedge Bootie Review

Caslon Willa Wedge Bootie – size 9 // White Tee– size S // Jeans* – size 4
Comfy wedges w/ padded footbed and upper feels good!  Super cute from the side.  Thought the slightly highter shaft would be a problem for me, but they worked well!  The toe is a little more rounded than I’d like, but really only *I* see that view.  Still undecided–gotta play with them in more outfits.  Good, comfy wedge though!  Comes in black, grey, and tan HERE.


Marc Fischer LTD Vega Review

Marc Fischer LTD Vega – size 8 // White Tee– size S // Jeans* – size 4
Kilee LOVES these, so I wanted to give them a shot.  Super soft upper!  Footbed could be comfier for the price.  Love the dip in the front.  Can be worn for early/warm fall and spring.  Would look 🔥 with jeans and a moto jacket or blazer, skirts, and dresses with denim jackets.  I sized all the way down to 8, and they were a tad narrow for my toes–which many shoes tend to be.  Might stretch a little given the material.  If you never have that issue, you should be fine.  8.5 was too loose around my ankles.  Come in 3 great colors–taupe, black, and YELLOW! See them HERE.  Still deciding!  Not ready to let these go yet!


Vince Camuto Perforated Bootie

Vince Camuto Nethera Perforated Bootie – size 9 // White Tee– size S // Jeans* – size 4
Upper feels reallyyyyyyy soft.  Heel is pretty easy to walk in.  Very slight padding in footbed.  Color is Foxy Suede which looks darker in person than online.  Closer to the full body pic and top right.  These feel pretty good, but I’m uncertain about the color and how pointy the toe is.  I’m interested in trying the cheaper BP Perry perforated bootie which has an even lower shaft and less pointy toe.  On its way to my house!


Business Casual Workwear Pieces

There were NOT many items in my store that I saw online, so I ordered some which won’t arrive until next week.

Business Casual Work Outfit: black pants + magenta top + leopard print pumps

Magenta Top* – size S // Vince Camuto Skinny Crop Pants* – size 4 // Sam Edelman Pumps – size 8.5
Front of the top is crepey material while the back is knit.  Pretty comfy!  Can be worn to work with slacks, tucked into a skirt, and dressy casual with jeans.  Cute when tucked into the front, but the side slit makes it look weird in the back.  If you don’t tuck the top, shouldn’t be a problem!  I passed on this top as I don’t love these sleeves with my shoulders.  But the color is AWESOME and it comes in a GORGEOUS light blue, and in black HERE.

Black skinny crop pants feel so, so good!  They were NOT originally in my widgets from yesterday’s post.  Discovered them in store!  I’ve honestly never felt such great work pants as I have at Nordstrom.  These are SOFT, stretchy, smooth.  Like, so so so so soft.  Fairly thick.  Skinny but not skin tight!  Says it’s a 10″ front rise, but feels higher to me.  You know I love a good Old Navy pixie pant, but if you need something more polished, these are great.  Size down, they run large.  I wear size 4.  Try them HERE.


business casual work outfit: grey wrap sweater + black pants + leopard print pumps

Halogen Faux Wrap Sweater* – size S–need M? // Vince Camuto Skinny Crop Pants* – size 4 //  Sam Edelman Pumps – size 8.5
Sweater is cute and flattering, but I might need M?  The stitch at the bust to keep it closed kept peeking open.  Faux wrap is GREAT for providing some structure and shape.  Sweater feels muchhhh better than sweaters at places like Old Navy and Target, but it is thin.  Great for work and good for a nice casual look with jeans.  Feeling iffy about the $49.90 sale price though.  You’re paying for how it feels and that shape and structure–it’s the subtleties of the fit and material.  But, I don’t need a workwear wardrobe.  However, if you do, it’s one to at least try.  Comes in 9 colors HERE!

Leopard Print Pumps are great for sharp, crisper looks.  Footbed has slight padding and feels more supportive than my current leopard print pair.  Upper is not super duper soft, but not uncomfortable either.  Toe box is a bit narrow for my slightly wider feet–almost always a problem for me with shoes.  I tend to size up to compensate for width, but then I need to wear heel grips to compensate for length.  Anyway, if you never have problems w/ width of shoes, your regular size should be fine!


rust pants + white tee + leopard print pumps

Tie Waist Pants* – size 4P, ordered 4 and 6 Reg // White Tee – size S // Sam Edelman Pumps – size 8.5
Don’t ask me how to tie the bow–Katie did it.🤣 Pants are a nice, thick material that feel great.  The closest size I could find was 4P, so they are too short and could be looser around the knees and hips.  A diff silhouette like a tie waist helps change up business casual outfits.  Excited to try the right size!  Come in black, maroon, pink, and orange HERE.


Leith Boyfriend Blazer – size XS // White Tee– size S // Jeans* – size 4 // Sam Edelman Flats – size 9
This trendy little blazer has limited stock.  Didn’t think boyfriend blazers would work with my hips, but turns out this does!  Though I said earlier I don’t need business casual clothes, I looked at this blazer because I’m actually attending a conference in the fall that requires business casual attire.  It’s very, very thin, polyester, and not lined, so I am hesitant about its $45.90 sale price tag.  If I kept it, I’d consider it a splurge.  (To me, splurges are less about the amount and more about whether or not I actually need the thing enough to justify its price.  Like, I consider a $4 scoop of ice cream a splurge.)  Undecided, but totally digging it!  Also comes in bright red HERE.

Sam Edelman Flats are gorgeous, especially for sharper business casual or sharper casual looks.  They have a wavy, scallop type edge which is a cool detail.  There’s a bit of padding in the footbed.  The upper feels…fine?  Kind of stiff, not ridiculously soft, but not uncomfortable.  Toe box is slightly narrow–I might need to size up even more and then wear heel grips to compensate for length.  (I have to do that often with my slightly wider feet.) I own a pair of more muted faux-suede leopard print flats that were about $50, and those feel more comfortable and softer but have zero padding or foot support.  The Sam Edelmans look much sharper, feel more substantial, have more support, have a real leather upper, but are also stiffer.  Anyone know if they soften up with wear?  These also look similar to Rothy’s Pointed Toe Leopard Print Flats but aren’t as soft on the upper, have much more foot support, and have more contrast.  Still deciding!

Tried in many more things that weren’t worth showing given how long this post already is.  Plus there’s a HUGE order on its way!  Including: this suede jacket, cinched rain jacket, a hoodie, plaid skinny pants, these waterproof suede boots, a few workwear tops, lots more shoes, and more!  I’ll update the PMT Ultimate NSale Page eventually, but I’m gonna sign off for the weekend for now.

Which items are you most excited about?  Which items would you want to see remixed?




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