Red Skirt Remix! (from Greater Than Rubies)

Hi everyone!  While I’m off on trip #3 and rounding up my traveling (FINALLY!) some fantastic ladies have offered to guest post for me.  I’m super, super, super excited because these guest posts are AWESOME.

Get ready for a full WEEK of One Piece Different Ways remixing posts!

In the Wardrobe Help Survey a couple of you asked for a remix post on a red pencil skirt.  Since I don’t have one (but really want one), Caitlin from Greater Than Rubies is here to do it for us!

It’s funny to say, but I immediately felt a connection with Caitlin based off of her blog and her style, so I’m excited to have her as our first guest poster of the week!

Hi fellow Putting Me Together readers! I’m Caitlin, from Greater Than Rubies, where I’m chronicling my style journey as I remix my closet for a year. I’ve been a huge fan of Audrey’s since I found her blog. She is gorgeous and I’m always inspired by her posts, so I was excited and honored when she asked me to write this one.

I’ve had my red skirt for several months now and had fallen into a styling rut, always picking the same things to go with it. When Audrey listed remixing a red skirt as an idea for the post, I jumped on the chance to get over my remixing woes.

One of my favorite ways to style a skirt is with a blouse. You can go classic and tuck in the blouse, which emphasizes your waist or go a little more modern and partially tuck it. The partial tuck is a new favorite of mine. It defines your waist but is more forgiving.

When it’s cold outside, I pair my blouse and skirt with a cardigan, tights and booties. (Favorite trick: pairing same-color tights and shoes makes your legs look miles long.)

If you have a blouse with an already-defined waist, try it untucked, like this.

Moving away from blouses…here I used a plain t-shirt and layered a blazer on top. Add some flats, a belt, and a fun piece of jewelry to complete the look.

Another look I like is a thin sweater left untucked. Add a scarf for a little extra flair.

Dress down and stay cozy with a turtleneck and boots.

A few extra tips for red skirt styling:

  • Mix up your outfits by pairing your skirt with flats, heels, and boots.
  • Red is a versatile color and can go with anything. Check out these outfits where red is paired with red. orange. yellow. green. blue (how cute would that gingham shirt look with a red skirt?). indigo. violet. gray.
  • Use your belts! Thin, thick, at the waistline of your skirt or over an untucked shirt; all of these combinations give you multiple remixing possibilities.
  • Add a scarf. This video by Wendy Nguyen from Wendy’s Lookbook showcases 25 ways to style a scarf. Layer the scarf over a plain tee and add a cardigan or blazer if it’s a tad chilly. Voila- chic and cozy!

Writing this post has me excited about all the possibilities my red skirt holds. I hope I won’t get too many weird looks when I show up at work in it for 12 days in a row.

If you have a great way you wear your red skirt, please stop by and show me! I’d love to see it.

If ever I wanted a red pencil skirt, I REALLY want one now.  Let’s thank Caitlin for her great remix post and all the tips she gave.  
Be sure to stop by Caitlin’s blog, Greater Than Rubies to say hello!
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