10 Pieces 15 Outfits – Summer Packing 2015

Hopefully it’s not too late for a summer packing list! I took this on my emergency trip to Northern California when my dad was passing away. (Read about that HERE.) With only 1 hour to pack and no idea how long I’d actually be gone, I was glad for this list!

For a 7-9 Day Trip, not 15 Days
My trip ended up being 2.5 weeks, but I had access to a washer/dryer and did a good amount of shopping during the trip. That said, I would not take this on a 15 day trip, though I’m showing 15 outfits. I would use it for a 7-9 day trip because the reality is due to accidents or kids you need margin and backup options. The point is not to max out the days, but more to have a mix-and-match suitcase without packing your whole closet. It allows for options for a variety of activities from casual to a little dressier. And, if one of your pieces gets ruined somehow, you can be confident that any items left will go with each other.

Completer Pieces Aren’t Necessary
It was 80+ degrees during the trip, and while I included 2 completer pieces I only used one of them once–in 2.5 weeks! Please note that while in past packing posts (found HERE) I used completer pieces to make or break outfits, this time I did not. This is 15 outfit options without completer pieces. I only included them in case you are going somewhere with chilly nights. So really, this could be 8 pieces and 15 outfits!

Links to Shop:
white skirt | blue printed dress 

*links have ben updated to 2018 equivalent

For YOU to Pack
Since your style may not be like mine, here’s a generalized list to pack with:

  • printed top in a color (long sleeved, short sleeved, tank)
  • neutral based tee 
  • printed top in neutral 
  • solid colored top 
  • neutral bottoms (jeans, shorts, skirt) 
  • colored bottoms 
  • another neutral or colored bottom – I tried to choose something different than shorts to mix it up. 
  • dress that can be worn at least 2 ways Every top needs to go with at least 2/3 of the bottoms, or every bottom needs to go with at least 3/4 of the tops. All of my tops and bottom go with each other this time, so I was able to squeeze more combos out of less pieces.



Swaps I Would Have Made If…

If it were a beach/pool getaway, I would have definitely chosen my blue tribal maxi dress instead of the one shown above. I love the one above, but beach/pool and fine dining beg for a maxi dress!

If you don’t need completer pieces, or maybe could just do one, exchange them for another top, bottom, or dress. Even swapping ONE could give you 3-4 more outfits!
If you’re worried about needing jeans, throw in a pair of boyfriend jeans or swap them for the denim shorts.


Color Palette
I did not intentionally want SO MUCH pink/coral.  I’ll admit I kind of regret the pale pink solid top since it’s very similar to the peach floral tee.  It still worked, but I might go for a yellow or navy top, or white embroidered top next time.  However, it IS helpful to have some sort of coordinating color system, but with a fair amount of neutrals you shouldn’t need to stress too much about the color palette.
Accessories change up looks.  I used a ton of accessories to change up the look, whereas in cooler weather packing posts I use completer pieces to do that.  My rule of thumb is that I‘ll take however many pieces of jewelry I can fit into one small pouch.  You can stuff quite a lot of jewelry into those!
Shoes.  Though I usually only pack 2 pairs of shoes, this time I included 3 because they were sandals and therefore compact.  I would have LOVED white wedges instead of white sandals, but realistically I wouldn’t have worn them on this trip with family.  Perhaps if it were some beach town getaway that involved stepping it up a little, but not this time!
Links for shoes, all from Target:  Brown Sandals |  Coral Sandals  |  White Sandals *Links have been updated with 2017 equivalent

Are you all done traveling for the summer, or does anyone have vacations coming up?  Someone tell me about a poolside one so I can live vicariously through you.  🙂

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