Nordstrom Sale Reviews

After being in the Bay Area for the last two weeks (450 miles away) I arrived home to my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale order.  On top of that, since I was on vacation while in the Bay Area (and since I cleaned out my closet recently) I spent a lot of time shopping!  Near Benson’s and my parents’ houses is an Old Navy, J.Crew Factory, and Nordstrom Rack, so I was eating it up.

Today I’ll post my Nordstrom Sale reviews, and later I’ll post what I found from the other stores.

For reference, I’m 5’6″, usually 6 or S/M on top with a short torso, and 6/8 on bottom.  

Also, Nordstrom has FREE shipping BOTH WAYS with no minimum purchase.  If you don’t live near a Nordstrom you can still easily return items for FREE via mail.

Navy Pink Flower Woven Print Top (Small Petite) – Comes in 20 colors (!!!) but I loved this one the most.  I tried SP, MP, and M.  The regular fit was too long for me, and MP had a tad too much fabric.  It could have worked as it’s looser and more comfortable, but once I tried it tucked into a skirt the excess fabric was very apparent.

Overall it hangs on your body really nicely, and even if you were to size up it would still drape pretty nicely.  Highly, highly recommended!

Washed Chambray Shirt (Large) – First of all, it is not actually a chambray top.  It’s rayon, but that makes it super comfortable!  Usually chambray button ups are a little too stiff for my taste, but this is incredibly soft and has a wonderful drape.  It’s extremely comfortable and has a washed-and-worn feel though it’s brand new, meaning it feels like it was made just for me.  I also love that the buttons are light and blend into the shirt rather than standing out.  I sized up to a L for a more relaxed look.

However, it’s currently rivaling THIS Old Navy option.  The Nordstrom one is on the thinner side, and might possibly wrinkle in completely annoying ways because it’s rayon.  (The ON one is wrinkled because I didn’t iron it at all.)  The Old Navy one is slightly thicker and stiffer, though not too stiff and still relaxed.  I fit S best for the Old Navy version.

Comparing the two side views, I love how the Nordstrom top falls.  I’ll have to wear the Nordstrom one around the house and see how badly it wrinkles.

There is also another Nordstrom one on sale HERE that I have heard is also very soft.

Plaid Shirt (Medium) – This is also on the thinner side and is very lightweight, but that’s why I love it.  It’s fitted without being loose and baggy, and it hangs nicely.  Unfortunately it’s sold out, but there are a few more in other colors and plaid designs HERE and HERE.

Mixed Media V-Neck Tunic (Medium Petite) – Apparently I’m all about drapey things for fall because this tunic is another one.  It’s really comfortable and easy to wear as the front is rayon and the back is super duper soft and stretchy.  I ordered petite to lose 3.5 inches.  It comes in 12 colors!

Since the front is rayon, it wrinkles quite easily.  I *just* ironed these shirts before snapping pics, I laid them on the bed, but then…look at all those wrinkles.  Ugh!  They’re more noticeable on the white one, so that is definitely getting returned.  I just love the purple one though!  I’ll wear it around the house some more and see how the wrinkling goes before deciding.  

Last note–I didn’t really like the top in SP as the proportions looked odd because it was sort of fitted, but way too long.  Once I tried the MP with a looser fit all around, it was able to drape nicely and was actually more flattering.

Instead, I’m going to try this other roll tab sleeve tunic in white.  It’s longer, so I’m not sure how that will go.  But it is polyester, not rayon, and it’s cheaper!

Vegan Leather Bucket Bag – I’d been wanting a bucket bag for a while, but the ones I saw were either more than I wanted to pay, or they lost shape and flattened out when emptied.  This one is AWESOME.  Though the faux leather is very soft and pliable, it comes with a base shaper so it won’t lose shape no matter how much or how little is in it.  It is completely empty in the pics above.

THIS ONE is very similar, and while not on sale it’s a decent price.

Grey Jeans (sz 6)- I had high hopes for these, but there was too much extra material at the knees and bum, and not in ways that I felt like could be tailored.  However, they look much, much better on the right after I rolled them to the proper length.  They are extremely soft and stretchy, and pretty thick.  I totally wish they worked out!

Not digging what’s happening in the crotch area either.  I tend to have that problem because of how my scoliosis affects my hips and pelvis, but some jeans make it worse than others, and these jeans aren’t helping.  There is lots of extra material around the crotch, so it’s bunching up.  However, these jeans might be great for you if you need extra room in the front.

We’ll see if the sizing down works for me.  The smaller size is sold out in grey, so I’ll try the regular blue pair since I loved the material so much.

Two items that I’m not showing are the Lucky Brand Boot and Joe’s Jeans.  I took one look at the boots and saw they were darker brown than I wanted–not tan as it appears on my computer screen.  It was so hot in my house I didn’t bother trying them on.  The Joe’s Jeans didn’t fit in 28, so I will reorder and try again.  Not sure I love the material, though.  It seems thin and not stretchy, so I’ll try the Paige Denim as well. #jeanshoppingsucks

Stay tuned for Old Navy and J.Crew Factory finds!

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